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  • Okay, I'm an atheist 100%, but I don't really care if other people are religious I mean I totally disagree with them in every way humanly possible, however i don't like start screaming at people or anything like that i'm fully against prayers in school, as well as the "under god" in the pledge of allegiance. I do respect others' views, but i would still prefer they not generalize everyone under this, as we do not all share such beliefs. I am thirteen years old, but I have know more than most give me credit for, and i attempt to keep an open mind on such subjects as this. My family members aren't atheists, so it can be a bit uncomfortable at times, and i do respect them all. Still i have stood fast in my beliefs. Not all atheists fit the generalized, ignorant and disrespectful stereotype we are made out to be.

    -13-year-old atheist

  • This quiz is ridiculous and ignorant, and was clearly made by one of the many immature, so-called atheists, who think that it's cool to bash religious people because of their beliefs. Unfortunately a lot of these morons roam the internet. I've got news for you: Making fun of religious people and trying to convince them to give up their beliefs makes you no better than religious people who try to make others believe in their religion. It just makes you an ignorant idiot. It is possible to be an atheist, but to respect all religions, just like it's possible to be religous and respect all religions. Also, learn how to spell and use proper grammar before making a quiz.. :P

  • I feel sorry for you. I mean, there is so much evidence for God! There are things happening today that were prophesied of in the Bible. Just open your eyes and look around! You seriously think that all of this intricacy and beauty came from some big, accidental crash? If the earth was just a little further from the sun, we would freeze. If it was just a little closer, we would melt. I don't have enough faith to believe that the earth just happened to pop into existence at just the right place. And don't you think that if the earth is billions of years old, there would be a lot more salt in the ocean? Cause, you know, rivers are constantly dumping their salt into the oceans and there is no escape. The salt just stays there. Don't you think that there would be build-up of salt by now? And there's a lot more evidence of a young earth. You see, at the rate that the moon is moving away from the earth, less than a billion years ago, the moon would have been touching the earth. This proves a young earth. And if dinosaurs didn't live among people, why does the Bible mention dinosaurs? Sorry for the long comment, but I can't stand to see God mocked. And fyi, I don't have anything against atheists. I just feel sorry for them.

    • I feel sorry for you too. the earth is 4.5 billion years old

      an atheist111111
    • look, a22h0le, you have no knowledge of science or math at all, you just want to fool yourself that there is a "higher" thing than you, the bible mentions dinosaurs because one of the straight white males writing it came across a fossil, the moon's orbit is eliptical and it's motion cannot be explained by a linear equasion, plus, solar eclipses happen the exact same way, just like the moon is not moving away, which it isn't. and the salt thing: do you really think rivers dont flow away? do you really think salt comes out of nowhere? at least you tried to use science to explain, your not completely ignorant

  • This quiz is partially wrong im a complete athiest but i respect others. I refuse to pray or anything along those line though

  • it told me i wasn't an atheist, but i dont believe in god so... i dpn't know what to think about this.


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