How Annoying Are You?

You should get 1 of 5 results, ranging from "Super Annoying" to "Super Pleasant". This is just a fun quiz, please don't sue me if you don't get the result you wanted.

If you answer truthfully, you're more likely to get a truthful result. I'm just reminding you. I've taken quizzes before where I answer completely the opposite of what is true and get a result I never expected. Just saying.

Created by: 8 Angels

  1. How do you react when someone tells you "No" when you ask them for something?
  2. If you could get rid of one kind of person in this world, it would be:
  3. How willing are you to forgive others' mistakes?
  4. Do you believe that if everyone is invited, you are too?
  5. You are in class one day and you see your favorite candy bar in your bag. The teacher says you can eat, so you do, but the chocolate melts on the paper you have to give to your classmate for their presentation! What do you do?
  6. How do you feel most days?
  7. If someone asks you, "Can you hold this for me?" what are you most likely to respond with?
  8. Pick your favorite punctuation.
  9. Would you ever critique something someone worked hard on for you?
  10. Do others often tell you to be quiet?

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