Boys: Are you pleasant to be around?

In this quiz, your answers will be determining how pleasant you are to be around. This should be pretty obvious, considering the title. Even if you get a low score, you might have loads of friends. I don't know anything about you really so...

These questions are entirely based off of my opinion... so yeah, completely biased. If anyone has suggestions for me, leave 'em . This is my first and last time creating a quiz.

Created by: Catalina
  1. Do you consider yourself a good, respectful listener?
  2. How often do you discuss grotesque things?
  3. Are you visually cringeworthy to look at? [plain or average doesn't count.]
  4. Are you overly respectful of girls?
  5. Do people often laugh at your jokes?
  6. While listening to someone speak, do you make it obvious you're attention is on them?
  7. Do you many hobbies to discuss?
  8. Is your life relatively eventful and are you willing to share your experiences?
  9. Do you have any sort of stutter?[No offence to those who do]
  10. Do people seem uncomfortable around you?

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Quiz topic: Boys: am I pleasant to be around?