How alike are we?

Have you ever though, "wow that Robert Jacoby is sure a cool kid. I wish I were like him?" A lot of people know exactly how you feel. It's a hard-knock life. For some...

You may, in fact, be just like me. Take this quiz to find out! Maybe you're cooler than you think. Hey, and if you aren't quite as cool as me, it's ok: not many people are. In fact, I can't name one.

Created by: Robert of myspace page
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  1. Ok, you're at a movie rental store and you can't decide what to get: you decide on a movie with a sticker saying ______, because that means it's probably good.
  2. You are sitting at home on a Saturday night. Since you are bored, you decide that:
  3. You are standing in line at the movies...Choose a movie to see:
  4. At an airport, you are looking for a magazine to choose:
  5. Your Favorite Color is:
  6. You're driving in California and you lose your radio station: you start trying to find another decide on one who plays:
  7. You typically shop at:
  8. You get extra money and decide to:
  9. Your favorite word is:
  10. You absoltely ABHORE

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