How Active Are You?

Civic and political engagement are the driving forces in communities across the country and world. What does it mean to be "engaged?" The truth is that there are a number of definitions for an involved member of a community.

What is your level of activity in your community? Do you work hard to make a difference in the lives of others to further society? Take this quiz and find out your level of civic involvement!

Created by: Katie Dettman

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  1. Have you ever worked together with someone or some group to solve a problem in the community where you live?
  2. Have you volunteered or done any voluntary community service for no pay?
  3. Do you belong to or donate money to any groups, either locally or nationally? For example, a youth group like 4-H or Girl Scouts? Or an association, labor union, poetry slam chapter or charity? Do you belong or donate to a sport team, PTSA or any other kind of group?
  4. Have you ever done any of the following to express a political view: contacted a public official, contacted local media, protested, signed a petition or boycotted?
  5. Besides donating money, have you ever done anything else to help raise money for a charitable cause?
  6. Have you personally walked, ran, or bicycled for a charitable cause? This is separate from sponsoring or giving money to this type of event.
  7. Are you currently registered in your election district?
  8. Do you vote in both national and local elections?

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