How Politically Engaged Is Your Church?

How politically engaged is your church? There are many issues plaguing our community. The church is there as a place of guidance and comfort, and a place to help us look forward to a better day.

We would like to know if you are knowledgeable about the current political matters in your city and state and that you can encourage voter turnout for this year's upcoming elections.

Created by: Mary
  1. Does your congregation pray for our elected officials?
  2. Do you have Precinct Chairs orElection Judges in your congregation?
  3. Are any of your members currently serving as an elected official?
  4. Is your church used as a polling location?
  5. Does your church participate in“Souls to the Polls” or a similar get out the vote activity for your congregation?
  6. Do you know your rights as a church related to political activities?
  7. Does your church participate in community issue forums or briefings to educate your congregation on policy and social issues or partner with groups that do?
  8. Does your church conduct a voter registration drive(s) each year?
  9. Does your ministers’ teaching/sermons include messages that encourage voting and participation in the political process?
  10. Does your church have any members who are running for a public office?

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Quiz topic: How Politically Engaged Is my Church?