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  • Your Result: Hott

    You're not completely about looks, but you still are hott. You're probably one of the smart hott blondes in the world. It won't hurt to be a little more concerned about your looks, but still try to rememeber the more improtant things about life.

    1. Hot has one t in it

    2. smart hott blondes needs a comma after smart

    3.I'm not even blonde. That is my least favourite hair colours...

    4. Why wouldn't it hurt to be concerned about my looks? I don't really do anything to myself and I'm glad about that.

    5. Looking pretty is the bottom thing on my list of priorities. I mean, why would you paint your face with artificial things and shove yourself into tight rags so guys will be attracted to you. Guys actually like girls who look less like....Barbie.

  • HAHA I got total hottie

    That means I am sexier than any other girl!!!!!!

    Everybo dy loves me!


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