Horseland Awareness Quiz

There are many players on Horseland. Studies show that majority of the players are either noobs, newbies, trolls or fakes. There are only a few decent people on the game.

So you think you know all about the game, You should take this quiz to judge your knowledge. Really, Horseland is quite complicated for new players. So take this quiz.

Created by: Kirby

  1. Horseland will be transforming the glitches back to normal horses. Fair or unfair?
  2. Horses cannot race on the game server. True or false?
  3. Aren't you happy that Corazon (Player:822376) lost her badge as a moderator and got banned?
  4. Can you do dressage, showjumping, racing etc in the World and do the horses skill improve on that specific discipline?
  5. Which of these mods are underage but Horseland is too lazy to give a f--- about it?
  6. Useless and non-active moderators should get there badge stripped off. Fair or unfair?
  7. Layouts should have credits on them. True or false?
  8. Junior players are players under the age of...
  9. Which of these is not allowed on your page?
  10. How much of Horseland's population are trolls?

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