Horse Quiz 2 :)

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To experiencied horsemen/women, this quiz will probably be easy. However, are you up to the challenge of my three bonus question?! If so, let the quiz begin!

Are you ready! Do you really think you can beat me?! Well..... you probably will get a good score because I made the first part easy. But just wait till you see the bonus questions.

Created by: horsehorsehorse9
  1. What is a new born horse called?
  2. What is the maximum height a pony can reach?
  3. Is a bosal hackamore completely safe?
  4. True or False The average age for a foal to be weaned is 6 months.
  5. What is a very pale palomino sometimes called?
  6. What color is this horse: He has a reddish body. He has black points too. His red coat is very bright.
  7. You are riding an old horse. He was worked hard when he was a colt, and as a result developed a fracture in his cannon bone. Where should you ride him?
  8. BONUS QUESTION 1: Who was Eight Belles' sire?
  9. BONUS QUESTION 2 Who was War Admiral's dam?
  10. BONUS QUESTION 3 Who was Rock Sand's sire?

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