What horse are you?

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There are LOADS of breeds of horse. From Falabella to Shire they are all different. I think horses are totally awesome and they are amazing creatures!

What horse would YOU be? Do you have the personality for your fave horse? With this quiz you can find out. With only a few questions you can find out what totally awesome horse you get!

Created by: Ali

  1. Do you like sport?
  2. How popular are you?
  3. If you were bored what would you do?
  4. What do you hate?
  5. What do you love?
  6. If you were a horse would you prefer...
  7. What subject do you prefer?
  8. What do you prefer?
  9. What holiday would you go on?
  10. What horse do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What horse am I?