Horrid Henry Quiz 2

hello this is the quiz you've all been waiting for the Horrid Henry quiz number 2 if you did great last time you should be great this time because it's easier.

thanks to this great quiz many more people will take them which is sweet anyway do you think you are a true Horrid Henry genius in just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: benjamin

  1. What is Horrid Henry's Brother Called?
  2. Horrid Henry Loves Moody Marget
  3. Is Henry's Brother Oder Than Him?
  4. What Pet Has Horrid Henry Got?
  5. Where Did Horrid Henry Want To Go For His Birthday Party But Was Banned From?
  6. Peter Is Always Good
  7. Who Is Horrid Henry's Next Door Neighbour?
  8. Horrid Henry's Best Mate Is Rude Ralph?
  9. Horrid Henry Lives In Springfield
  10. Do Henry's Parents Live Together?

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