Hogwarts [Your Turn 3]

The second year at Hogwarts and a new adventure for us all. Being by the Golden Trio's side and a few secrets will surface between you and even your friends.

Will you be able to survive this year? Through Christmas and easter all to the new year. More adventures, more fun, more danger and will it be your fault if it all goes wrong?

Created by: DarkMindsReign

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  1. I did write to Harry, Hermione, Ron and even Cedric. Harry wasn't getting them, something just wasn't having them go through and he wasn't replying. My father wasn't pleased with me and he took me over to Malfoy Manor. Malfoy Manor. Father took me to see them because he had a plan for me and Malfoy's father and Draco himself were involved. They didn't tell us what it was yet but they wanted Malfoy and I to go somewhere when we were older, where we would be needed for the tasks to come. "Oh why isn't it little Miss Rivers?" Draco circled me as I stood there in my black dress, leather jacket and leather thick heeled boots. I was quivering with fear as I stood there in front of him. He was in a plain black suit and his hair was slicked back as usual. "I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me here Draco so don't go patronising me already." We had to show up to the dinner party that was being held for others. At first they seemed just... different. I never considered my mother and father being part of that sort of group. I don't think they are, just they worked with most of them and had known the Malfoys since they were all at Hogwarts. My hair was in thick, large curls at the ends. He put a strand of my loose hair back to be clipped by the pin holding back my fringe and took my arm as we opened the doors to the main room. We were forced to be stuck with each other all night for our families to be proud of us. We went to walk in the gardens after to just finally be ourselves around each other rather than putting on a faí§ade for the whole ministry of magic. Cornelius Fudge himself was inside. I was starting to freak out not knowing why all these people were there. In the gardens we just talked and as I left my jacket inside, even stubborn, so called cruel Draco handed me his jacket which was wrapped round my shoulders. Even though I had heels on I was only just at his height. "Iris, you are going back to Hogwarts this year, correct?" I looked down and wondered why he would ask that stupid question, "Of course, it's my home. I belong there with my friends" Draco looked up as we walked, his hands behind his back. "Huh, stupid question sorry". Did Draco just apologised, am I dreaming? Wow. "As your parents won't be here for when we go back, my mother and yours have agreed that it would be best if we took you. As well as you joining me on the train, with Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy." He was now walking looking at me. "How about no? I can't put up with your followers, you I can bare but them, no way. We can just lie to them and I can go with you towards that end of the train then when we leave the platform I go to find my friends?" Draco agreed and believed that was the best idea. We planned it so every I had its dot and every T had its cross. Now we just had to make sure they believed every word we said. I wrote to Cedric when I had the chance and we didn't see each other as anything but friends.
  2. The day had come and we were going back to Hogwarts. We had both already grabbed all that was needed for this year at Diagon Alley and while I was down there Draco and I were told to stick together. We headed into a bookshop and after a while people started to queue up to get some book signed by some strange man. Draco and I were on the top floor looking down when the man called upon Harry. He had his photo taken and was given the whole collection free of charge. Draco wasn't happy, ripped a random page out of a book and was watching as they then went to leave. "Draco no please not now" I whispered to him but it was too late. As I came to the bottom Draco and I were seen together and he was already being cruel to Harry. "Bet you loved that didn't you Potter? Famous Harry Potter, can't even go into a bookshop without making the front page" A little red head girl, Ginny Weasley I believe stepped out and told Draco to leave him alone. "Oh look Potter, you got yourself a girlfriend." Just as I went to make him shut up someone I didn't want to get involved with this hit Draco on the shoulder with his cane. Luscious Malfoy. "Now, now Draco play nicely." Then Luscious introduced himself and was talking to Hermione as well. "Draco we need to leave I can't stay here with them as well as you. I'm stuck with you so please can we go. Let's leave." I was whispering in Draco's ear attempting to get out of the shop with the tension building between everyone. Luscious was now even insulting the Weasleys and it was getting worse "Draco make him leave come on" As I pulled on Draco's arm he turned back to me "I can't get him to, he won't listen to me. Anyway it's best you see this and get involved with the right kind of wizards" As Luscious left Draco and I left alongside him "I'm sorry" Hermione went to grab my arm before I could leave "I'll explain at school" and I followed after the Malfoys with my head down.
  3. 1. As planned we went to the platform together, early as well so no one could see me with Draco except the first years. We got on and I went with Draco to the place he usually sat along with his Slytherin group. Being in the second year we would be able to get ahead of the first years and have a little more fun. I left Draco and crouched by all the windows till I found a completely empty cart and I sat down to enjoy the rest of the journey. Hermione joined me sometime after as well as Ginny but even when Ginny was there, Harry and Ron never showed up. The Twins pointed out they had got there late so maybe they were trapped when the gateway shut. Oh God. We panicked and as I went to go tell a constructor it was too late. We set off and left the platform in no time what so ever. On the way back I had my head down fiddling with the locket I received last year and bumped into someone I recognised, "Cedric?" He was just as confused as I was and gave me a quick hug as we stood in the path. "I did get your last letter I was just unable to reply, my mum had moved a few things and I lost your letter. I'm sorry and I ju" He stopped when he noticed what I was playing with, the chain in my hand which led to the locket, "Cedric?" He stopped looking at it and returned a smile and said he had to go back to his cart with the rest of his friends. "Oh erm okay..". I went back towards my cart and Harry and Ron weren't on the train at all. When I worry to the extreme I make myself tired with my pacing and twiddling of thumbs. I fell asleep against the window and awoke as we neared to Hogwarts, home. Looking out the window I noticed the Weasley's enchanted car. "What?" Then the door flung open and Harry was tossed out the door clinging to it. I nudged the others who were talking but none of them looked out the window to see it. Ron and Harry were going to be killed when Molly found out they stole the car.
  4. 1. We were there before the boys and we found out they had been seen by 7 muggles when in the car. Personally I wanted to kill them both for being so darn stupid. I couldn't believe they were just idiots. At Hogwarts we ate and I was ready to heady up to the common room to wait for them. They could have been expelled. I met Cedric on the stairs as again I had my head down twiddling with the locket. It was catching the light which made it glimmer every so often. I bumped straight into Cedric and before I fell down the stairs he caught me "Ah sorry I need to look up more often" Cedric just laughed at me as he held on to my elbows. I steadied myself and stood straight. We didn't really talk instead passed and carried on what we were doing. For first class we headed to the Green house with Professor Sprout. We were learning about Mandrakes and already Hermione got us 10 points to Gryffindor. We watched closely as we were to learn how to uproot the Mandrakes and not get ourselves killed. They were only babies but as she showed us the Mandrake Neville went out like a light. "Looks like Mr Longbottom has been neglecting his earmuffs" Seamus looked down at him and replied "No miss, he's just fainted" She told us to just leave him there as I went to help him up. Ron had such a fat one it was going to make me laugh but then Draco went and put his finger in his Mandrakes' mouth making me laugh as I tended to mine. Colin Cready came over to Harry and took his photo and the flash blinded me for a while. As I regained my sight I saw an owl flying in, "Ron isn't that your owl?" the clumsy bird landed in a bowl and was holding a Howler. A howler. I couldn't wait to hear it. As he opened it Molly's voice came out and screamed at him. He was in SO much trouble. It tore itself up and the little red pieces were left on the table. We started murmuring to each other and then went on just staring at the pieces.
  5. Another problem this year already was that our new DADA teacher was... that stuck up writer. Gilderoy Lockhart. All the other girls were looking at him with googly eyes as I was pretending to fake being sick as I sat next to the still woozy Neville. He told us not to scream and that doing so could provoke them. The hideous creature was.... Cornish Pixies. I swear they were harmless and just wanted to be let out of their cage. When he let them loose they were little devils painted blue. Two grabbed Neville by his ears and hoisted them up. About ten chased Draco and I to the corner of the room as we batted them off each other to help ourselves as well. "Get them off me and I'll help you!" I called to him as we continued getting each other's back. Neville was hooked to the chandelier and he made the five of us put them back. Hermione stunned them and put them back.
  6. This year I had made it into the quidditch team as a chaser just like I wanted to be. Oliver and I had practised over the summer as our mothers were friendly. He helped me sort out my shooting while I helped his keeping. It was better that way. When we went to practise we were met by the Slytherin team as they were headed to the same pitch this time to train their new seeker. Draco. I had myself a Nimbus 2001 as Draco's father had bought me one just as he did for the WHOLE Slytherin team. Draco called Hermione a mudblood and things went a little south. When Ron went to give him a hex having his wand broken it backfired onto him instead even I had a bit of a laugh at him "See you belong in Slytherin" I shoved Draco and ran over to Ron as he was lying on the floor. "Ron, for fudges sakes Ron what have you done now?!" He was throwing up slugs and it carried on over and over. We ran him to Hagrid's and he couldn't do anything. Draco had called Hermione a mudblood and it just meant she wasn't born to wizard parents. She was crying and when Hagrid mentioned she could do so many spells we couldn't she stopped and i knew that was something to cheer her up. Harry went to his detention and when I headed off I went over to practise Expecto Patronum but when I met with Harry, Ron and Hermione, Harry and I could hear something. Neither of the others could. Something was calling and it was whispering to us. We found a message wrote on the wall and it wrote: The chamber of secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir beware. Mrs Norris, Filch's cat was hung on the light. We were held back when everyone was being sent to their rooms. Snape protected us when the blame was placed but then he said being in the wrong place at the wrong time didn't seem right. Harry and I lied when Hermione went to make me and Harry tell them what we heard. I didn't want to say I heard it to in front of all the professors. 2. "Innocent until proven guilty Severus. We will be able to cure the cat, Madame Sprout will provide a mandrake to wake her. But for now I strongly suggest caution to all" 3. Hermione was telling us it was strange that we were able to hear a voice, a voice only we could hear and then blood is all up the walls and the cat was petrified. It was just strange and Harry and I were thinking that telling Dumbledore might have been best. "No, even hearing voice in the wizarding world isn't a good sign." We went back to our common room to bed, well i now couldnt sleep and Hermione was tossing and turning even if she was asleep.
  7. In transfiguration we were turning animals to water goblets but when Ron was chosen, with a broken wand he had a furry goblet with a tail instead. Hermione got curious when she asked McGonagall to tell us about the chamber of secrets. "Very well. You all know that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago by the four greatest witches and wizards of the age. Godrick Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. Now three of the founders coexisted quite harmoniously, one did not. Salazar Slytherin wished to be more selective of the students admitted into Hogwarts. He believed all magical learning should be kept between all magical families. In other words, pure bloods. Unable to sway the others he decided to leave the school. Now according to legend he had built a hidden chamber within the school known as the chamber of secrets. Though shortly before departing he sealed it. Until that time when his own true heir returned to the school. The heir alone would be able to open the chamber and unleash all the horror within and by so doing purge the school of all those in Slytherin's view were unworthy to study magic" Hermione looked down upset once again when she thought how it included her. "Muggle Borns" She told us that no one had found the chamber though the school had been searched many time but legend told us that the heir was only able to control the monster which lived within the chambers walls. As I thought about it, I realised something that was on my mind. Harry and I could talk the tongue of snakes. You-know-who was notorious for his own snake Nangini. That could be Harry's link to the snake speak, through his scar. What did I have that gave me this link? I wasn't related in any way to HIM and I knew my father and mother did not possess this. I needed to find out when I could. I would search every inch of the restricted section if I had to.
  8. We were walking through terrified of what was going on and now we were thinking who it could have been when the heir of Slytherin had returned. Malfoy was the only person who came to mind so now we needed to do something to find out. Breaking about 50 school rules and it was Hermione's idea. Pollyjuice potion. Harry and Ron were going to become Crabbe and Goyle. The only problem was that it was going to take a month to brew. The Slytherin vs. Gryffindor quidditch match came and we were doing alright but the problem was they were playing dirty, leading us 90-30. Harry would be our only hope. I had scored twice but now we had a rogue bludgers that had been tampered with going for Harry. I watched as it took Oliver's broom out and then as Harry and Malfoy chased the snitch. Harry got it as he fell to the floor but the rogue bludgers had to be stopped. It had taken out his arm. As it passed I leaned forward and took the full blew of one of the bludgers holding on tight as they went rogue. I was being thrashed about being throwing about by the ball but after a while as the pain began to come through it began to slow down. The other bludger on the other hand was still going but I wasn't going to be able to grab two. Hermione made the other explode and then the one I held stopped moving. I came down to see Harry and Lockhart took out his bones in his arms. Madame Pomfrey had to look after him and had to grow his arm back. My chest was hurting and Oliver congratulated me on being able to get the ball just I realised it killed to do that. Madame Pomfrey fixed me up but I was left with bruises along my right side of my chest. When I went back I had to leave Harry and then as I reached the dorm room I heard the same voices. Then I saw people passing with Colin on the stretcher, I followed them to the infirmary and heard that it was no longer safe at Hogwarts.
  9. 1. The next day we were in the toilets while we were in the girls. No one came into the girls' except Hermione and I as we knew about Moaning Myrtle. We went to see Lockhart with the duelling club. Snape was going to help with the example. They took their wands, bowed and then went on to attack. Snape used the simple Expelliarmus and took him straight off his feet. Snape suggested we learnt how to block rather than attack first. Harry and Weasley were taken up first but Malfoy was chosen instead. Harry was up for it and I didn't know who I was rooting for. Malfoy cheated but Harry was straight up and getting him back. When he summoned a snake everyone had gone silent. It made us rethink it but instead Harry made it move off to the side. He was telling it what to do. It was going to attack Justin, Harry was telling the snake to leave him alone though. The snake went to him instead. "Hey why didn't you tell me you were a parcelmouth? It would have been nice to know I wasn't alone" the others looked at me and then I remembered I hadn't told them either. "Sorry?" Harry went back to saying how he once set a Burmese python on Dudley before at the zoo... the zoo? I remember the same day because it was my happiest memory of making my father proud. "Wait I was there. I gave the snake directions. It was you?" Harry looked at me worried about what we hadn't told each other. We both thought that probably quite a few people could do it at Hogwarts but when we were told it wasn't exactly a natural gift I started to panic at what this could mean. I could understand him but when we found out we were talking a whole different language I was lost. The Slytherin badge was a serpent due to Salazar being a parcelmouth. Meaning Harry could now be his heir.
  10. I was in the common room when I heard the voice again. The voice in the walls. It was repeating kill then something else. I wrote to my mother, I needed to ask her how it was possible for me to be a parcelmouth and I needed to know everything. As the thing moved through the walls it said the all must die and that it was ready to kill. I went through the hallways and found Harry near Justin and Nearly-Headless-Nick. Harry was taken to Dumbledore's office instead. When the snow came and Christmas was coming, few of us were staying for Christmas but when we were planning the Pollyjuice potion I was to be Daphne Greengrass and Hermione was to be Millicent Bulstrode. We had our hairs from the girl's robes, now it was the boys turn to take part. The juice was all lumpy and we put the hairs in. I felt I was going to regurgitate it back up. I was somehow the only one able to stomach it as Harry dropped his glass as well. We were changing, Hermione and Ron ran in the cubicles and watching Harry turn into Goyle was terrifying. Ron looked terrible. Hermione wouldn't come out of the toilets. The boys went off and I stayed with Hermione as it seemed my pollyjuice potion wasn't starting to work in time. Hermione and I stayed in the loos. Hermione had accidently put cat hairs into the pollyjuice potion by accident. When we went back to the toilets as they had flooded, we found myrtle. She had a book thrown at her but we weren't sure who by. Harry wrote into the book and someone named Tom Riddle took us both back to 50 years ago, 1943 the 13th of June. We couldn't be heard or seen by anyone. We saw a body being taken away on a stretcher, dead. Dumbledore called for Riddle. We followed him up and we listened to everything that was said. We then followed Tom Riddle right through a corridor and round a few turns. "Harry where are we going?" Hagrid was there. His pet monster Arigog an arachnid was what supposedly killed the girl. We were thrown back out and we had to see Hagrid about it. Harry was convinced it was Hagrid but I thought it had to be someone else. Hagrid had his flesh eating slug repellent so we could clean up the Mandrakes' acne and then get them stewed for the people who needed them the Hospital. Neville was running but he came to tell us something, "Harry I don't know who did it but you better come, come on." We ran after Neville when we found everything in Harry's space of his Dorm which was trashed. They found it though, they found Tom Riddle's diary. Instead of playing Harry, Ron and I were taken to see Hermione petrified. She had taken a mirror but it hadn't worked.
  11. Due to what had happened, new rules were put into effect, immediately. "All houses will return to their common rooms by six o clock, EVERY evening, Each student will be escorted to a lesson with a teacher, and NO EXCEPTIONS. I should tell you this, if the culprit behind these attacks is not found, the school may be closed." We had to see Hagrid so we grabbed the cloak and went straight down. When he found it was us he had a crossbow in his hands. He was starting to panic and was breathing rather heavily. "Do you know who opened the chamber of secrets?" When he wanted to tell us Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic came to his door. They were going to take Hagrid to Azkaban. Now Luscious was here. They were giving Dumbledore an ORDER or suspension. I couldn't believe it. He repeated for what he had told us before. Now we were starting to realise he saw us there. He was taking Hagrid and he told us "If someone were to want to know where to find things he only need to follow the spiders" So straight away we took the lamp and fang then followed the spiders towards the Dark forest "I hate spiders, why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?" Ron was crying in his voice I could hear his terror. Now we had to follow them. There were so many spiders and even I started to get a little spooked by their numbers and I had noticed how a few grew in size.
  12. Something called to us. A man's voice who asked for Hagrid. A massive, old aged spider. He wasn't too happy to see us. "We're friends of Hagrid" Harry was talking to him "And you, you're Arigog aren't you?" I spoke to him as he nodded along "He has never sent men into our hollow before" He was questionable about our presence. "It's Hagrid he's in trouble. Up at the school there have been attacks and we need to know who opened the chamber of secrets, like before." Then Arigog became angry as he spotted the lie that had been passed down as legend. "Then you're not the monster I stepped forward growing less scared of him as we talked. "No the monster was born in the castle, I came to Hagrid from a distant land in the pocket of a traveller" When we asked to know who killed the muggle born girl 50 years ago he was angry as they did not speak of it. "It is an ancient creature we spiders fear above all others." Harry was now asking more questions. "Have you seen it?". Arigog was able to tell us a lot of what we needed to know. "I never saw any part of the castle, just in the books in which Hagrid kept me. The girl was discovered in a bathroom. When I was accused Hagrid brought me here." As Ron diverted our attention to the top of their burrow. "Well erm... I think we should just erm, go. Yeah Go." I was trembling as we became surrounded. "Go I think not. My sons and daughters do not harm Hagrid at my command but I cannot deny them fresh meat when it wonders so willingly into our burrow. Goodbye friend of Hagrid" We had to hit them away and now I had to get them away from there. The car came to us and we got Fang in the back with me while Ron got in the front with Harry and drove us away. A spider grabbed Ron and Harry was able to clear just that one as I was slobbered by Fang Ron had to get us as far away as possible from the spiders. We came to a halt as the car left us again. We had found out that Hagrid was innocent. It was good enough for me.
  13. We visited Hermione and changed her flowers. We needed her now more than ever. In her hand she was holding a scrunched piece of paper. The Basilisk was what we were looking for. Any person who met its eye would die and spiders fled before it. It explained that it was a snake meaning we could hear it. We found out that not one person had looked it in the eye directly yet meaning they wouldn't have died. Collins saw it through his camera, Justin through Headless Nick, Nick got the full blast of it but as a ghost he couldn't die again. Hermione had the mirror. Mrs Norris only saw the reflection through the water. The snake was getting through the school via the pipes. "Remember that girl who died 50 years ago? What if she never left?" Moaning Myrtle was the girl who was killed that very night. Something had happened and this time it was another message from the heir of Slytherin. A student had now been taken into the chamber by the monster. It was Ginny Weasley, "˜Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever' was on the wall in blood. Our little Ginny. We needed Lockhart and now he was leaving. He was a fraud and now he was telling us he was only good at memory charms. We pulled our wands and we all went to see Myrtle. She was intrigued to tell us about her death. Someone came in and they said something funny. He spoke a funny language and she only remembered seeing a pair of great big yellow eyes. On the side of the tap was a serpent, this was it. We had to get in. Harry tried something in parcel tongue and it opened. We found it. Lockhart went to jump so we made him go in first. Straight in and over the edge he was fine so we all went to jump. The boys were down first and when I went I landed straight on top of Ron "Sooooorrry" We got up and went looking
  14. A giant snake skin had been shed. Lockhart went crazy. He went to do obliviate but it backfired and hit him. Harry and I landed on one side as the rocks came tumbling towards us. Ron was fine with Lockhart on the other side. Ron just hit him to shut him up and we needed him to move some rocks so we could get back. As we found a door it had several serpents on it. We just held hands and with wands at the ready we both said the words exactly the same. All in parcel tongue we had the door open. It was disgusting down there. I could see her lying on the floor ahead. Slytherin's face was in the stone and we ran to wake Ginny. We begged her to wake and Tom Riddle came from nowhere. He told us she wasn't dead but still safe. He told us he was just a memory but then he said "As poor Ginny grows weaker, I grow stronger. Yes Harry it was Ginny who did it all. I told her to. I can be very persuasive. She didn't know what she was doing. She went to get rid of the diary but instead you found it. I needed to meet you Mr Harry Potter. Ah, Miss Rivers, shame how we should share the same name but your grandmother would not allow it." He was now circling me and Harry had no idea what he was talking about. "OH don't you know? Let's say older me had to have a child. Keep the pure blood line going with such great power. He never loved the poor girl. She was a pure blood with a powerful family name. Was close enough for him to choose her. That child was a young Edard. His mother refused to have the same name applied so Rivers was the closest to keeping the name. That man then had a child. You." I was still confused and so was Harry. Tom could see it but left us to figure it out. He confirmed he was the one to frame Hagrid. He claimed that he no longer wanted to kill mudbloods, "for many months now Harry I've only been interested in killing you. How is it that a baby with no talent was able to beat the greatest wizard of all time? You escaped with nothing but a scar. Voldemort was not passed my time, Voldemort is my past, present and future." He wrote his full name out in the air. An Anagram to "˜I am Lord Voldemort'. He refused to keep his name of his filthy muggle fathers, just as he said my grandmother refused to keep Riddle. That's when it hit me. From my father to me. I was the heir of Salazar Slytherin. My mind burst in to flames. This has something to do with what my father and the Malfoy's were planning. "Wait, Iris. You're Voldemort's Granddaughter" Harry had turned to me staring in disbelief "Come Iris see what power we hold within." As Tom took out his hand a phoenix came soaring in, Vaux. He dropped the sorting hat to Harry but inside was something. Tom took out his hand and grabbed mine as he called for the snake. He held my hand right round my back and pulled my hair with the same hand while he held his wand to my throat. I was forced into watching as he threatened to kill my best friend but I said something I wish I never said. "Harry Potter if you dare to tell anyone of my family bloodline I swear I will use every unforgivable curse against you till you were begging for me to let you die!" I felt my terror drop to my knees as I realised what I had said to one of the only people I could trust "Harry no, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry" Tom laughed and pulled me up straight "See, it's in your blood to hate him, now let's see how the great power of LORD VOLDEMORT has against the famous, Harry Potter." The snake chased after Harry and Tom had me kept in the corner. The bird took out his eyes so all he had was his hearing. Harry ran off with the Basilisk still in tow.
  15. 1. "Why are you doing this? If you're so powerful why have such a monster do your dirty work." My wand was in Tom's hand and I wasn't getting it back any time soon. Harry came back and Ginny had only minutes left. He had let me go and I dropped to my knees by Ginny as I sat by her trying to wake her. As Harry had noticed, the sword of Godrick Gryffindor had appeared and within moments he had stabbed right through the top of its mouth. The screech of pain as it called for help was painful. Tom was still there and now all Harry had to do was get rid of him. Tom gave him a minute to live as the venom now coursed through his veins. Tom held me up by my hair with his wand at my throat. Harry took the fang of the basilisk and drove it into the diary which began to bleed and tear at Tom's heart. He threw me to the floor along with my wand as light burst from his chest. He began to burst into sparks and I wrapped my arms both around Ginny and Harry as she awoke. "You were brilliant Vaux. I just wasn't quick enough" The bird poured his healing tears into the wound and Harry thanked him. All of this was to be just a memory and we were pulled from the chamber by the bird.
  16. When back Dumbledore had us in his office and was threatening to expel us but in sheer amazement he was going to award us for our service to the school. We were thrilled and now we needed to have Hagrid released. Dumbledore held Harry and I back. He discussed with Harry the similarities between him and Riddle. The scar helped transferred some of his powers unintentionally over to Harry but he was placed Gryffindor because he asked to. It is our choices who show who we are. The blade was the sword of our founder and for Harry to pull it out of the hat was amazing. Dumbledore then discussed with me what he had learnt. I was of blood of Voldemort. I refused to talk more of it and then Luscious Malfoy stormed in "Dobby so this is your master" Harry somehow knew Dobby but I walked over to him to hug him and say hello when Luscious went to hit me with the cane. "Go back!" He forced me back over to Harry and I was hanging my head in shame. Certain things were the way they are with my family and the Malfoys. "I'll deal with you later" He turned from Dobby up to me and we both shook in fear as to what could be next for us both. He was questioning Dumbledore on his return. He was wanting to know as much as he could. When he took Dobby with him he was hitting him and causing him problems. Sir Malfoy took me with him to have a little chat... about what had happened but Harry interrupted when finding a way to save Dobby. "Master had presented Dobby with clothes. Dobby is free." Sir Malfoy went to attack Harry so I pulled on his cloak for him to turn away but he just elbowed me on the shoulder so hard it felt like my arm shattered, his cane's edge hit me in the face. I let go and as he went to harm Harry Dobby stopped him. He blew him back and he landed ashamed then he cursed on Harry's parents. "Come Iris! NOW!" He boomed for me to follow which I did as I left Harry with Dobby "Never, EVER get in my way again. I don't care if you have his blood. You are a stubborn stupid little girl. Your father has every right to be disappointed in you. Go get out of my sight" As he left the grounds I was frozen to what he said. I wouldn't have had to try to stop him if he wasn't trying to go around killing people. I was tearing up but my right eye was stinging. I headed to the toilets and saw it was already bruised under my eye. "Oh dear, what happened to you then?" Myrtle came up behind me but I just sunk against the wall and she comforted me as I sat in silence staring at the drips from the tap.
  17. At the last feast we went and sat among everyone else. My arm had to be strapped up due to the enormous bruising, swelling in my shoulder. She refused to fix up my eye until I told her the truth as to what happened so I told Madame Pomfrey I fell and landed on a cauldron. Yeah totally believable. She didn't believe a word I said but she knew not to ask questions when I, personally lied to her. Everyone was back to their usual selves including Sir Nicholas. We all welcomed him back and when I noticed Hermione was back we got up and gave her a massive hug, the four of us were back together. Dinner was to be served and we listened for Dumbledore's thanking words especially to Sprout and Pomfrey. "Now as a school treat all exams have been cancelled" Only Hermione was the one who felt she was missing out. Finally Hagrid arrived through the doors a tad late due to a bird called Erell...Ron's bird. He stopped by the rest of us that he was so thankful that he was freed from Azkaban so we got up and told him Hogwarts wouldn't be the same without him. We all joined in on clapping and cheering, only I just did the cheering. Draco kept his lot down and we all were going to miss this year at Hogwarts. Now I just had to go home with Draco and explain the slight... issues with Luscious, something I wasn't looking forward to one bit. Can't I just stay at Hogwarts and make it my full time home?

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