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  • Sytherin is known for students who exhibit such traits as cunning and ambition. It's traditional animal is the snake, and it's house colors are green and silver. Many say slytherin is a house full of negative wizards. You may be a pureblood, or you may be a half blood, or you may be a muggle in this house. Most slytherins are half blood or pureblood. You are very talented at Occulemcy. Loyalty is low in your house. Your house has a strong rivalry with Gryffindors, but you may have a few friends from that house. Your smarts come only a quarter to a ravenclaw's. Horoscope- Avoid Hufflepuffs.

    no affence but... that's not me, i try not to judge people by there house, gende, race etc plus i am more of a emo but kind kinda person ya' know the kinda person that would help some one even if they were mean to you?

  • I got Gryffindor. I am not a freaking fairy princess (girlie girl) and shall not be treated like one!

  • @madid Amen!


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