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  • And sorry, if I comment too late. I just saw your replies on other quizzes. So, I don't get much time. I mainly free on the weekends.

    And if you wish to transfer these quizzes on a new account, just log in to the quiz, and set it as 'do not link with Blahh45' and save. Then:

    either return to the quiz and set it as 'link to my account Mrs Potter'

    or on your Mrs Potter account, click on 'link an existing quiz'.

    Hope this helps.
    And sorry for not replying on time.

  • This was brilliant. The pace of the story was perfect this time.

    Idk how Esmeralda is getting such pains. Sort of creepy.

    Draco's pathetic and cool at the same time.

    "Oliver has no business here, where is our Cedric?" XD

    Waiting for the next part...

  • It's cool! Thanks. The pains come from Malfoy senior in her dreams. I will try to get Cedric in soon. I've tried to send my quizzes to Mrs Potter but it wouldn't work. =(


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