Hogwarts, magic, and secrets Pt.1

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Do you know the secrets of yourself, your friends, your enemies, and your school? I highly doubt it. Take this quiz to find out about a few of your friends and enemies. Good luck!

This is my newest series and the first one of this series. What do you think? Tell me, please?! Any ideas for twists? Comment, rate, polls, quizzes. You know. The usuals. Thanks! Accio quiz and I'll silencio!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "Esmerelda Marie Conners! Come on!" Uncle Colin shouted to you from the sitting room. "Coming Uncle Colin," you answered in the sweetest voice you could muster. You followed your uncle's voice and found him sitting with Aunt Julia, the Johnston's; your neighbors, and your two spoiled cousins; Jeremiah and Cilia. "Yes, Uncle?" You asked in your sweetest voice as you attempted not to twirl the red dress that you were to wear when there was company about the house. "Dinner!" Cilia shouted. "Of course, how could I be so stupid," you said as you turned on you heel towards the kitchen. "Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Johnston, do you have any food allergies that I need to be aware of?" You asked. The neighbors shook their heads and you nodded in response. "Thank you, I am required to ask," you responded as you began to tie the white apron around your waist. You began to cook the Johnston's favorite, and your least favorite, pork roast and lamb chops. After an hour of slaving over the hot stove, dinner was done. You took off the apron, hung it in the cupboard, and served the meal. Your cousins occasionally wondered if you were vegetarian because you wouldn't eat lamb chops, pork roast, roast, or ham. You had told them repeatedly that you just didn't like the taste of the dishes and that there were a number of meats that you would eat. Including, deer, duck, chicken, cow, and bacon. You passed out the plates and these were the responses you got, "Perfect as always Esmerelda!" From Uncle Colin. "Fantastic!" From Aunt Julia. "Could be much better!" From Cilia and Jeremiah, and an "Exquisite!" From the neighbors. Your 'family', other than Cilia and Jeremiah, were quite friendly at the best of times. After everyone had finished their dinner you relieved them of their plates. "Aunt Julia, could you come help me for a moment?" You sweetly asked. Julia nodded and followed you. "Yes, Esmerelda?" She asked once you had reached your red basement room. "You're a witch Aunt Julia, as am I. I got my Hogwarts letter and I need you to take me to Diagon Alley this weekend." "I've taken you there since first year Esmerelda! It's third year now. Here's your Gringotts key, you can go now if you'd like," Julia answered. 'That's exactly what I wanted!' You thought to yourself as you took the key and thanked her. You soon left the comfort of your three story, brick home to trek towards Diagon Alley. It was 6:45 by the time you arrived at The Leaky Cauldron. You stocked up on your potion ingredients, books, new robes, parchment, quills, and owl treats. You owned a lovely snowy owl named Blizzard. His name is Blizzard because he flies very fast and looks like a white blur. You then bought a new trunk for your old brown one was extremely tattered and had a hole big enough for two rats on the lid. Your new trunk was olive green with gold letters. The letters were your initials; E.C. Some people that knew your initials called you 'East Coast' because you enjoyed the water.
  2. Once you had arrived home it was 8:25. It was your birthday and your 'family' always forgot. It was July 31 and you were 13 at last. "Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Esmerelda. Happy birthday to me," you sang quietly as you cleaned the house. 'I don't understand why they don't just do magic to clean the house!?' You thought as you swept the floor to the bedrooms. You cleaned until 10:00, not that the house was that dirty but because your cousins kept messing up what you had just cleaned, and finally went to bed, after locking Cilia and Jeremiah in their rooms. The next month before Hogwarts flew by in a blur of colors and cleaning supplies. Before you knew it, you were on the Hogwarts Express looking for a near empty compartment. After looking through the whole train you found a compartment with four people, three of whom were Gryffindors, like you, and the other was not a student. You knocked on the closed door and a ginger boy opened the door. "Hi. Could I sit here, everywhere else is full?" You asked the boy. The boy said it would be fine and you sat nearest the door. After a few minutes of silence you finally said, "Awkward turtle!" Everyone laughed at your remark. "I'm Esmerelda Conners by the way," you introduced yourself. "Hermione Granger," said a girl with brown curly hair. You nodded and smiled. "Ron Weasley," said the ginger boy that admitted you. "I'm Harry, Harry Potter," a jet black haired boy with forest green eyes told you. You knew of Harry Potter, but something told you that he didn't want to be praised for it. "Nice to meet you all!" You said happily. They replied in kind. After a few minutes of talking, everything went cold and the train halted abruptly. "What's going on? We can't be there already!" Hermione said in a panicked voice as you stuck your head out of the compartment door. "I don't see anything," you said as you sat down while sweeping your red hair from your face. A minute or so later, after assuming that the train had broken down, everything froze over. You soon saw a black, cloaked figure that reminded you of a black zombie (not in a racist way) reach its decaying hand toward the compartment door handle. "What is"”," you never finished your question because the creature began to suck everything happy from you. You soon heard a man scream something, but couldn't quite understand it. It sounded like, "Ill bold enough." Although, you knew that wasn't right but you still didn't know what the man had said or who the man was. "Esmerelda!" Someone called. You soon sat up to see Hermione staring at you worriedly, while Ron was attempting to wake Harry. Soon Harry awoke. "What was that, Professor?" You asked, you now knew that the man was Professor R. J. Lupin. "Dementor. They're searching the train for Sirius Black. They feed on happiness," Lupin answered. He then handed the four of you chocolate and said to eat it. "Did either of you three.......you know.......pass out?" Harry asked. "I did, Harry," you answered. "I heard something. A woman. Screaming," Harry said. "No one was screaming, Harry," Hermione explained. "I heard something as well. A man yelling something. It sounded like Ill bold enough, but I know he'd said something else," you said. Harry nodded and bit his chocolate timidly. You straightened your blue shirt with pink letters that read, 'Awesome and I know it!' and pulled up your skinny jeans before you sat down. "Do you always do that?" Hermione asked. "Usually," was your quick answer as you stared out of the window. After a few minutes of talk, in which you weren't included, you saw Hogwarts in the distance. "I'll be back in a minute," you said once there was a break in the conversation. You walked to the washroom and nearly walked head first into a 7th year. "Oh. Sorry. Excuse me," you said as you walked around the boy. "Hey, it's cool. What's your name? I'm Oliver Wood," the boy said. "Esmerelda Conners," you called as you entered the restroom.
  3. By the time that you had changed and arrived back at your compartment you were already at Hogwarts. "Hogwarts!" You exclaimed happily after you sat down. "I can't wait to get back to the common room! Actually, I can't wait to eat!" You said as you grabbed your trunk from the luggage rack. "I like this girl!" Ron whispered. You laughed while Hermione rolled her eyes. "Harry? Are you alright?" You asked as you saw that Harry wasn't planning to move. He suddenly jerked up, "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine, Esmerelda," he answered. "Are you sure? You're very pale," you said, you were always the concerned friend. Harry nodded and gave a weak smile. Soon you departed the train and went to sit in a carriage. You saw the thestrals, because you had seen your father die; sure you had only been one but you still remembered. A prefect scolded you as you pulled your red gloves tighter on your hand. "Hey! Gloves are against school dress code." You sighed, you kept your gloves on because you had a star shaped scar on your right hand. Your aunt claims that you cut yourself on a cookie-cutter, but you always wondered how the scar grew with your hand. "I'll see you later guys," you told your new friends. They nodded and you thanked them. "Neville!" You shouted as you approached your best friend. "Hey Esmerelda! How was your summer?" He responded. "Alright I guess. Have you ever gotten this feeling like there's something you don't know, like something important?" You asked. "Sometimes, but I forget very easily so that's part of the problem," Neville answered as the two of you climbed in a carriage with a Ravenclaw 2nd year. You nodded. "Hi, Luna. How've the nargles been?" You greeted the blond, dreamy-eyed Ravenclaw. "Was that a joke?" She asked defensively. "No! I was actually wondering. I believe in them now," you answered. "Well, they are the same as always. Why do you suddenly believe in them?" She said. "Over Christmas Holidays last year, I was under mistletoe and next thing I knew, I was extremely dizzy and also very tizzy," you answered truthfully. "Yes, they will have that effect on certain people," Luna answered dreamily. You nodded and noticed that Neville sat dumbfounded staring at the two of you. "Neville? Are you okay?" You asked. Neville nodded, still shocked. After a few minutes of talking you arrived at Hogwarts. "Bye guys! I'm gonna go find Harry, Ron, and Hermione," you said as you ran off to find your new friends. You quickly found them at the Gryffindor table. "Can I sit?" You asked, once they nodded you sat across from Hermione. "You fainted? Potter, you actually fainted?" Malfoy whispered. "Shove off Malfoy!" Ron hissed as he pulled Harry. "I fainted too, Malfoy. Now why don't you go back to hugging Parkinson, she's off 'bragging' about it right now!" You hissed with a smirk. "She hugged me, Conners!" Malfoy defended. "Then why did the dementor have to enter your compartment. Surely hugging you MUST have been depressing enough," you replied. "Shut it you filthy mudblood!" Was his answer. "Can't you ever think of any other insult? It's hurtful the first time, but now it's just pathetic! And FYI I'm half," you told him coyly. Malfoy turned red in the face and gave up.
  4. "Wow! With those comebacks you should've been in Ravenclaw!" Ron said in awe. "That was awesome, Esmerelda!" Hermione smiled. "Thanks," Harry said quietly. "I'm not in Ravenclaw because it takes a lot of bravery to issue the witty comebacks and I asked to be put here, just like my parents. Thanks Hermione! He really is pathetic, I meant very word of it that I said. And, you're welcome Harry. Bugs you a lot does he?" You answered everyone at once. Harry nodded as he clenched his fists on the table. You gave a sympathetic smile toward him as Dumbledore began his speech. "Blah blah blah.........playing host to dementors. Blah blah blah...........new professors. Blah blah blah............give them no reason to harm you. Blah blah blah........tuck in!" Was all you heard. You were a selective hearer. You stuffed yourself with everything in reach while Ron just stared in awe. "Wow!" He whispered to himself as he began to stuff himself as well. After an hour of you talking to your friends Harry finally said, "Esmerelda, I need to tell you something later." "Okay," you answered. "Mate, are you gonna tell her about what you told us on the train?" Ron asked. Harry nodded. "Mate, I respect your opinion, but you did just meet her!" Ron argued. "I just feel like I've known her forever and that I can tell her anything.......everything," Harry replied. Ron just gave a defeated look and continued to eat. "Ron? Do you always eat that much?" You laughed. Ron nodded. "Then how are you not twice the size of Crabbe?" You joked. Ron looked offended. "She's just teasing Ron," Hermione explained. You nodded. Ron smiled and continued to eat. After another few minutes the welcoming feast was finally over. You slipped a note onto the empty plate that had once been host to a mound of chicken legs. The note said. 'To the house-elves. Delicious as always! Thanks! ~Esmerelda.' You'd always sent the house-elves praises and they'd always repaid you by doing your laundry, you had repeatedly insisted that they needn't repay you but you finally admitted defeat. You followed Harry to Gryffindor Tower. "Fortuna Major!" The prefect that had scolded you shouted. "Who is that?" You asked Ron. "My brother, Percy," he answered. "He yelled at me earlier for wearing gloves!" You raged. "Why were you wearing gloves? It wasn't that cold," Ron said. "I don't like people asking about this," you answered as you showed him your hand. Ron bit his lip and nodded. You knew that he was itching to ask questions. "I'll tell you later," you told him as you entered the common room. Ron nodded. "What did you need to tell me, Harry?" You asked almost immediately. "Just a second," Harry answered. You nodded and went to talk to Neville for a few minutes. He was telling you about his most recent visit to his parents. You were the only student that knew about Neville's parents and, as of right now, he planned to keep it that way. After a few minutes Harry came to find you. "Esmerelda, can I talk to you?" He asked. "Yeah. Be right back, Neville," you responded. Neville nodded and you followed Harry, your red hair and black robes trailing behind you. After Harry had dragged you away, you stared at each other for a moment. You found comfort in his forest green eyes, as he did in your brown ones. 'I could never date him' you knew. "Shakespeare!" You said after a few seconds. Harry laughed, "What happened to awkward turtle?" "I know a few other random things to shout," you said. "Now, what did you need to tell me?" You asked. "I needed to tell you about Sirius Black. He's escaped from Azkaban to come after me," Harry said. You sighed and nodded. "You'll be fine Harry, I know you will," you assured him. Harry thanked you and you nodded. "I may have just met you Harry, but I'm an excellent judge of character," you joked. Harry laughed and told you goodnight. You replied in kind. You soon went to rejoin Neville. You found Neville talking to himself in the corner. "People are going to start thinking you're crazy," you joked. Neville jumped and laughed. He nodded. "What were you talking about?" You asked. "Herbology," was Neville's short answer. You nodded. "Neville, it's late, I'm going to bed. Night," you said as you hugged him. You ran upstairs to see that your things were in front of the bed to Hermione's right and closest to a window, which you were happy about.
  5. You awoke the next day after dreams of Quidditch and dark corridors. "Hermione, what class do we have first?" You asked. "How about you look at your schedule!?" Another Gryffindor said. "Lavender, I would had I gotten mine!" You snapped back. Lavender shut up and you turned to Hermione. "We have divination first, Esmerelda," Hermione answered. "Thanks, Hermione. I'd better get going," you said as you stepped to take a shower. Hermione nodded. After an hour of getting ready it was time to head to breakfast. You sat across from Hermione and next to Neville, as always. The five of you talked until classes came up. "Do any of you know how to get to divination?" You asked. "Up in the North Tower," Hermione answered. "Oh, if we're going to be there on time we have to go, now!" Ron said as he pulled Hermione and Harry from the table. "Wow! Ronald Weasley stops eating to get to class?! Is this a parallel universe?" You joked as you followed him. Everyone laughed. You soon realized that you had no clue where the North Tower was. The three of you, Neville had run off and Hermione had disappeared, soon had to ask a very obnoxious portrait for directions. "Are you here to mock me for my gallant fall?!" A stubby knight in a portrait had said. "No, although, no I won't. Do you know how to get to the North Tower?" You asked the strange portrait. "Oh! Follow me!" The knight, Sir Cadogen, replied. He ran from portrait to portrait until you reached a dead end. "I leave you here, madam, we have reached the North Tower!" Sir Cadogen praised as he went to chase his pony. "Okay, this is the North Tower. Now, where is divination?" Harry asked. You and Ron shrugged. Just the a silver ladder dropped from the ceiling. You began to climb and you were instantly greeted by the sickening scent of burning perfume. "It's up here," you whispered to Harry and Ron. You found an empty pouffe at a table with Neville and Parvati Patil, a Ravenclaw. "Hi!" You whispered. Neville waved at you as you sat down in the blue chair across from him. "How wonderful it is to see you all in the Physical World, at last!" A teacher that reminded you of a glorified bug said. "I, Professor Trelawny, can see the future!" She said in her misty voice as she walked into a table. "Apparently she can't 'see' at all," you whispered under your breath. Neville gave you a look that told you to hush up. You nodded. The professor droned on and on about tea leaves which, in that time, you zoned out until she gasped. You snapped back down to earth. "You my dear boy are cursed! You have the grim!" She gasped at Harry. You suddenly felt the urge to stick up for him. *sarcasm* "Really?! We didn't know that! Of course he's cursed, Professor! He hasn't got a scar on his forehead for no reason! No offense meant to you, Harry," you said. Harry nodded in an 'It's cool' kind of way, while the professor looked appalled at your out burst. "Class dismissed!" Trelawny said in a grave tone. You poked your things and descended the silver ladder not paying attention to Neville's shouts of patience. "That was brilliant!" Ron praised as he caught up with you. "I don't know have you had that much gut," Hermione said. You jumped. "Hermione? Where did you come from? You disappeared half way here!" "I've been here the whole time," Hermione said annoyed. "If you say so," you sighed as you continued walking. "Harry, did I offend you at all? If I did, I didn't mean to. That teacher is an idiot," you said panicked. "No, I thought it was pretty cool," Harry smiled. You hugged him and thanked him.p
  6. It was time for Transfiguration and you weren't into it. "What's wrong?!" McGonnagle asked exasperatedly. "We just had divination, Professor," Hermione answered. "Say no more. Who's dying this year?" McGonnagle said as she sat down. Harry raised his hand. McGonnagle then explained that death fortunes were Trelawny's way of welcoming the new year. You were still zoning out throughout the class, cursing yourself for your outburst. "Miss Conners are you alright?" Professor McGonnagle asked towards the end of class. You snapped awake. "Huh?! Oh, yeah. I can still smell the burning perfume from the last class," you lied. You were actually bored out of your mind. McGonnagle nodded and sent you on your way, you had slept throughout the class. You walked so swiftly that your red hair bounced around your shoulders. You quickly found Hermione, Ron, and Harry at the table waiting for lunch. "Hi," you said sleepily as you say across from them. "Wake up finally? You have no idea how close I came to hitting you with my Ancient Runes book," Hermione joked. "Wait a minute. Ancient Runes is at the same time as divination! You'd have to be in two places at once!" Ron marveled. "Honestly, Ronald, how can someone be in two places at once?" Hermione said. "But, how else could you have gone to Ancient Runes?!" Ron argued. You knew that Hermione had a time turner because you had one as well. You took all of the classes, as did Hermione. "Ron, I know that weird things happen in the wizard world, but being in two places at once is impossible!" You said as you grabbed an apple. Ron just shook his head causing his ginger hair to fly in every direction and piled his plate high with food, food, and more food. The four of you talked about pretty much everything. From classes, to Hogsmead, to Quidditch. "I honestly don't think I'll be taking divination much longer, it's such a ridiculous subject!" You raged. "After that outburst today, I don't think Trelwany will be too offended," Harry laughed. You gave an 'innocent/demonic' smirk and nodded. "What class do we have next, Ron? Your prick of a brother didn't give me a schedule," you said. "Not talking about us are you?" Two voices said. You turned to see two boys and thought you were seeing double but knew you weren't. "Who are you?" You asked in a nearly polite tone. "I'm Fred." "And I'm George." They said, one starting the other finishing. "Nice to meet you. I'm Esmerelda Conners," you replied. "Wait. You're the one who Malfoy's on about?" They asked. You laughed and nodded. "What's he saying and I'll tell you if it happened or not," Harry said. "Malfoy's saying that he jinxed you into the hospital wing and that you ran off crying after he called you a mud......finish the word," the twins said letting one start and another finish. "Nope! Esmerelda made him red in the face and insulted him better than I could have," Harry said. "Then what actually happened?" "We want the whole story!" Fred started letting George finish. You then told the twins the story of you and Malfoy 'exactly' as YOU remember it. The story ended with praises from the twins and 'wickeds' from others who heard. "Yeah, yeah. Hey, does anyone have parchment or a quill?" You said. "No, why?" Ron said. "I need to thank the house-elves," you answered as you dug through your pockets. You found a small wrapper and took out your intricate, golden brown wand. You used the 'Engorgio' charm to enlarge the wrapper. You took out your bobby pin, that was holding your red hair from your face, and melted the tip. "This'll work," you said as you wrote a quick note to the house-elves. "Why do you send thank you notes to the cooks?" Asked Lavender Brown, who was sitting to you right. "They may like to work, but they need praise every once in a while," you responded as you placed the note on the nearest plate as it disappeared. Lavender nodded while Hermione smiled. "We are going to get along just fine, Esmerelda," she smiled. You nodded and said, "I get that a lot. But, usually it's from kids who get picked on by people because I tell the people to shove off." Hermione nodded as did everyone else.
  7. "Now, Ron. What class do we have next?" You repeated. "Care of Magical Creatures. With Hagrid," Ron answered. You nodded and walked off to the grounds. On the walk there you thought of a lot of things. You thought about whether or not there would be Quidditch try-outs. You highly doubted it. You also thought about Hagrid's first lesson and what he might be teaching you. You hoped nothing too dangerous because someone would find someway to mess it up. You noticed that Hermione had gotten hot and took her robe off so she was instead wearing her white cardigan and black pants. "Hermione. People can see your time turner!" You quietly hissed to her. She looked down and sure enough, her time turner was fully exposed. "Thanks!" She whispered back as she tuned the necklace in her shirt. You nodded and continued walk. You were beginning to get bored as the four of you walked to Care of Magical Creatures. You finally began to get so bored that you began to mess with your time turner. "Esmerelda! You can't mess around with it!" Hermione hissed. You hadn't even realized that you had been twisting the time turner. Of course, you hadn't been twisting the part that took you back in time, but that spun after you had set the desired time. "Sorry! Force of habit," you said as you put the necklace back in your shirt. Hermione nodded and said it was fine as long as you hadn't gone back in time.
  8. Hey guys! I'm going to stop here because I don't want to do too much in one quiz. What do you think about this series so far? Thanks! Bye! Accio filler question!
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