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Words words wordy wordy words! More words and more words. I HAVE A REQUEST: please read my quiz, it's called 'My Harry Potter fantasy!' Thanks!

Recap: you were in your coma. You got a necklace that said what's life without risk, Sirius Black broke into the castle. And that's pretty much it. Oh, and Ron admitted he fancies you. If you don't remember go back and read it! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "Ezy please wake up! You've been out for two months! It's nearly time for Christmas break. Please, please, please wake up!" Harry told you. Once you didn't move Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his jet black hair. He left and Ron visited you a moment later. "Come on Esmerelda! Please wake up! I need you to wake up!" He cried as he held your hand and ran his thumb over your star shaped scar. He sighed and left after planting a quick kiss on your hand. No one visited for a few minutes because many people were packing for the holidays.
  2. Ginny Weasley came in and sat beside your bed. She looked as though she had been crying and had gone the last few days without sleep. She had. "Esmerelda, I am so sorry for putting you in here! I was jealous of you is all. I thought that Harry fancied you and if he went out with you that you would hurt him. I just feel that if Harry went out with you, my chances would be shattered. I know that I had no right to do this to you! Jealousy in the Weasley family is quite hard to contain, I'm afraid. I know that I shouldn't have used the Stupefy spell with such anger and I am SO sorry that you are in here. You have missed so much because of me. Please wake up, Esmerelda. Please. I will be guilty, sorry, and afraid until you do. I need you to wake up, everyone needs you to wake up!" She cried. You mumbled something that no one understood and turned over. Ginny stopped crying and bolted out the door. She ran to every house that a friend of yours was in! Her first stop was Hufflepuff because it was closest. She knocked on the entrance and waited for someone to open the door. Cedric did. "Weasley?" He asked kindly. "Cedric, Esmerelda's waking up!" She said happily and ran off to the Slytheirn common room. On the way to the other dungeon she ran into Harry. "Ow," she laughed as she fell backwards. "Where you going in such a hurry?" He asked. "Esmerelda's waking up!" She smiled and ran off. In a matter of ten minutes the hospital wing was full of your friends. All of whom were waiting for you to wake up. "What's. Life. Without. Risk?" You mumbled as you turned on your side. "How?" You mumbled as you slowly opened your eyes. As soon as you opened your brown eyes everything was blurry. After a few seconds your vision was normal. You slowly sat up even though every muscle in your body protested. The first person you found was Ginny. She stood to your right with a slightly worried look on her face. "Thanks, Gin," you whispered and hugged her. Everyone in the room was dumbfounded, especially Ginny. "I thought you didn't know her?" Harry said. "I didn't. But being here for months I've gotten to know her rather well. As well as everyone else." You said as you released the shocked ginger. "And, no, Ginny. I'm not mad at you," you told her calmly. No one was shocked as to why you would be mad at you for they were too busy celebrating. "Isn't there a Quidditch game today?" You asked. "How did you know?" Oliver asked. "I have a calendar in my mind and I could still hear you guys!" You said. "Yeah, there is a Quidditch game today. Gryffindor VS Hufflepuff," Cedric answered you. "Three requests. One, who ever wins do not hate them. Two, let me watch. Three, don't get hit by any bludgers this game, Oliver," you smiled slyly. "You've only been awake for five minutes and it's freezing outside!" Neville told you. "Who cares?! I went to DADA class IN my coma didn't I? Besides, who doesn't love a good game of Quidditch?" You answered. Neville looked defeated while the Quidditch players were impressed. "Wait. You remember that? How?!" Draco demanded. "I have my ways, Draco. Well, I'm awake so are you going to live up to your promise?" You put him on the spot. "What promise?" He had honestly forgotten. "I'll even quit taunting Weaslebe in front of you if you wake up," you imitated him. His pale face tinged pink. "Oh, Malfoy's blushing!" Ron teased. You knew that Ron was testing him so allowed him to. "Hush up you blood-tr"”" Draco started. You gave a false whimper and gave him puppy-dog eyes. "I mean: Please, mind your own business, Weasley," he corrected with a pained smile. Everyone clapped. "Bravo!" You clapped as you threw rose petals at him. Draco took a jocular bow and laughed at himself. "Did Draco Malfoy just joke and laugh? At himself!" You said in mock shock.
  3. "Now are you taking me to Quidditch or aren't you?" You whined as you pushed the covers from you. Oliver nodded and you stood as your friends gave you room. You stood and fell straight to the floor. "Are you okay?" Hermione asked. "Yeah. I'm fine. It's just hard to walk when you haven't done it in months," you answered as you accepted the helping hands that Fred and George offered you. They pulled you from the floor with quite ease. "Thanks," you said as you brushed off your robes. "You guys are late! Go!" You urged the Quidditch players as you saw Madame Hooch walking towards the field. They thanked you and ran towards the Quidditch pitch. You kept yourself upright, with the help of Neville, and went to the pitch. You stood in the first row of the Gryffindor supporters' section, in between Hermione and Ron with Neville behind you. "Thanks," you told your best friend as the quaffle was tossed. Neville nodded, but you were too focused on the game to take notice. Gryffindor scored the first 40 points"”most of them by Angelina Johnson. The score was Gryffindor 90 and Hufflepuff 80 before the snitch was seen. It was a race between third year, Harry Potter, on a nimbus 2000 and fifth year, Cedric Diggory, on a cleansweep 11. The winner was unclear because they both flew into the clouds after the tiny golden ball. "What's happening?" You asked for you hadn't seen either seeker in five minutes. "LOOK!" A joyful Slytheirn shouted. You followed her gaze and saw Harry. Falling. "HARRY!!" You shouted panicked to your falling friend. The dementors followed closely after him. A dementor made its way over to you. "Levi- Levic-" you tried to cast a spell to help Harry, but the creature blocked your view. You didn't think of anything happy so it couldn't feed on it. It wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. The cloaked creature pulled its hood down with a decaying hand. "It's going to kiss you!" Hermione whispered. "This is gonna be fun," you whispered with an evil smirk. Hermione was shocked. The dementor got two inches from your face before you poked it in the 'face' with your wand. "I've been kissed before, but this isn't cool!" You shouted as the dementor made its way back over to you. You poked it again and caused ropes to shoot from your wand and down to the ground from the stands. "Hold this for me," you instructed Hermione, Ron, and Neville. They obliged and held tightly to the rope as the dementor charged you again. "Impervious" you cast on your hands so you wouldn't get rope burn too badly. You slid down the rope and onto the Quidditch pitch. 'This is fun!' You thought to yourself as several more dementors charged you. You ran and gathered more attackers with each step.
  4. You ran for a few more seconds until you tripped over a stair. You rolled onto your back and saw many dementors looming over you and dropping their hoods. 'Not fun anymore!' You thought panicked as you grasped your wand tightly. "Incendio!" You caught the dementor closest to kissing you on fire. This distracted the others, but you were still surrounded. You jabbed a dementor where their stomach should've been and he moved aside reluctantly. Your first destination was were Harry now lay with dementors over him. "Incendio!" You shouted to his attackers as you reached him. None of the creatures caught fire because they scattered as soon as they heard your spell. You weren't the only one rushing to his side, but you were the only student. "Is he okay?" You asked Professor Lupin. "Yes, he's fine," he said without looking at you. "Wait. Esmerelda? You're awake!" He stated the obvious once he saw you. You nodded and knelt beside your friend. Dumbledore arrived moments later and told you to head back to the castle. "Yes, Professor," you answered and went to the castle as you had been told. You made a B-line to the hospital wing because you were facing a lecture already from Madame Pomfrey because you had left. Luckily, Madame Pomfrey wasn't in the hospital wing at the time so you sat on your bed and looked over the things your friends had left you. Hermione had given you a muggle novel: Romeo and Juliet, Ron and Harry had given you candy, and Oliver gave you a Quidditch rule book"”you were never good with the 700 fouls. Neville gave you _{your favorite flower}_, and Ginny gave you a tiny, mechanical broom that flies around the room. After you had read ten pages into Romeo and Juliet Harry was carried into the hospital wing and laid on the bed next to yours. "Is he okay?" You asked as soon as he was laid on the bed. "Yes, he's fine Miss Conners," Dumbledore told you angrily. "Why so angry, Professor?" You asked as you sat beside Harry's bed. "I was told the dementors wouldn't come inside the grounds," he answered angrily. You nodded and watched as he left. Oliver, Neville, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ginny came bursting through the door moments later. "Hey guys! How did the dementors get in?" You greeted them. "Not sure," Ginny admitted as she pulled up another stool. Harry began to stir. "I'm just glad he wasn't out like I was," you admitted as he opened his forest green eyes. "Me too! How'd the match go?," he said hazily. "No one blames you, Harry. Dementors aren't supposed to come inside the grounds! Dumbledore was furious, as soon as he saved you he sent them straight off," Hermione answered. It was implied that Gryffindor had lost. "And your broom sorta flew into the whomping willow. And, well, you know much it hates getting hit," Ron showed Harry a bundle of twigs that had once been his Nimbus 2000. "What else did I miss?!" You asked. "How could you come straight here knowing that one of your best friends could have died?" Oliver said angrily. Your temper flared! You stood up and faced the seventh year with a grimace. "My apologies if I was too busy running from a dementor's kiss to notice every detail of your precious seeker's fall. Chances are you wouldn't care otherwise!" you whispered venomously. Oliver looked taken aback. He was about to say something, but Harry beat him to it. "What did I miss?!" He asked. "Nothing much. Just me being chased by a bunch of dementors, almost got kissed, and set one on fire," you said as if it happened everyday. "Wicked! I knew that the dementors tried to kiss you, but I didn't know the rest!" Ron praised. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. We seem to be forgetting who is in the hospital bed!" You said as you gestured toward your friend. Harry rolled his eyes, chuckled, and tried to sit up straight. "Are you alright? Overall," you said as he flinched. He nodded. "Good. I don't want to see you in the hospital bed for as long as I was!" You smiled as you helped him sit up. Harry nodded. "Have some chocolate. It'll help," you said as you handed Harry a chocolate frog from your table. Harry took it and ate it quickly.
  5. "Ugh! I don't WANNA get up!" You moaned as Madame Pomfrey shook you the next day. "You are fine! Get up!" She scolded in a strained whisper. "BYE!" You shouted happily and rolled out of the bed. Madame Pomfrey moved away for her job as done. You jumped and ran to the washroom. After all, you were in two month old robes and hadn't taken a shower that you knew of. In an hour you are cleaned and dressed so you ran straight to lunch, waving at everyone who passed. "Yeah, I'm awake," you shouted. "Yes, I set the dementor on fire," you answered. And you also answered a question from a Slytheirn. "NO! I'm not dating Draco!" You answered angrily as you walked into the Great Hall. "Who asked?" Ron asked you once you sat beside him. "Parkinson," you said disgustedly. Hermione scoffed, Ron snorted, and Harry rolled his eyes. "Hey, it's Saturday. Let's do something!" Hermione brought up. "Quidditch?" Ron suggested. "I'm a wreck on a broom," Hermione explained. "Wizard's chess?" You asked. "You're on!" Ron challenged. "What's the wager?" You asked with an evil gleam in your brown eyes. "Loser has to do the winner's homework for a month," Ron told you. "Ron, there are a few things wrong with that. One, Hermione and I do your homework anyway. Two, you would get me a Troll if you did mine. And three, Hermione would hound both of us about it," you said sadly. Hermione gave you a look that said 'nu-uh.' "Loser has to tell the winner their worst experience?" Harry suggested. You and Ron glared at each other competitively and nodded. "Let's play!" Ron whispered. You jumped up and dragged Harry and Ron by their arms to the common room, Hermione close behind. "Fortuna major!" You told the portrait of the Fat Lady. "Oh, Miss Conners! So glad you're awake!" She praised and swung forward. "Me too," you told her as you dragged your friends inside. "Ow!" Ron joked once you let go. "I wanna play, now!" You whined childishly. It was intentional. Ron rolled his eyes at your pitiful display of impatience and retrieved the chess set from his dorm. You smiled when he returned and set up a small table. "Your chewing on your hair," you pointed out to him. He blushed a pale pink around his ears and moved his long orange hair. "I was only joking! Your hair isn't that long!" You shoved him playfully. He chuckled and sat in the scarlet armchair across from you. "Until it's our turn, Harry and I are going to do some research. Aren't we, Harry?" Hermione told you. "Poor Harry," you whispered and nodded. The two Gryffindors left in a swirl of black. "Just so you know, Ronald. You have to look at the PIECES to play. Not me," you joked. "Shove off!" He said defensively. You laughed and rolled your eyes. "I know everything you said to me, you know," you told him as the pawns began to move to their obligated starting position. Ron tinged red in the face and you laughed. "Let's play," you said comfortingly. Ron brightened at this statement and nodded. "You move first," Ron instructed. "I know how to play wizard's chess!" You joked. Ron nodded and told you to play. "Pawn to E4" you instructed. "Pawn to F7" he instructed. The pawn moved to its assigned area as if it were robotic. "Pawn to E5" you instructed. It moved once more. "Knight to H3" Ron told the board. You continued playing until you won: an hour later. "Do I have to tell in here?" Ron whispered and gestured to the nearly full common room. "No, the wager was loser tells winner. Not, loser tells all. So, I'll make you tell me in an empty classroom," you explained much to his relief. He stood up a few seconds after you did, and you ended up dragging him to an empty classroom. "Sheesh, Esmerelda, slow down!" He laughed. "Ron, this is slow! Now hush up and use your feet!" You ordered. He began to walk so you let go of his arm and fell into pace with him. The two of you arrived at an abandoned classroom two minutes later.
  6. "Okay, sit," you ordered the ginger as you sat on a desk. Ron put his hands up in mock surrender and sat on a desk across from you. Ron just stared at you with a longing look on his face. After a few seconds things were a little uncomfortable to you. "Hey, ginger! Snap out of it! You've got to tell me your worst experience!" You said and snapped your fingers in his face. He shook his head and blushed a deep crimson. "Okay. My worst experience was when I was seven. My mum had told me to de-gnome the garden because she and dad had work to do. The first gnome I grabbed bit me so hard that I screamed at the top of my lungs for five minutes. My throat was so sore I couldn't eat that night," he said truthfully. You burst out laughing despite yourself. "What's so funny?" Ron asked defensively. "Ronald, your worst experience is going one night without eating. You eat non-stop! I could top that so-called worst experience in my sleep!" You laughed. "Then do it!" Ron said with finality in his voice. "My worst experience was four years ago, at my muggle school. I was being picked on by some kid two years older than me. He was punching me and kicking me for no reason. I still have the bruises. If that wasn't bad enough, my favorite person in the world died and my best friend joined him in my beating. To this day I still have no clue what I did wrong. I don't know why they did it or why my best friend decided to hurt me as well. Even now I have mild trust issues and I get angry easily. I'll never forget that day. Actually, how could I? I still have the bruises and mild scars," you ended in tears and showed Ron the scars on your right arm. "I'm so sorry, Esmerelda. I just hope you know that I would never hurt you on purpose," Ron whispered and wiped away your tears. You nodded and stared into his blue eyes. He kissed you lightly and you pulled away slowly. "I have to go," you said hurriedly and ran to the library.
  7. "Hi, Hermione. Hi, Harry," you told your friends once you saw them. It wasn't the convincing happy tone you'd tried for. "What's wrong, Ezy?" Harry asked. He had a look on his face that said 'thanks for saving me!' "Have you been crying?" He asked when you didn't answer. You nodded. "What happened?" Hermione asked. "Ask Ron," you replied with a sniffle. "What'd he do?" Hermione asked angrily. "He kissed me, but that's beside the point. That's not what made me cry, but it is what made me bail," you said with a laugh as you sat beside Harry. "Then what did make you cry?" Harry asked as he put a hand on your shoulder. "I don't feel like telling it, but I will tell the just of the story. I won Wizard's chess and Ron's worst experience was totally lame! I told him I could top it in my sleep and he told me to. I told him what it was and ended off crying. I don't mind if you know the details, but please get them from Ron. I don't want to tell it again right now," you explained. Harry nodded and Hermione shot you a sympathetic smile. "Now aren't you guys going to play Wizard's chess?" You asked. They nodded. "Come on then!" You waved your hand impatiently. Hermione and Harry stood and followed you to the common room. Hermione and Harry were a few meters ahead of you. You walked in silence for a few minutes until you didn't quite know where you were. You knew you were on a staircase but didn't know where it went. You walked straight into someone and fell backwards. "Ow!" The two of you complained. The person you had walked into helped you to your feet. She was a Ravenclaw. She had a dirty blonde pixie cut, a kind pale face, freckles, and brown eyes. "Who are you?" You said accidentally rude. "Caroline Hutchens," the girl said. "Esmerelda Conners," you told her. "What year?" Caroline asked you. "Third," you replied getting a little annoyed. "Same. How's your year been?" "Oh just swell! I've been in a coma since the first Hogsmead trip of the year, but other than that just peachy!" You said sarcastically. "Well I'm so sorry for asking," she replied while rolling her eyes. "Sorry, sarcasm is my super power," you said truthfully. The third year nodded. "Hey, I'll see you later, okay?" You asked. Caroline nodded and you rushed toward Gryffindor tower.
  8. You walked for ten minutes without meeting anyone. You were by an empty corridor when you finally did. It was the ginger. Ron. He pulled you by the arm into the corridor. You yelped at first but followed once you noticed who it was. "Hi, Ron," you said awkwardly. "Hi!" He said with a huff. You bit your lip as he stopped and pulled you to face him. "willyougotohogsmeadwithme?!" He rushed out anxiously. "Sorry, what was that?" You asked confused. "Will you go to Hogsmead with me?" He repeated slower. "Why not," you answered. Ron brightened up considerably and let out a breath. "When's the Hogsmead trip?" You asked him. "Next weekend. I just wanted to ask you before everyone else," Ron whispered the last sentence. "How do you know someone hasn't already asked me?" You asked as you crossed your arms. Ron's face fell. "I'm only joking!" You shoved him in the arm slightly. Ron rolled his blue eyes and smiled. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to help Hermione with wizards chess if she has any hope of winning," you turned on your heel to leave. "Wait," Ron pleaded and spun you around. He snogged you for a few moments before you slowly pulled away. You nodded and ran off to help Hermione. The entire journey you had a huge smile plastered on your face and your cheeks a deep crimson. "Fortuna major," you sighed to the portrait. "Ooh, someone's happy! Who is he?" The Fat Lady asked with a wink. "If I told you, you'd tell the whole castle!" You laughed as she swung forward. "Thanks!" You smiled as you walked in. Hermione had already lost a knight, four pawns, and a rook. You walked in all smiley and greeted them. "Ooh, you're happy!" Hermione chided and stood up from her armchair. You nodded and told her she sounded like the portrait. "Why are you so happy?" Harry asked skeptically. "I'll tell you later, but for now I need to help Hermione win. After all, Harry, she is new at this. You have been playing since first year!" You answered and told Hermione to sit back down. Hermione thanked you and continued to play. "Harry, ease up on her, will you?" You whispered in ear. He nodded so small that it was barely noticeable. You thanked him in a whisper and accompanied your friend on the other side of the table. "Can I go to F4?" She asked you in a whisper. Your eyes darted around the board for a moment and noticed that if she moved her bishop to that square, Harry could take it with his queen, and then she could take his queen with her other rook. "Yeah," you whispered. "Bishop to F4," she demanded. "Queen to F4," Harry smirked. Hermione gave you a death glare. "Take his queen with your knight," you told her. She nodded and did so. The game went on for about a half an hour until Hermione won, only barely. As much as you hated to admit it, it was a bit pathetic. She had help form you and Harry playing easily and she only barely won! "Great job, Hermione! Now, Ezy, why so happy?" Harry congratulated. You sat down and began to blush. "Ron. He asked me out," you said quietly. "Good for you," Harry told you with a smile. Hermione nodded and ran straight to her dorm. "What the-?" You whispered. You followed her up to her room and saw her sprawled across her bed. For a moment you thought she was dead until her back shuddered. She was crying. "What's wrong, Hermione?" You whispered as you sat beside her. "Just go away!" She sobbed. You immediately knew what was up. "You fancy Ron!" You nearly shouted. Hermione nodded slightly with her face still in her pillow. "I'll break up with him. If you want," you whispered. "No, Esmerelda, he picked you," she said as she sat up. "Hermione, if you like him I'll break up with him," you persisted. You honestly had only said yes because you didn't want him to be mad at you. "He'll hate you if you do," Hermione argued. "So, I'll have him break up with me. That simple," you resolved. "If you're sure," Hermione told you as she hugged you. "I'm sure. Ron and I would have broken up eventually anyway. I'd rather end it now, when I don't really mind, than when I really do care about him and you hate me," you said truthfully. "I'll do it the day before the Hogsmead trip. I have a plan and it involves a certain Slytherin," you told her. Hermione thanked you. You nodded and went back downstairs with a request from Hermione: don't tell Harry about any of it.
  9. "Hiya, Harry," you greeted the black haired Gryffindor. "Hey, Ezy. What up with Hermione?" He responded as you sat beside him on the couch. "She's tired from the chess game. She needs a book," you calmly lied. Harry nodded and bit his lip. "Yeah?" You asked as you noticed this. "Words gotten around the castle about you and Ron. I heard from Oliver that Malfoy was planning on ruining your date," he said anxiously. You faked anger, "Let me guess. Ron told the portrait and the portrait told the whole castle?!" Harry nodded. Inside you were celebrating at how easy this would be. "Ron came in and was practically bouncing off the walls that he got a date with you," Harry told you. 'Dang it! Let me revise this plan, okay!' You thought to yourself. You nodded with a thoughtful look on your face. You were basically being guilt tripped into going on the date with him. 'Friendships before relationships' you told yourself. "Was he," you answered. "Yeah, he was going on and on how he was the luckiest guy in Hogwarts," Harry joked. "I guess I never asked, how was your summer?" You asked, eager to change the subject. "I didn't get thrown in Azkaban so alright I guess," he answered. "Whoa whoa wait! Back up. Why would you have gone to Azkaban?" You asked. "My aunt. She was disgracing my parents so I accidentally turned her into a human balloon," he answered. "Cool! I hope you don't mind my asking, you don't have to answer, but what was she saying?" You asked. "You'll be the first person I tell. Don't tell anyone, Ezy. I trust you with my life so I'll tell you. She called my dad an unemployed drunk. Then she called my mum a b****," Harry said sadly. "Harry, I know it's advanced magic, but do you know the killing curse? I hate this woman!" You said venomously. "Afraid not. Ask Hermione, but I do think that will land you in Azkaban," Harry told you. "Oh well, I can break out. If that psycho Sirius Black can do it than so can I," you said defiantly. Harry laughed and asked about your summer. "I didn't do much. I basically fathomed why wizards don't use magic to clean their houses. My uncle made me clean the entire time. When I wasn't cleaning I was trying to keep my cousins out of my room and trying to find a meal they wouldn't criticize. Both of which were a total fail," you regaled. Harry nodded and explained that life with the Dursleys was very similar to that. "Well, I'm going to dinner. You coming?" You asked. Harry nodded and followed you to the Great Hall.
  10. Thanks! What'd ya think? I had massive writers block so sorry if this sucks! Sorry for my inactivity I was dealing with a bunch of other things. Sorry that options are lazy! Results are as well. Like I said: MASSIVE writers block! 😭😓😥😤😡😬= my feelings about this.

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