Hogwarts Love Story Pt.4

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Well, it is love what can you really say about it? It kills? It's wonderful? Everyone thinks differently. But Love + Hogwarts? You can only think one thing... AWESOME! Just remember, SNAPE IS ALWAYS WATCHING!!!

With many boys to choose from, but only one you will get. No it's not a riddle, it's just me filling in the second paragraph. Harry or Draco? Ron or the Oliver? Fred or George? You Choose!

Created by: fred4ever

  1. Where we left off ---"Oh, Grady, you're so funny." You giggled at the stupidity in your own voice, but Grady clearly thought you was giggling at something he said. He gave you his signature smile and you batted your eyes a few times at him. "So ______, I have a question for you." You gave him a curious, but cute look. "Would you like to go with me to the music performance on Friday?" Perfect. That's exactly what you wanted. Wow, these English guys are easily swayed by some giggling and eye lash batting. "Well... I don't know. I mean you are a lot older than me. Is it really appropriate?" You said in your cutest voice. "It's fine _____. People care less about that here than they do in the US." You put on a still slightly reluctant face. He leaned closer to you. "Besides, what's life without a little risk?" He whispered in your ear. You giggled again."Uhh..okay!" You say with a smile. It was pathetic how you already had this boy wrapped around your finger. "But I have to leave you for a little bit. I signed up to sing on Friday." You flipped your hair over your shoulder and smiled at him. "That's fine, I'll get to see how amazing a singer you are then." Grady smiled and hugged you and you parted ways. Well you were walking away from him you rolled your eyes at his weakness for hair flipping and a pretty face.
  2. You wandered into the library, looking for a book for Charms that Professor Flitwick asked your class to read. You meandered up and down the tall bookshelves looking for the right book. You finally found the book and made your way to Madame Pince's desk to check the book out. You exited the library, turned to corner to go back to the Common Room, and collided with someone. You staggered backwards and fell onto your butt. "Oh my god______, are you ok?" Of course it was Oliver. You think it's official. You have the worst luck in the entire world. Oliver picked up your books as you stood up. "______, I'm so sorry I wasn't paying attention." "It's fine." You say shortly. You started walking the way you were heading before you crashed. You just wanted to get away from him. You heard him call your name again, but you didn't turn around. You couldn't. If you turned around you knew you would give in to your emotions, and you knew you would wind up regretting it. Putting a wall up between you and Oliver was what you needed to do. No matter how hard it would be. Finally it was Friday. You had yoursong down pat and knew you were going to kick butt on it. You had been solidly building up a wall against Oliver and Grady was still wrapped around my finger. Everything was finally working in your favor. You got yourslf all dolled for this performance. You made your hairy into loose curls that framed your face. You put on a pair of black skinny jeans with a sparkly black top that shimmered when you moved. You paired that outfit with black studded heels and a set of black bangles and big, black earrings. You you're your makeup feminine and sweet to contrast the glam outfit. At 8 o'clock you were waiting outside the Great Hall for Grady. After waiting for a few minutes, you found him and you made your way into the Hall. The music had already started and a ton of people were dancing to the infectious beat. You grabbed Grady by the hand and led him to the middle of the dance floor. You two started dancing and you could feel people staring at the two of you. It was quite awkward, but it didn't keep you from having a great time with Grady. About half an hour later, someone tapped your shoulder in the middle of a song. You turned around and to your surprise found Oliver standing behind you with a confused look in his eyes. "They need you backstage." He pivoted and started walking away. You said a quick goodbye to Grady and hurried after Oliver, not wanting to get lost. You made your way to the chaos backstage and found Fred and George so you could check in. The tech guys put a headpiece microphone on you, so you didn't have to hold anything. You warmed up and got ready to go onstage. As the act before you was starting their last song, Oliver came over to you. "Look, I need to talk to you about something..." You gave him a questioning look. "The other day in the..." "Halfway through the last song! Get ready to go on______." Fred was shouting out stage directions to everybody. It was pretty chaotic. Oliver grabbed your attention again. "The other day, what you saw..." He tried to begin again, but Fred once again interrupted. "_______ you're up." And he gave you a gentle shoved you to the stairs leading to the stage. You turned and looked back at Oliver, who looked frustrated, and gave him an apologetic look. You would just have to talk to him later.
  3. Meanwhile you were being announced on the stage. When your name was called, the audience roared with applause and cheers. You took a few deep breaths, put a convincing smile on your face, and stepped onto the stage with a few dancers behind you. You set up in the middle of the stage and got ready to perform. The drum beat started going and you started dancing and singing. "Everybody look at me, me I walk in the door you start screaming Come on everybody, what you here for? Move your body around like a nympho Everybody get your neck to crack around All you crazy people come on jump around I wanna see you all on your knees knees You either wanna be with me or be me Come on now Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard Make you want all of her love She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards Make you fall real hard in love She's a maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard Make you want all of her love She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards Wish you never ever met her at all And when she walks she walks with passion When she talks she talks like she can handle it When she asks for something boy she means it Even if you never ever see it Everybody get your neck to crack around All you crazy people come on jump around You doing anything to keep her by your side Because she says she love you love you long time Come on now Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard Make you want all of her love She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards Make you fall real hard in love She's a maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard Make you want all of her love She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards Wish you never ever met her at all Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard Make you want all of her love She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards Make you fall real hard in love She's a maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard Make you want all of her love She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards Wish you never ever met her at all No, never ever met her at all (What you sayin' girl?) You wish you'd never ever met her at all (What you sayin' girl?) You wish you'd never ever met her at all (What you sayin' girl?) You wish you'd never ever met her at all (Come on!) You wish you'd never ever met her at all (What you sayin' girl?) You wish you'd never ever met her at all (What you sayin' girl?) You wish you'd never ever met her at all (What you sayin' girl?) You wish you'd never ever met her at all" You ended the song and shot a look at Cho. Her expression was hilarious. You smiled genuinely as the crowd cheered once more and waved as you made your way off the stage. You made your way back into the crowd, trying to find Grady. Oliver found you.
  4. "Look, what I was trying to tell you before was that..." But once again he was interrupted. This time it wasn't by Fred though. "_______, you were great." Grady gave me a hug as he complimented you. "Oh, I'm sorry." He said noticing Oliver, "Hey,Wood." Oliver nodded at him. Awkwardness poisoned the air. "Was I interrupting something?" Grady said looking back and forth between you and Oliver. You looked up at Oliver to see what he was going to say. "No, you weren't. I was just telling _______ what a great job she did tonight." Oliver said with a half smile. "I'll leave you two to your date. I'll see you around,_______." And he walked away. You stood with Grady's arm around your waist and watched him leave. And then you realized that you were wishing it was someone else's arm around your waist, and not Grady's. "Grady, this can't go on, I, well, don't know if I really like you." You mumbbled. "This is all Wood's doing isn't it?" Grady sneered."Fine whatever, don't talk to me again you,...you... cheater!" "Grady it's...." But he was already gone. As long as he didn't tell any one what happened, you where really just fine with what happened.
  5. You woke up the next morning with a sense of determination already taking place in your mind. I was going to tell Oliver how you felt, no matter what the consequences were, but what about Draco? I-I well like him to.... NO! You weren't going to chicken out or make excuses anymore. You had already told Grady to back off and that you were never going to be anything more than friends after your date last night, so that was one thing out of your way. You got up slowly, thinking about how you were going to say this. You mean you've only known this guy for what a month? And already you was thinking about telling him how you felt about him. You must be crazy. But you don't think you were. You got dressed quickly and darted out of your dormitory. You feared you're your courage would leave you soon, and you wanted to get this out. As you made your way across the Common Room you heard Marcus Flint call your name. You groaned and turned around. (Sorry, I put you in Slytherin! I think it work out for the best in the end!) "________, Quidditch practice. Now." Of course. You sighed and ran back up to your room to get your broom and to throw on your green and silver robes. You guess Oliver would have to wait. When you came back down to the Common Room the rest of the team was already waiting for you. Except for Malfoy who had a sling around has arm from an attack from a Hippogriff on the 1st day of classes. What a guy. Always looking for trouble. You just wondered why he was sometimes so sweet, but other times HORRIED! You walked over to the team and you made your way to the field in your matching robes. On your way there you passed the Gryffindor team heading back in from practice. Of course there was going to be a showdown. You walked down the steps and the Gryffindor team stopped waiting for you to come to them. You rolled your eyes at the stupidity of the whole situation. Then you saw Oliver. "Ready to get your arses kicked two weeks from now, Flint?" Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor captain asked. Their entire team looked at you with complete disdain. You locked eyes with Fred and then George from where you were standing on Flint's immediate right while the two captains were fighting each other. You gave them a slight smile and rolled your eyes at them. They both gave you the smallest smile possible. And you knew why. Your friendship with Fred and George was unheard of to this school. There were still many, many things you couldn't do together. And Quidditch was one of them. Soon enough you and the team left the Gryffindor team behind. You walked to the pitch and Flint called you for a meeting first. You sat down in the soft grass next to Draco and waited for Flint to start talking. Draco put his good arm around your shoulders. You gave him a look, and he winked as a response, but didn't move his arm, and you didn't make him. Flint look at you with amusment in his eyes before he started talking. "One of the biggest things that is going to have an effect on our playing is the weather. And the weather is supposed to get bad, and stay bad up until our match with Gryffindor. So I was thinking that we could use Malfoy's injury to our advantage. I could claim that our Seeker is still not up to par and we wouldn't have to play in the rain and wind." The team murmured its approval of the plan. "Wait... Here's a crazy thought," You began, "why don't we actually, oh I don't know, practice, get a new Seeker, and play the match fair and square?" The team laughed at you. "What?" "Oh..._______, that's a good one." Flint said after he caught his breath. "So I'll put in the change with Madame Hooch tomorrow. Get up in the air, let's practice." You mounted my Nimbus 2000 and soared up into the air, fuming. You knew the Gryffindor team, Fred and George, would be mad about this. And you didn't have an explanation for them. You now understood why they hate this house so much. But that now raises a question in your own mind. Why on earth was you put in this House?
  6. You turned the corner on my way to the Gryffindor Common Room in search of Oliver. Once again, as you rounded the corner, you bumped into Oliver. Once again, he knocked you flat onto your butt. "Oh my God, ______, I'm sorry." This time instead of answering him with a short "˜I'm fine' You smiled. "We need to stop meeting like this. I'm going to wind up hurting myself." Oliver laughed. "Could you help me up?" He smiled and helped you up off the ground. "So, what are you doing down here, anyway?" Oliver asked. You took a deep breath. This was it. It was now or never. "Actually, I was looking for you." See, that wasn't that hard. Oliver gave you a quizzical look. "Well, I was kind of wondering...what were going to tell me the other night? We kept getting interrupted. And it sounded kind of important." "Oh...that." Oliver said. He frowned and took a deep breath. "It's a long story, walk with me?" You smiled and nodded and you began walking together. "So, what I wanted to talk to you about was what you saw the other day in, with Cho and I." You frowned, remembering the dreadful day. You where walking to find Fred and George to tell them what a fun time you had at the party the other night when you came acoss Oliver instead. That's odd...I'm pretty sure The Twins don't not giggle like that... As you approached the Great Hall, you put your ear to the door. You heard another giggle again, this time softer. Puzzled you decided to find out for yourself what was going on in the Hall. You pushed open the door and were stunned to find Oliver and Cho close together, almost as if they were going to kiss. You blinked stupidly for a moment and then cleared your throat drawing attention to the fact that someone had entered. Oliver looked up and when he saw you his face fell into a frown. Cho looked slightly annoyed, but she addressed you relatively civilly. "______, what a surprise." Cho said with a smile. "Can help you with anything? Was there something you needed?" It took everything in you to break eye contact with Oliver. Once you broke eye contact with him, it took everything you had to not run out of the room. "Uhm... I was uh..." You stuttered incoherently for a moment. "I was told that if I wanted to perform Friday, there was some sheet I had to sign up on... Do you know where it is?" Just popped out of your mouth. Cho's face lit up. "You perform?!" You nodded, unable to think clearly. "That's so cool. The sheets are over by the piano." You started walking to the piano on the other side of the Hall. "Um, I think I'll help you with them." Cho said and with that she exited the recording booth and made her way over to the piano. She helped you fill out the form and told you to have a song ready for Friday night. You thanked her and made your way out of the Great Hall. In the doorway of the Hall, you turned around and looked at Oliver. You looked him up and down while he shifted uncomfortably under your gaze, shook your head, and left the room. Oliver's vocie broke you out of your memoy. "Well, what you saw...it wasn't what I seemed, I guess. I wasn't going to...I mean I didn't, we didn't..." You stopped him. "Just spit it out." "Nothing happened. Between me and Cho. And I don't want anything to happen with her. She's a nice girl and everything, but she's not really my type. Besides, I like someone else." Oliver said. "I'm confused, why are telling me this?" "Because, ________, look I know I probably missed my chance and that you're probably with Grady now, or even Malfoy! I have seen the way you look at each other, but I think you need to know. Ever since the first time I saw you, I thought you were the beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I knew just by seeing your face and that moment when we locked eyes that you were someone I wanted to know. Someone I want to be with. And I understand that you're with Grady now, it's my fault. I was too slow. But I just wanted you to know." You looked at him stunned. You never expected him to say anything like that. After a few long seconds, you found your voice. "You're wrong about one thing." Oliver looked at me. "I'm not with Grady. After you left, his arm was around me and I realized that I was craving a different set of arms." You fell silent and his eyes met yours. He leaned closer to you and finally you kissed. And everything, for a moment, was perfect.
  7. When you broke the kiss, the two of you stayed silent for a moment. You looked into his gorgeous brown eyes and saw a glimmer of happiness in them that had not been present before. You backed away from slightly and asked, "So...what now?" Oliver smiled in his adorable way. "Well, we can start with this. Would you like to go with me on the next Hogsmeade trip?" You smiled and blushed slightly. It was strange what an effect he had on you. He was capable of easily breaking down your walls, something that was unheard of to you. "I'd love to." You smiled at him and you hugged. He put his arm around you as you made your way to the Great Hall. The occasional student you passed gave you odd looks, but nothing could bother you right now. You turned into the Entrance Hall and meandered your way outside. You didn't really have a destination in mind; you just wanted to be around him. But he headed for the tree near the lake that you and Draco had hung out by several weeks ago. You sat down next to the tree and talked for hours. When the sun finally sank in the sky, you grudgingly got up and made your way inside. Once you were in the Entrance Hall you realized you were going in separate directions. It was time to say goodbye, for now. You turned toOliver . "This was fun. I don't want it to end." "I know how you feel. But tomorrow is another day. And I will definitely be seeing you." I blushed. "But, I don't want to get you in trouble. So, I'll see you tomorrow." He hugged you tight to him and then slowly let you go. As you made your way towards the stairs that would take me to the dungeon, you turned around and waved at him. He smiled and waved back and then you hurried down to the Common Room to make sure you didn't break your curfew.
  8. As per Flint's predictions, the weather got increasingly worse as the next week went on.You hadn't gotten the official word on whether the match was rescheduled for us so we continued practicing. Personally, you didn't mind playing in the rain. It was pretty fun. You were ending a particularly wet practice and the team was changing out of their drenched practice robes when Professor Snape entered the locker room. The movement and random conversations in the room stopped immediately. Snape had that effect on people. "Well I've got some good for you." Snape began. "You're Quidditch match with the Gryffindor team has been rescheduled due to the injury of your Seeker Draco Malfoy." The team exchanged smiles with each other as your heart sank. "Gryffindor will be playing Hufflepuff in this dreadful weather Saturday. That is all." The rest of the team let out a cheer and left the locker room in gleeful celebration. You absentmindedly followed your thoughts racing about how you were to explain this. Your stomach was bubbling with anger at your teammates and it took all your self-control to keep from lashing out at them. Because now your team's cowardice and refusal to play in the rain was affecting more than just your two best friends; it affected Oliver too now. Unluckily on your part, as you entered the Entrance Hall you spotted the majority of the Gryffindor team. And of course, being the people they were, your teammates felt the need to go harass them on your "victory." All you could hope for now was that a fight wouldn't break out.
  9. "Ready for Saturday, Flint?" Oliver asked. Oh God...here we go. "Actually there's no need for us to be ready for Saturday, Wood." The Gryffindor team exchanged confused glances with each other. Fred shot you a questioning look, but you just shook your head and dropped your eyes to the floor. You were ashamed of what was occurring. But were were no place to stop it. If you wanted to play Quidditch, you had to play by their rules. "Well, we won't be playing in the match on Saturday. We just got that word that our request for a change of schedule has been accepted. You'll be playing Hufflepuff on Saturday." You glanced up from the floor, but quickly looked down after seeing the enraged looks on the faces of your friends. "What?! You can't just change your schedule because you don't want to play in the bad weather, Flint! What are you afraid to get wet?" Oliver shouted with venom in his voice. "How did you even get that approved by Madame Hooch?!?" "Well, you see Wood, our Seeker is still injured from the terrible Hippogriff attack and we don't have time to train another for the match." The Gryffindor team looked completely outraged at this. "Two things, Flint. First, he's not even hurt. You just don't want to play in the bad weather conditions because it will make your life more difficult. Second, when we do play you, we are going to slaughter you. So really you just postponed your loss." Oliver growled. His words only made you shrink, the rest of your team was laughing. They proceeded to laugh as they walked into the Great Hall for dinner. You were the last of the team to pass by the Gryffindor team. They were all shooting daggers at you. When you passed by, you were not exempted from their glares. You stopped in front of them for a moment and looked at them sadly. "I'm so sorry." You said sincerely to them all. Half of them looked like they didn't believe a word you said. But Fred nodded and eased up on his glare. "I know." He stated while George and Oliver nodded beside him. But they still looked plenty angry, which you understood. You opened your mouth to say something else; anything else to make this better, but Fred stopped me. "Just go, _______." You looked at them as your heart sank further into your stomach and nodded. You walked into the Great Hall, fuming and miserable at the same time.
  10. You sat gloomily at the Slytherin table for the entire span of dinner. When you finished eating, you meandered throughout the hallways. You didn't want to go back to the Common Room. You didn't want to be associated with the people in your House. As you wandered, you found a deserted corridor with a nice secluded corner and a windowsill for me to sit on. You finally allowed your anger to start revealing itself. You clenched your fists and your jaw and your body were shaking with rage. Everything started to be tainted with a crimson tint. You could kill someone with your bare hands when you're this angry. But as quickly as your anger burst out, you managed to get it back under control. "________?" A voice interrupted your thoughts. But it wasn't the voice you really wanted to hear.
  11. Who could it be? IDK but you will find out!

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