Hogwarts Love Story Pt.3

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Well, it is love what can you really say about it? It kills? It's wonderful? Everyone thinks differently. But Love + Hogwarts? You can only think one thing... AWESOME!

With many boys to choose from, but only one you will get. No it's not a riddle, it's just me filling in the second paragraph. Harry or Draco? Ron or the Oliver? Fred or George? You Choose!

Created by: fred4ever

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  1. Tanya and Amber led the way to the Common Room in silence. You could tell that Tanya was angry, but you simply did not care. You absentmindedly followed them and heard Amber give the password to gain access to the Common Room. You all entered the Common Room and the light cast a sickly light on everybody in the room. You silently followed as Tanya led Amber and yourself to a set of armchairs near the fire. You all sat and Tanya looked at you expectantly. “What?” You asked. She glared. “Do you even hear me when I talk to you?” You resisted the temptation to roll your eyes. “I hear you. That doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with what you say. I like to make my own opinions of people, and if you don’t like it that’s not my problem.” You could tell you was pissing her off with every word you said. But she needed a reality check. Badly. “I’m just trying to protect you. I’m being a good friend. He’s a player, and he will hurt you. Excuse me, for trying to help you out. That’s the last time I make that mistake. Because clearly, you know everything and you don’t need anyone’s help.” She sneered at you. Her voice was starting to get louder. You matched her volume and tone as you retorted. “Oh please. You are not trying to help me. You are trying to make sure that I don’t talk to him and you’re trying to control me. What’d he ever do to you?” She looked angrier than ever as she glared off to the side of the room and her mouth went into a straight line. She looked slightly embarrassed too. You finally came to the realization. “He rejected you, didn’t he? He didn’t like you so now you’re trying to sabotage his love life? Classy, real classy.” Tanya now spoke in a low, threatening hiss. “You listen, and you listen good…” But I didn’t let her finish. “No, you listen. I am not your puppet. You can’t tell me what to do or who to talk to. There’s nothing you can say or do that will ever change that. You are not the best thing that has ever happened to world so stop walking around like you’re all that.” You was raising your voice and soon the entire Common Room was listening. “Wow, I never would have guessed that you were such a b---- when I met you.” You laughed in her face, making her angrier. “Is that supposed to be an insult? I know exactly who I am. I’m tough, ambitious, and know exactly what I want. If that makes me a b----, okay.” Tanya was stunned. She knew her insults didn’t bother you and that she couldn’t control you. She had nothing to use against me. You figured it was time to make my exit. You turned and made my way towards the dormitories. About halfway there you turned around and spoke to Amber. “Amber, are we cool?” Amber looked shocked that you addressed her in such a calm manner. Tanya glared at Amber. Amber’s gaze went back in forth between you and Tanya. She knew she had to make a choice. She bit her lip and finally seemed to make up her mind. “We’re more than cool.” She then left Tanya and stood next to me and smiled at you. You returned the smile and we made our way upstairs to the dorms, leaving Tanya stunned by the fire. The next morning you slept in. You woke up to an empty dorm which was pleasant. You grudgingly got up and took a long, hot shower. When you got out of the shower, you quickly threw on a pair of dark wash denim skinny jeans, a sporty maroon hoodie that was halfway zipped up exposing the black tank top that you had on underneath, and a black pair of converse. You dried your hair and put it up into a sleek ponytail at the top of your head. Then finally, you left the dormitories to go get breakfast. As you walked into the Common Room, you immediately spotted Amber talking to some third year, so you walked over to them. They saw you coming and the person Amber was talking to got up and left. You tilted your head and sat down next to Amber. “Why’d he leave?” you asked. Amber shrugged. “Whatever. So I hear there’s a trip to Hogsmeade next weekend and I thought that it’d be cool if we… Can I help you?” As you was talking to Amber some second year came over and was staring at me. He looked shocked that you was addressing him. He timidly tried to speak several times, but then ran off to his friends. Amber and yourself exchanged confused looks. You began your conversation again and discussed what we were going to do in the magical village. You walked out of your Common Room and down to the Great Hall for breakfest. “______!” I heard Draco yell across the room. I really hoped he was looking for someone else, but of course he was looking for me. He came over to where Amber and you were sitting and you grudgingly turned my attention to him.
  2. “What?” “How’d you do it?” He asked bluntly. You had no idea what he was talking about. “How’d I do what, Malfoy?” He gave me a look which you returned. “Look Draco, just tell what I did and maybe I could tell you how I did it. Or if you don’t want to tell me, leave me alone. Take your pick.” “How’d you make the team? A girl has never been on the _______ House team until today. I want to know what you did to get on it.” Draco stated. “That explains the people staring at you ______.” Amber exclaimed to you. “That makes a lot more sense. Here I was thinking there was dirt on my butt or something.” You said to Amber and you both laughed. I then turned to Draco. “Hmm… maybe I made the team because… I don’t know I’m better than the other people who tried out? Ever think of that Malfoy?” You said, sarcasm dripping off of every word. “And if you think that I’m not good enough to be on the team, I’ll prove it this year.” Draco looked really hurt, but he was rude to you first. “Well, let’s hope you’re good enough. Our school takes Quidditch really seriously, so you better be ready. And the team doesn’t take kindly to players that don’t carry their weight.” You rolled my eyes at him. “Trust me, I won’t disappoint. I play to win. You can go now.” You smirked at him and he left, looking like he wanted to go and die he was that hurt. You felt bad, but you would have to deal with that later. Without Tanya, Amber was a lot more relaxed and carefree. It was a nice change to see in her. You could see the subtle differences in her now that she wasn’t being controlled by Tanya. She laughed and talked a lot more, her smile never faltered, and she was a lot more outgoing. It was a change for the better. As we made our way to the _______ table in the Great Hall, Harry saw me and waved. You smiled a genuine smile back and sat down at the table with Amber. Amber gave me a look. “What?” You asked her. “So what is going on between you two? It looked pretty intense last night. Sorry for interrupting by the way.” Amber said. It consfeds you for a moment, you thought she was talking about you and Harry, but then relised she hadn't seen what happened and was talking about Draco. You could tell that she genuinely meant it. It was nice to have a friend that wasn’t out to get you. “Well, we kind of hung out yesterday. I mean it wasn’t a big thing, but…” She gave me an ‘oh please’ look and you told her about last night near the lake. She listened quietly and made few comments as you told my story. When you were finally finished, she sat in thought for about 30 seconds. “Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with you two. You’d make a cute couple though.” You blushed hard and you both laughed. You both finished eating and got up from the table. We made our way to Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Lupin. You genuinely liked Professor Lupin, even though you could tell that many of the other ________ did not. But as much as you liked Professor Lupin, there was something off about him although you couldn’t put your finger on it. He was always out sick once every few weeks. Either the man had a really poor immune system or something was up.
  3. The rest of the day went by relatively quickly. Class after class, all of my teachers seemed to be pleased with your work. And class after class, they gave us more homework. All throughout the day you noticed Tanya was glaring at you. The rest of the week followed in a hazy blur. School was relatively repetitive because we spent days on topics that took you only a few hours to figure out. The only interesting thing during the week was Quidditch practice. The team was slowly beginning to warm up to you and they seemed relatively happy that you could actually fly well on a broom. Finally it was the weekend and the trip to Hogsmeade. You and Amber woke up early on the morning of You made our way to the Great Hall and quickly ate breakfast. You then met up with Fred and George, who Amber had quickly become friends with. That was enough proof for me that _______ and Gryffindors could get along. You made your way into the magical village and made your way to the sweet shop, Honeydukes. The inside of the store was spectacular. There was enticing candy all over the place and the room was cheery and warm. Oh, and filled with Hogwarts students. You and Amber had fun looking and sampling all the different candies. You finally left because Fred and George complained that you were taking too long. “See that’s a huge difference between boys and girls.” George stated and you and Amber looked at him curiously. “Boys go into a store and find exactly what they want and get out whereas girls go into a store and look at everything and then buy something they want.” You all laughed. You were about to reply to George’s comment when out of nowhere you heard someone yell my name.
  4. It was Oliver. He was walking towards you. You looked back at Amber, and well doing so, saw Fred and George give each other a BIG smile. "_______, I need to tell you something." Oliver said to you as he grab your arm. Behind Oliver, you saw people setting something upbut you couldn't seee what because Oliver was blocking your veiw. All of a sudden Oliver starts to sing "Abracadabra" by The Steve Miller Band I heat up, I can't cool down You got me spinnin' 'Round and 'round 'Round and 'round and 'round it goes Where it stops nobody knows Every time you call my name I heat up like a burnin' flame Burnin' flame full of desire Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher Abra-abra-cadabra I want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Abracadabra You make me hot, you make me sigh You make me laugh, you make me cry Keep me burnin' for your love With the touch of a velvet glove Abra-abra-cadabra I want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Abracadabra I feel the magic in your caress I feel magic when I touch your dress Silk and satin, leather and lace Black panties with an angel's face I see magic in your eyes I hear the magic in your sighs Just when I think I'm gonna get away I hear those words that you always say Abra-abra-cadabra I want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Abracadabra Every time you call my name I heat up like a burnin' flame Burnin' flame full of desire Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher I heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round I heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round I heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round
  5. “Honestly Oliver, you had a week to ask me to go with you to Hogsmeade. Don’t expect me to just drop everything and everyone for you. I have a life besides you.” “_____ that’s not what I meant. I was just--.” But you stopped him. “Save it. I really don’t want to talk about this now.” You turned my back to him and returned to my friends. You received three questioning looks and you muttered, “Can we just get out of here?” You led the group down the street the opposite way. Once you turned onto a different street Amber caught up with you. “_______, what just happened?” you shrugged it off and she pulled on your arm forcing you to stop walking. “_______. What happened? You look pissed, what’d he do?” You bit your lip and folded your arms across my chest. “He wanted me to ditch you guys to hang out with him. He had all week to ask me to come here with him, but he barely says two words to me all week and then he chases me down to ask me to hang out when clearly I’m busy. I can’t stand him.” Amber gave me a look. “_______, I’m sure he didn’t ask you to hang out like that. That’s the way you may have interpreted it, but I really doubt that’s the way he said it.” You tried to interject but Amber continued speaking over you. “I think the reason that you’re really mad at him is that he didn’t ask you here earlier and that he hasn’t talked to you all week.” “So? What if that is the reason I’m mad at him? What difference does it make?” “_______, you like him don’t you?” You looked away and nodded. “Maybe you should try telling him that.” She said gently. Fred and George were just standing there looking hopelessly confused. You looked at them and laughed. You sighed. “Fine. I’ll talk to him later. Can we just have a good time now and I can worry about him later?” “_______. Promise me you’ll talk to him later.” You looked away and muttered. “______, look at me.” Clearly Amber saw through your plan of just saying that you would talk to Oliver, but not actually do it. “Promise me.” You made eye contact with her and let out a sigh. “Fine.” She gave you a look. “I promise I’ll talk to him later.” You saw Harry and Ron looking so mad across the street. They heard your convo with Amber. And that you liked Oliver. Amber saw them too. "They will get over it. Come on, let's have fun!"
  6. After a long day of shopping and hanging out in Hogsmeade, you decided it would be a smart decision to go back to the castle for the Halloween feast. You and Amber made your way to the Common Room and dropped off your purchases in our room. You returned to the Great Hall for the your eyes. The hall was very different, but not like it was on the night you saw Oliver perform. The hall was lavishly decorated for Halloween. There were jack-o-lanterns made out of pumpkins the size of a car. Realistic bats fluttered just out of reach of the many students pouring into the Great Hall. The food for the feast was exceptional. Whoever made the food for the castle had really outdone themselves for the feast. Soon enough the feast was over, You and Amber went to the Common Room. You went upstairs to our dorms and were beginning our nightly routines when a Prefect came into our room. “Girls I hate to do this, but Professor ________ wants us all in the Common Room now.” The Prefect said politely and then exited the room. You and Amber followed behind her giving each other quizzical looks. You finally got to the Common Room and found a place where there was a little bit of elbow room to stand. The room was extremely crowded and Professor _____ was standing on the steps that led to the entrance of the Common Room. He/She cleared their throat and the room fell silent. “All students are required to report to the Great Hall immediately where they will stay the night. More information will be given to you later. Please orderly make your way to the Great Hall.” Pof. said as many students exchanged confused looks and began moving towards the exit. You arrived in the Great Hall to find the two of the four houses already there. Amber and I went with the _______. Now was not the time to start something within our House. The Hufflepuffs shortly arrived and we were all sitting down on the cold floor of the Hall, because the tables had been removed. Dumbledore came into the Hall and silence fell among the students. “Sirius Black has entered the castle.” People exchanged alarmed and panicked looks. “Whether he is still in the castle, we are less certain of. All students are to remain here as the teachers and ghosts search the castle for Black.” With a flick of his wand several hundred cushy purple sleeping bags appeared in the middle of the hall. “Sleep tight.” Percy, a Head Boy, called out “Lights out in ten minutes people!” You rolled your eyes and went to go grab a sleeping bag. As you grabbed a sleeping bag Fred and George came over to you. You gave them inquiring looks as if to ask them what happened. “Well we were on our way back to the Common Room after the feast and nobody was moving. So George and I, of course, push our way towards the front of the line to get to the Common Room.” Fred began. “We got up to the front to see the portrait of the Fat Lady slashed in several places. So of course everyone was panicking and Percy sent someone to get Dumbledore and McGonagall. One of the other portraits told us that it was Black who attacked her when she wouldn’t let him into our Common Room.” George said. “And then McGonagall and Dumbledore sent us here.” Fred finished. “I wonder if he’s still in the castle…” You say curiously.You had heard a great deal about Sirius Black lately, but you didn’t believe he was a Death Eater. Your parents never mentioned anything about him, and you had heard all about Voldemort’s inner circle. You saw Oliver starting towards me from the corner of your eye and said to the twins, “Got to go, Oliver’s coming.” They laughed as you walked quickly back to the safety of the other __________ students. Amber gave you a look. “What?” “I thought you said you were-.” Amber started, but thankfully Percy didn’t let her finish. With a flick of his wand most of the candles were extinguished and he yelled for us to stop talking and go to bed. Of course, you immediately got into your sleeping bag to avoid Amber’s lecture.
  7. You was roughly awakened by Amber shaking me. You groggily opened your eyes, looked at her, and then turned your head away from her towards the wall. You were trying to fall back asleep, but Amber wasn’t having it. “Are. You. Crazy?!” She yelled at you punctuating each word with a hard smack with a pillow. When you didn’t move, she went down to the end of your bed and yanked the blankets straight off the bed. When you remained still again, she jumped on top off you, flipped you onto your back and pinned your arms down. You could have easily thrown her off, but didn’t feel like doing anything. She glared at you and you sleepily gazed back at her. “You missed Charms, History of Magic, and Potions. You are in so much trouble. What are you even doing up here anyway? When I left this morning you were already gone, so I assumed you were at breakfast already.” “I got up early. Then I decided to come back here and sleep. Simple as that.” You said monotonously. She glared at me. You sighed and rolled your head around on your neck. “Fine, let me up and I’ll tell you what happened.” Amber got off of me and sat on the end of my bed. You sat up in my bed, still fully dressed. “I went to talk to Oliver this morning…” You began. “Things went badly? I was so sure he liked you though…” Amber said when you were done. “Yeah, I thought so too." Amber started laughing and I even cracked a smile. It was a typical move of mine, to stop something before it started. “I’m so sorry, ______. I was so sure he liked you, so I pushed you to go talk to him. I never thought in a million years that something like this would happen." You gave her a questioning glance. “Warned me about what, exactly?” You asked curiously. Amber shifted uncomfortably on your bed. Well, he kinda has a thing with Cho Chang... I should have told you but, well let me put it this way,Cho kind of has this…reputation, I guess.” I gave her another look. “She has a habit of going out with older guys, making them fall hard for her, and then dumping them. A man -eater. It leaves the boys pining for her and gives her a sense of power and control over them I guess. She’s your typical female player.” Amber elaborated. “Last year she dated this seventh year when we were only in third year. She tore him to pieces. He had a mental breakdown in the Great Hall last year because of her.” “I like that… Man-eater…”You both laughed. When you stopped laughing You buried my face in your hands, the state of emotional dishevelment coming back. “I can’t believe I was so stupid. I didn’t even see this coming.” You muttered through your hands. Amber patted your back soothingly. You slowly came to your senses and picked your head up from your hands. “What are you going to do, _______?” Amber asked. You sighed. “I’m going to smile like nothing’s wrong, talk like everything’s perfect, act like it’s just a dream, and pretend that he’s not hurting me.”
  8. The next day you sat in Transfigurations absentmindedly doodling and thinking about what you was going to sing at Fred and George's stupid performance on Friday that they had told you about . Professor McGonagall was droning on and on about the theory of elemental transfiguration and it was quite easy to just tune out. Besides, you already knew all about that stuff. So…song idea. What on earth were you going to sing about? You don’t want to seem to desperate and write a cheesy "I hate you because you’re with her song," but at the same time there’s no way you were singing a love song. You could sing something that really has no meaning, but is fun to dance to, but that’s not how you want to show yourself to the entire school…. Man you don't even like to sing! the things you will do for guys! “I’ve got it!” You exclaimed aloud and immediately blushed at your exclamation. The entire class was looking at you like you had an extra head. Whoops… “What exactly have you got, Miss. _______?” Professor McGonagall asked you. You blushed slightly, realizing your error. “I understand the theory of elemental transfiguration now thanks to your wonderful explanations, Professor.” You replied with a smile. She gave you a look of appraisal and began to ask you another question, but the bell rang at that exact moment, saving you from further explanation of your outburst. You quickly gathered your stuff and made my way out of the classroom with Amber. When you were a safe distance away from the classroom she asked you, “So what was that outburst really about?” “I’ve got an idea for a song.” You say with a smile. You passed a group of Ravenclaws, among them Grady Everson, who was extremely gorgeous 7th year. Another bright idea popped into your head as they walked by you two. “And I’ve got an idea of how I can make myself feel better about this Oliver thing…”
  9. So, you sucked in yet? I BET YOU ARE! I am! Here is a sneek peek! (BELOW)
  10. “Oh, Grady, you’re so funny.” You giggled at the stupidity in your own voice, but Grady clearly thought you was giggling at something he said. He gave you his signature smile and you batted your eyes a few times at him. “So ______, I have a question for you.” You gave him a curious, but cute look. “Would you like to go with me to the music performance on Friday?” Perfect. That’s exactly what you wanted. Wow, these English guys are easily swayed by some giggling and eye lash batting. “Well… I don’t know. I mean you are a lot older than me. Is it really appropriate?” You said in your cutest voice. “It’s fine _____. People care less about that here than they do in the US.” You put on a still slightly reluctant face. He leaned closer to you. “Besides, what’s life without a little risk?” He whispered in your ear. I giggled again

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