Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 2

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Hey guys. Thanks so much for checking out this quiz and don't forget to hit submit. I would like to thank all the people that commented and rated on part 1 and if you haven't taken it you should. Just because I have a recap there doesn't mean you can skip the first quiz.

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* You got put into Slytherin, people are being mean, Draco saved your life, he opened up to you, you kissed him and you're sitting on a hilltop. Got it?
  2. So, you're sitting on the hill watching the sun go down and waiting for nightfall. You suddenly hear footsteps behind you. You turn and point your wand to the sound. "Whoa, don't shoot, it's just me." "Who's me?" The light was getting darker every second but it was still light enough to see a faint silhouette in the distance. It walked closer. "It's Fred." You put your wand back and turn to face the sunset. "What are you here to hate me too and criticize me?" He sat down beside you. Your hair blowing slightly in the breeze. "There's nothing to criticize or hate you for." "Thanks, one of my first true friends that I've made here. Ever since this drama started I've just been down so much lately and having a true friend just brightens my whole day. And... You're less annoying without George." "Yea, sometimes I annoy myself." You laughed. "That's the first I've heard you laugh. It sounds... good." "I may have laughed once or twice since the drama but I don't laugh often. I had a really bad past and I have a hard time opening up to people." "I just want you to know ______ that any time you need to talk to someone about anything, anything at all, I'm here for you." "Thanks Fred. Sometimes though I think my life is so bad that I would change it with someone elses in a heartbeat but then I remember that there are people with worse lives than mine and I wouldn't want to inflict this horrible life on any other person no matter who they are." "_____ you don't need to change lives with anyone because you're perfect just the way you are, beggage and all." "Thanks and Fred." "Yea ______." "I think I'm ready to open up... if you want me too that is." "You can tell me anything." "Ok, here it goes..."
  3. "When I was around 5 or 6 was when it happened. I had an older brother who still comes and visits me to this day." You start off, placing your head on his shoulder. "I had a mother and a father and a little sister. My father was a few sheep short of a paddock and was very abusive towards my mother. My mother was kind, sweet, gentle, the best mother ever. My brother and I spent almost every waking hour that we could together. We were very close. We treasured all the little things like when he made a joke and I laughed. My little sister lived at my aunt's house and one day we got a call saying she passed away from cancer. We all went to the memorial service and payed our respects. Later that day I came home from school and found my father drunk on the couch with a few of his mates. They just asked what a little girl was doing in the house. My father screamed at me while his friends all laughed. I ran upstairs to my room and started crying. My brother... Pedro came into the room and asked what was wrong. I told him and he hugged me and told me to stay strong. After his mates left my father came up the stairs. He screamed at me and told me to stop crying but it made me cry harder, he hurt Pedro and I begged him to stop. The next day I woke up and I had bruises all over my arms and legs... everywhere. I was packing for school when my mother came down with my suitcase full of all my stuff. I asked her what was wrong and she said that I was going to stay at my Aunt Rosa's house for a while, little did I know that meant goodbye. I asked where Pedro was and she said he was at Uncle Travis's house. He... my brother was a muggle. I wasn't. I was about to go out the door when my father came out from the bedroom, just waking up. He asked me where I was going and I was so little, I was afraid so I told him and he screamed at my mother. My mother tried to shove me out the door but to find my father had locked them. He was the worst man I ever had seen in my life. He kept screaming and screaming until that just wasn't enough. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and stabbed her right in the heart and with my mothers last breath she said, 'goodbye my darling, stay strong. Avada Kedavra.' Both my parents died that one fatal moment. I burst into tears. I heard a knocking at the door and I heard it unlock. In came my aunt Rosa and she saw my parents. She immediately took me to the car and buckled me in tight. She shut the door to the house, hoped in the car and went to her house. Years later I went to Beauxbatons and I visited my brother every Christmas. Then I transferred here and when Ron called me a freak. I snapped. My father used to call me that because he was a muggle and I wasn't. I punched him thinking of my father as he killed my mother." You realized you were crying and you looked up at Fred, "and that's my story." He put his hand under your chin and kissed you... gently. "Thank you for sharing that with me. And I want you to have this." He handed you a charm bracelet. "It's actually charmed and when we both wear ours we can send thought into each others mind so if you need me I'll be there." "Thank you Fred, for everything." You gave him a kiss on the lips and walked back to the castle.
  4. You put on the charm bracelet and slipped into your room. The last thought you heard before you went to sleep was, 'Goodnight ______. I'll see you tommorow.' In the morning you realized you had slept in your robes and that you were the only one awake, so you brushed your hair and went to the Great Hall. It seemed everyone was awake but your roommates. You sat down and in they came. Speaking of the devils. They sat next to you and across from you. "So where were you last night?" "Did you sneak out of the school?" "Why were you out so late?" "I just wanted to watch the sunset is all." "Oh." "Fair enough." They kept on rambling on and on and you thought to Fred, 'I'm so bored. Help me!' 'That can be arranged.' And suddenly fireworks went off in all different colours. 'Thanks.' 'No problem.' You looked over at Fred. He was looking back. You could hear George ranting on and on about why did he do that but you two were still busy staring at each other. "Guys, I'm going to go do my homework I completely forgot." This was partly true but there was something else you wanted to do. You got up and cut across to the Gryffindor table. You ripped a piece of paper from your notebook and wrote something on it. You folded it in half and was walking right passed Hermione. "Hey ______." "Hey, sorry can't talk now. You walked passed Freds seat and discreetly dropped a piece of paper on th table. Fred snatched it up and looked at it. *Fred* I snatched up the note and looked at it. It said, 'Call me' and it had her phone number down the bottom.
  5. *You* You ran to the common room. You said the password and got in. "Homework?" You looked up and saw Draco on the couch with all his books. "I thought I didn't see you at breakfast. Did you have any?" "Any what?" "Breakfast." "I had an apple." "That will have to do for now." "You need any help with your homework?" Draco asked 10 minutes later. "No, I just... finished." He started packing his books up. "We better go to class. Don't want to be late." "We have different classes in first period." "I know." You left. You had Defense against the dark arts with the new professor. You rushed to the classroom and sat down just in time next to Hermione. "Hey." "Hey." "Today we will be learning about the spell ridiculus. We will be using boggarts to exploit your worst fear and then you will use the spell." You lined up. You watched Ron and the spider, Neville and Professor Snape. You knew what your worst fear was. Your parents lying dead, blood spilled all over the cream coloured carpet with a knife just lying on the floor right next to my mother, covered in blood. It was your worst nightmare that was true. The person who was in front of you had their turn and you stood up in front of the closet with your wand. It opened slowly creaking just slightly, slowly and slowly. You start to see blood coming out. You heard Ron say, "Hey ______'s afraid of blood!" But you paid him no attention. You saw the knifes handle and you ran out of the classroom, crying. You ran into the courtyard to somewhere no one will find you and you pulled out your phone. You called Aunt Rosa, "Hey baby girl, how's it going." "Bad!" You were still sniffling and your eyes were still watery. "Oh honey what's wrong?" "I want to go back to Beauxbatons!" "Oh honey, honey, you say that now but you want to stay at Hogwarts." "No I don't!" "If you look deep down baby girl you'll find you do now what happened exactly." "In class we were learning about ridiculus and we used boggarts..." "You saw them didn't you?" "No, as soon as I saw the knife handle I bolted so no one knows. People just think I'm afraid of blood. They're all going to laugh and make fun of me." "What about Hermione? Doesn't she stand up for you?" "Not so much." "Oh honey don't worry and baby girl... just remember Pedro and your mothers words, 'stay strong.' I love you honey, bye." "Bye Aunt Rosa." You hang up the phone and put it away. 'What am I going to do now?' You thought.
  6. You suddenly hear the bell go. People started coming into the courtyard. Cedric came and sat next to you. "Did you hear about my high performance exit?" "How could I not? Everyone's talking about it." You groaned. Just then Ron walked past, "Oh look it's the famous ______. Afraid of a little blood are we?" He and his friends laughed but Harry wasn't with him and Hermoine was in the library. "Ugh! I've had enough of this!" You got up and ran to the owlery. You slamed the door and scared some of the owls. You went to your owl and stroked it. It had a messge and it was wet from the earlier rain but still readable. It was rolled up into a scroll and had a blue ribbon tied around it. You took it from Snowy (your owl because it's as white as snow) and opened it. It said, 'Dear _______, I can't wait to see you again and that's why I've sceduled to come to Hogwarts with Luke on the weekend and you can show me around. I heard you were going to Hogsmead and I thought it would be a perfect time to spend with you. I heard Honeydukes and Zonkos are good. Practical jokes my class mates won't even understand! I can't wait to see you. Please send a reply. I'll be waiting for it. How's everything going? I'll see you then. Signed...
  7. Pedro.' You grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote a short message, 'Dear Pedro, everything's fine. Your still hanging out with Luke? He's an awesome dude. I don't even know why you had that argument. Can't wait to see you. Signed _______.' You gave it to snowy and watched as she flew off. You held the letter in your hand and stared at it. You heard the door close so you rolled it up and hid it behind your back. It was Harry, "What's that?" "Nothing." "It's something. I saw it." "Well it's none of your beeswax!" "I understand. What happened with you in class today?" "I admit it I'm afraid of blood!" You lied, "I freaked out and ran out of the classroom. You can't really turn blood ridiculous." "Why were you crying then." "Because... none of your beeswax!" "That wasn't all. The closet hadn't even fully opened yet." "That's my business not yours! So what are you, making fun of me. You're just like the others!" "No I'm not. I'm really sorry for the way I treated you. It wasn't right." "Damn right it wasn't!" "Can you forgive me." "Yes, because I'm nice, yes." You said again replaying in your head what Hermione said to you that night. "Want to come to our common room. We don't have classes until after. We've got time." "By we you mean you and your friends." "Yes." "I'd rather n..." He interupted you. "I know but please, for me." He made a puppy dog face. "Ok, how can I say no." You said giving a slight chuckle. So you walk with Harry. 'I hope Hermione's there.' You think to yourself.
  8. You walked into the common room. Which was met with gasps and, 'what is she doing here?' You sat down on an empty space next to Fred and he understood completely. He was listening to your conversation. 'Did you see the letter.' 'Yea. So I'm going to meet your bro on the weekend. Oh and I zoned out because George came up when you were writing a reply and who's Luke.' 'An friend of my brothers. I used to have a small crush on him but I got over it.' 'Oh.' Harry started talking, "Guys I invited her here and I had to drag her to come here." "So! This is no place for a slytherin." Said Ron. He was going to start something but you interupted, "I know you were talking about me and you don't want to be interupted by the cause of the conversation. I bet you 1 million dollars it's about class. You know how immature this is Ron. I saw your fear is a spider, someone was afraid of snakes and for gods sake Neville is afraid of Professor Snape and I have nothing against that by the way but out of all of that. I don't tease you about spiders, just because I'm afraid of a 'little' blood." You lied and kept going, "doesn't mean you have the right to say anything behind my back." You stood up and went face to face with Ron. "Say it to my face because I don't care. Your opinion means nothing to me! You know I thought we were friends but as soon as this started you have been all over my back. You've been my worst friend ever. I wish I could say the worst person I ever met! You don't know about my life and what I went through. You may think I'm just yelling at you for no reason at all but you're the cause. You! Don't you dare talk to me ever again! You know nothing... nothing!" You stormed out of the common room and onto the quidditch pitch. Back here again.
  9. You were about to get on your broom when someone came up behind you. You turned and saw Oliver. "You spread it didn't you?" You said talking about the kiss. "No. Why would I do that?" "I don't know! That's the point! Everyone does stuff to me and I don't know why!" "It's because you're perfect and everyone is just jealous." He says in his Scottish accent. That was... unexpected. "Thanks." "No problem. You know with all the time you spend out on the quidditch pitch you should join the team." "I was thinking of joining at the tryouts tomorrow but now I don't think I will." "You should and you shouldn't care what other people think about you. You're your own person and as long as you are happy with yourself nothing else matters." "Thanks for the advice." You say walking away but he stops you. "Um... I was wondering if you'd like to... well I was wondering if you'd meet me buy the lake tomorrow." "Sure, I'll meet you at 7." You go to your next class. Potions. You sit next to Pansy because you felt like taking Oliver's advice. You heard whispering around you but you ignored it. 'Let's just get through this. For my brother and for my mother.' You thought to yourself. The lesson finished and so did your academic school day. You decided to go see Professor Dumbledore. You walk into his office. "Hello ______. What a fine afternoon it is. Can I help you with anything?" "Hello sir and yes I would like your permission for me to leave the school grounds." "What reasons would do you have for wanting to leave the school grounds at this time. You only have a few days until your Hogsmead trip." "I know sir but if it's possible... I've been thinking and I'd like to visit my mothers grave." "Well why didn't you just say so. Of course you can and I am truly sorry. She was an incredable person and you take right after her." "Thank you sir." "Take all the time you need." So you walk out of his office.
  10. You're walking out the school gates as you hear a little howl in the distance but you brush it off. You look up into the sky and see a full moon. 'It's beautiful at this time of night.' You think. You walk to a small cemetery and walk in the gates. You search the bunch of graves searching for your mother. You finally find her grave. The stone is white marble and it has the description, 'Elizabeth Dionson 1973-2004. Mother of _____ _______ and Pedro Dionson. 'Even though life had it's ups and downs time was well spent with the people I love.'' (you had your fathers surname and so did Pedro but unlike Pedro who made his your mothers maidan name you changed yours all together.) At the bottom of the grave was a bunch of dead flowers. You took them away and got out your wands with which you made a new reath of white roses. To match the marble. It looked beautiful in the moonlight. You knelt infront of the grave and whispered, "Mum, I know I haven't came here over the last lot of years but I wanted you to know I'm sorry and I'll make you proud. I promise. But at the moment I just need a little guidance. Thank you so much for all you've done for me." You kissed your palm and then lay it flat against the stone. You looked at the hill in the distance and you saw a figure there. Looking straight at you. You hear a rustle in the distance so you turn your head to look. You didn't see anything so you turn your head back and the figure is gone.
  11. It's not really much of a cliffhanger but it's an okay ending for this quiz. Well I think so anyway. Thank you guys so much and don't forget to hit the submit button so I know how many people actualy take my quiz. And thanks to all the people that commented and rated on part 1. Commant & Rate 10!

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