Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 9

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Hey everyone! I'm really sorry that this took SO long to get out! I really am! I have no excuse whatsoever. BUT to make up for it, I'm releasing chapter ten in just a couple of minutes.

RECAP: It's been so long, maybe you should go skim a couple of chapters. Characters that might spark your memory: Zandra, (Zan), Jen, Sarah, etc...and event: You JUST had the most amazing date with Oliver ever!

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. I walk through the common room in complete bliss, arriving in my room only to be bombarded by a mass of questions. "How was it?" "Where did you go?" "Did you enjoy it?" "Did he kiss you?" Everyone stares at Jen who asked the last question. "What?" she defends. "It's not that strange of a question to ask!" I laugh lightly and glance at Zan, who was laying on her bed the whole time just looking at the ceiling in boredom. "Guys, shut up and let her tell the story," she says lazily. I change into my PJs quickly before lying down on my bed and telling them everything that happened. "Wow," Sarah says in wonder. "I wish I had a guy who would do that for me." "Everyone wishes they had a guy like Oliver Wood," replies Lexis dreamily. "And here I thought you guys would be anti-Oliver because he's a Gryffindor," I joke. Kim snorts before responding. "Please, people who think Gryfinndors and Slytherins can't be friends are dense." "That's what I've been saying!" I exclaim, "But no one listens!" "Well some people can be really shallow," she comforts. "Now that we're done talking about ________'s love life, can we go to bed?" complains a half-asleep Zan. I throw a pillow at her before flicking my wand and turning off the lights.
  2. The next morning I head down to quidditch practice, with not a care in the world. My head is still in the clouds from the wonderful date I was on the day before. My team falls silent as I step onto the pitch; they all stare at me as I approach the group. "What? Is something on my face?" I ask self-consciously. "We heard you went on a date with Wood yesterday," Per tells me. I tense and glance around at all the accusing stares; wondering if they're really and truly mad at me. "I swear, you guys gossip more than old women," I tease, trying to relieve the tension. "Is it true? Did you go on a date with him?" Per asks not to be deterred. I pause for a moment, gauging their emotions. "Yeah," I say at last, meeting the eyes of Draco, who looks like he feels somewhat betrayed. "Well this is going to make games really awkward when we play them," Chris says cheerfully. I roll my eyes. "Guys, come on, it was just one date. If you think I'm going to go easy on him you clearly don't know me," I tell them, with a mocking hurt expression on my face. Lucian shoves my shoulder a little before we take to the air, practice resuming as usual with no tension between us whatsoever. At least that was my impression, not noticing the pained expression on Draco's face when the date was mentioned.
  3. Several weeks later I'm sitting in a window in a deserted corridor, watching the snow fall upon the ground of my school; it's after dinner so there aren't many students scurrying about below. I bend down to write a little more in my journal when I hear someone shout my name. I glance up in surprise to see Ron striding down the hall. "Hey Ron," I call out cheerfully, swinging my legs to the floor and scooting over to make room for him to sit down. "What's going on?" He groans and plops down beside me, running a hand through his hair. "Not much, I'm just looking for reasons to procrastinate more; can you believe that essay Snape is having us do?" he complains. "I didn't find it that hard," I tease him, bumping him on the shoulder with mine. He rolls his eyes. "Yeah well we can't all be super geniuses like you and Zan." "I'm not a super genius! I'm just an average genius!" He laughs and looks down on me in amusement. I wait for him to say something, but he just continues to stare at me. "What? Is there something on my face?" I ask, crinkling my brow in confusion. "No, it's just that, err, you know you're beautiful, don't you?" he suddenly blurts out and turns red. I sit there in shock and stare at him. I'm saved from replying when Harry comes running up to us. "Ron! There you are! Oh, uh, _______?" he stops suddenly, noticing me a little late. "Hi Harry! Um, I really have to get going now," I say flustered, grabbing my journal and quill and ink and hopping down from my perch. I glance at Ron to see him scowling at Harry. "That's the thing! Everyone's supposed to sleep in the great hall tonight; Sirius Black is in the castle!"
  4. "What?" Ron asks in surprise, speaking finally. "Yeah, come on!" Harry exclaims while grabbing my hand and tugging me down the hall. I follow absent mindedly, thinking on what Ron said. Was he just being nice, or could he like me too? No, there's no way another guy could like me. It's just not possible. Finally I realize my hand is still in Harry's, and I try to pull it back. He glances at me amused. "Harry, I think I'm capable of walking by myself, thanks though," I tell him sarcastically. "I know, I just wanted an excuse to hold your hand," he responds, winking. Now I draw my hand back more firmly and use it to fix my hair, blushing. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Ron glaring at Harry again. Oh great, just what I need. We've reached the great hall by now, and I slip inside just ahead of harry and Ron.
  5. "_______!" A voice cries out. A pair of arms wraps me in a hug. I pull back to see Oliver's warm brown eyes looking down at me, concerned. "Thank God you're all right, where were you?" he asks, running a hand through his hair, which, I'm ashamed to say, mildly distracted me. "Oh, uh, um, I was just sitting on a ledge, writing." "You didn't hear the announcement they made? I thought people in Hogsmeade could hear it!" asks Oliver skeptically. "When ______'s in the zone, not much gets through to her," Zan says, popping up out of nowhere. "Hi guys!" she addresses Harry and Ron who have been standing behind me this whole time, glaring at....Oliver? "Hey Zan," they chorus. "Come on, ______! We're about to play truth or dare, everyone's waiting on you!" Zan whines, tugging on my arm. "You know I hate that game!" "Duh! We need the referee! You! Let's go!" She tugs on my arm harder. "Referee?" Oliver asks, amused. "We play...interesting games of truth or dare. Someone's got to keep them in line," I explain. "I guess I have to go though." He bends down and kisses my cheek. "Bye, don't go wondering off in the middle of the night," he whispers in my ear. I shiver a little and back off a bit. "You take all the fun out of life," I respond sarcastically. He laughs as Zan yanks my arm a little harder and pulls me away from him.
  6. "Sorry, don't mean to pull you away from your boyfriend," she smirks at me. "He's not my boyfriend!" I protest. "Why isn't he then?" she demands, stunning me into silence. We join our circle of roommates and I watch as they embarrass themselves as much as possible. Zan got dared to stand up and shout really loudly, "I have an extra toe on my left foot!" So in response, she dared Sarah to run around the entire great hall four times, without smiling or looking at anyone. It was hilarious because on the last lap Snape yelled at her for being a distraction. A distraction to whom, the world may never know. Pretty soon afterwards Kim had an entire conversation with a random Hufflepuff's pillow, while the owner of the pillow decided that they would sleep on the other side of the room. Finally someone came over to make us go to bed, so Jen was dared to throw the pillow at them, which earned her detention, lucky her! I slide into the sleeping bad I was given and turn over to say something to Zan, when I notice Draco staring at me from a little while away. He smirks when I return his glance and turns away to talk to one of his other friends. A little flustered, I forget what I was going to say to Zan and just slide further into the sleeping bag, trying to ignore the whispered conversations still happening around me.
  7. The next day on my way down to breakfast I bump into Neville on accident. "OhmygoshIamsosorry!" I blurt out. "It's fine, not like others haven't bumped into me before," he says cheerfully, helping me regain my balance. "You mean I'm not the only one? I thought what we had was special!" I exclaim, pretending to be hurt. He laughs, but then a confused expression crosses his face and he glances up before paling a little. "What are you...oh," I start to say, cutting off when I see the mistletoe hanging above us. Neville turns tomato red as he starts to ramble. "I'm sorry! You don't have to kiss me, we're just friends and I don't think of us as any more. Of course, you wouldn't either, because I'm just me and nothing special, and I bet you would rather kiss other guys, and I would rather not kiss you, not because I don't like you! I don't want it to ruin our friendship, and-" "NEVILLE!" I cry out, amused by his words. I peck him on the lips, and pull back to look at his expression. "I know we're just friends, that's why I don't mind giving you a small kiss. You wouldn't let anything ruin our friendship." I smile at him before turning to go into the great hall, where I see that Harry and Ron were standing there the whole time, and probably pointed out the mistletoe to Neville. I smile at them before going to go sit next to my roommates.
  8. I wish I could say that was the last event that involved mistletoe, but it wasn't. It's the morning that everyone is leaving for winter holidays, and I bounce out of my room with Zan only to be stopped short by the massive crowd of girls clogging the stairs. "What's going on?" I shout to a girl a little ways down. "Someone put mistletoe up above the stairs and Flint and some of his cronies are standing under it waiting to kiss the girls!" she shouts back. "Oh, I can fix this," I say, surprised that that was all it was. Somehow the others heard this, and allowed me to pass to go to the bottom of the stairs. "Ah, Bonor! Are you going to be the first to give me a kiss," Flint asks lazily from the spot where he's leaning against the wall. "I wouldn't kiss you if it would save the world," I shoot a retort back at him. "And apparently according from the size of the crowd behind me, neither would most of the girls in Slytherin." An "ohhh" flies about the common room, where most of the guys had gathered to watch the spectacle. "You say that, but you know you're dying to kiss me. Besides, it's either kiss me or miss the train," he replies with a smirk. The girls behind me whisper and shift uneasily. "______, just get on with it. I want to find a good compartment," Zan complains. I shrug and look up at the mistletoe, then wordlessly cast the spell wingardium leviosa to move it over to the guy's stairs. The group of them hanging out there scattered to avoid the awkward moment that was sure to follow. "We aren't witches for nothing," I wink at Flint before skipping down the remaining stairs and towards the exit with my bag. I smile at a laughing Draco before rushing out to find a compartment on the train.
  9. Luckily since most of the girls in my house were stuck on the stairs, there was still plenty of compartments open on the train. I plop down on a seat, watching as my roommates filed in one by one to claim the rest. "I'm exhausted, Zan you talked WAY too much in your sleep last night," I complain. "No kidding! You wouldn't shut up about how the horses wouldn't stop chasing you, whatever that means," agrees Lexis. "Not my fault you didn't wake me up," shrugs Zan. "We tried! But you're such a heavy sleeper I don't think that even if the room was on fire and we were screaming for help you would wake up," exaggerates Ken. "At least she wasn't screaming tonight," I say absentmindedly, gazing out the window. "I sleep scream?" Zan asks, shocked. "Why didn't anyone tell me?" "Just everyone once in a while," Sarah soothes her. "You guys haven't even seen her at her worst-when she actually sleep walks." I launch into the story of the time when Zan got out of bed and danced on my sleeping bag when I was staying the night at her house. The ride home passed surprisingly quickly, I guess friends make the biggest difference in the world. On the first ride to Hogwarts Zan and I almost died of boredom.
  10. Bouncing on the balls of my feet, I wait with my friends for the surge of students to die down so we could get off the train. Scanning the crowd, I search for my dad and brother, knowing that they would be doing something outrageous to catch my attention. Zan nudges me and I look over at her before glancing in the direction she points at. We laugh out loud as we see Sean balancing on Jake's shoulders as he waves to us. He drops down and they meet us when we started running towards them. Jake wraps me in a hug and spins me around in a circle, laughing. "Oh my gosh, I've missed you!" I exclaim. "Wait, you were gone?" Jake feigns ignorance. "That's mean!" I smack him on the arm, laughing. I run up and hug my dad, then Zan's dad since we're practically family. "Look how much you've grown!" he exclaims. "It's only been a semester, I can't have grown that much," I point out. Jake took my cart of luggage and pushed it for me towards the exit of platform 9 ¾. "But it feels like we haven't seen you forever, and you hardly write," complains Sean. "Says you!" protests Zan. "We responded to every letter you sent us!" "So?" "SO if you want to talk to us more, send us more letters!" I say for Zan. Sean just rolls his eyes as I jump on the cart and let him push me out. Glancing around, I notice Draco a little whiles away, and I wave at him smiling. He nods his head in response before turning away to what I presume is his mother and father. Just a couple meters beyond them is Oliver and his family. He grins when he sees me, and I smile back. But before I could do more than open my mouth, we pass through the barrier and into the muggle world.
  11. Okay, end of this chapter! I'm so sorry that this took so long to get out! I really am! Just to make up for it, I'm releasing chapter ten in a couple of minutes. That's right! It's already done! go me! I don't know if many people read my story, but I appreciate all of you that do :)

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