Hogwarts Character Contest Results!

So earlier I created a "contest" for people to submit their own Harry Potter characters! Here they are! I have also decided that first ill make a series with you as a student in James Potter's year and then you go back to Hogwarts to teach Harry's generation!

Just so you people know, I didn't choose these characters because they were "the best", I choose them because they fit my story better. Hope you guys understand.

Created by: Waterwood

  1. Hello! :D
  2. I have chosen the "winners", which are actually just the characters that would fit best in the story.
  3. So one character ill definitely use is from smf98 and is named Tanner Hastings!
  4. Tanner Hastings is in Slytherin and will start out in year two. He hangs out a lot with Lucius. He might seem a bit secretive, but he'll show you his true self :)
  5. Another character is from booklover411 and is named Annalise Bellus!
  6. Annalise Bellus is in Ravenclaw. She an "you" have many awkward silences. She doesn't trust people easily and can be easily irritated but doesn't really show it. But she is a great person! :)
  7. I would also like to thank Skyler Potter, music826, liz_king97! Even though I didn't mention you character, there might be a chance that I mention them somewhere in the story.
  8. So thank you people for submitting people and even for reading this!
  9. And I will try to write the first part of the series soon!
  10. Byeeee!

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