Hogwarts, A Love Story part 4

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Soo, this one is definitely out a lot quicker than the last one!! IT gets a bit dramatic before the end, I tried to use recent experience to make it realistic so please tell me what you think. Also, feel free to email me at prin666cessdemon(@)gmail(.)com without the brackets. Enjoy :)

Anyway, this quiz goes from year 3 to year 8 and you get to choose from Draco, Harry, Ron, Neville, Fred and George. If there are a lot of requests ill add in other guys, but for at least this quiz, those are the guys.

Created by: Princess_Demon

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  1. Wednesday passes without event, you have your second Care of Magical Creatures class in the afternoon, Hagrid has boring flobberworms to look after, they are highly unpleasant, smelly and mind-numbingly dull, but at least there is no danger involved. Apart from a few comments from Slytherins, the class is calm. However as everyone disappears up to the castle and you, Hermione, Harry and Ron are all helping to pack up, Hagrid voices concern that Draco’s father, Lucius Malfoy, would call for Buckbeak’s head at the next meeting. Harry says something very nasty about Draco and catches your eye, a silent message of ‘I told you so’. You drop your eyes and he turns away, you two are still not speaking, but Ron insists on hanging out with both of you. He still doesn’t know what has happened. You speak to Neville a lot after dinner as you escape the common room, and Harry’s company to go to the library. Fred and George tease you a little, but mostly look after you worriedly as you sit miserably at the Gryffindor table. You don’t go and see Draco on Wednesday, leaving Pansy and him to their own devices. Every time you walk past her you notice that she is glowing. Eventually you go to bed early, wishing to be rid of the dreaded day.
  2. Thursday arrives and you hope that it will bring a better day than the one before. You realise that Draco will be in potions this morning, with Pansy, and seriously doubt it. Miserably you roll out of bed and get changed into your robes, although you catch yourself spending longer on your hair than normal. You go downstairs to eat and barely choke down a mouthful of toast, noticing Pansy is absent from the Slytherin table this morning. Fred and George notice you glowering down towards the Slytherin table and congratulate you for getting into the spirit of Quidditch so early. You snap out of your trance and ask them what they meant. “Our first match is against Slytherin!” Fred reminds you. “Although maybe if you glower at them like that on the day they’ll wet themselves and forfeit!” George jokes and receives a small grin for his trouble. Then you frown again. “Quidditch doesn’t start for ages!” You exclaim and then giggle at their outraged faces. “There is nothing wrong with early preparation!” They cry together and you laugh again. “______, it’s time to go to class.” Ron says moodily. You look up at him, a smile still on your face. He looks angry at first, but when he sees you smiling; his face pulls up into a reluctant grin. He shoves Fred out of the way and picks up your bag for you, ignoring the grumbling from his big brother.
  3. You walk to potions with Harry, Hermione, Neville and Ron. You walk close to Neville, wanting a seat on his table. Unfortunately when you walked in, Neville sat with Seamus and Dean and begged Hermione to sit with him, he regularly fell to pieces in potions and so wanted her there on standby to help him. However, this meant that you shared a table with Harry, who was not speaking to you, and Ron who was still trying to figure out what was going on between the two of you. Prof. Snape strode in and told you that you were making a Shrinking Solution; the potion wasn’t dreadfully difficult however it did require precision. The three of you were quiet as you worked on getting the ingredients exactly right. You are ahead of both boys; you had already shredded your daisy roots into perfectly equal pieces, meticulously skinned your Shrivelfig and delicately sliced your caterpillars. You are almost ready to begin adding your ingredients when Draco waltzes in, arm still in a sling.
  4. You choked back a laugh at his heroic swagger, finding it incredibly amusing until Pansy spoke up. “How is it Draco? Does it hurt much?” She simpers. Draco puts on a fake brave smile, instantly drying up your amusement and says that yeah it does. Prof. Snape barely glances up, telling the class to ‘Settle down’ you raise an eyebrow at Ron and Harry and they roll their eyes back at you. All three of you know that you would have been giving detention immediately had you strolled in late. You watch as Draco searches the room, eyes managing to slide over you with only a slight hesitation. They slip back again and he makes eye contact, he grins at you and you feel your mouth lift up in an unconscious response. You realise simultaneously that the seat next you is the only seat left. Draco will have to come and sit next to you, on the same table as Harry and Ron. A giggle slips through your lips and you clamp a hand over your mouth. Ron and Harry look at you, confused, but Draco winks, knowing exactly what it is that you find so funny.
  5. Draco walks over to your table, brushing your lower back as he walks past saying hello, then places his bag down ominously on the table. You swallow nervously and bite back another giggle as Harry and Ron look up outraged. It is dead silent as Draco sets up his cauldron; you try to concentrate on preparing the remainder of your ingredients. “Sir, I’ll need help cutting up my daisy roots because of my arm…” He calls out. “Weasley cut up Malfoy’s roots for him.” Snape says without looking up. Ron hisses that there is nothing wrong with Draco’s arm and begins to chop them roughly, leaving them all different sizes. “Weasley is mutilating my roots, Sir.” Draco calls out. You sigh, the tension at the table is borderline unbearable. Snape comes over and tells you to keep working, almost being encouraging. He is torn when it comes to you, wanting to loathe you like the rest of the Gryffindors, but admiring your skill at potions. He orders Ron to swap roots with Draco and tells Harry to skin Draco’s Shrivelfig. Ron pushes the roots that he spent 15 minutes on towards Draco, his face brick red. You feel sorry for him and wait for Snape to walk away before pushing your perfect roots towards Ron. All three faces turn to you in astonishment. Ron shakes his head, but you insist, hissing that you have time to fix them, he doesn’t. Draco is irritated as you set to fixing the roots, both of you knowing that they won’t be anything near perfect now, and that you wouldn’t get as good a grade for it.
  6. In his irritation, Draco starts saying nasty things about Hagrid and that he wouldn’t be a teacher for much longer. You stay silent, not wanting to pick a side, but getting seriously annoyed at Draco. “So that’s why you’re putting it on. To get Hagrid sacked.” Harry says, hands shaking in anger. “Well, partly Potter. But there are other benefits too. Weasley, slice my caterpillars for me.” He orders. You interrupt and violently pull Draco’s caterpillars towards you saying that you will do it. You slice them quickly, even then getting them near perfect so that Draco can’t swap with you. You finally fix your roots the best you can and Snape comes back. “______, I seem to remember your roots looked a lot better than that. Switch back with Mr. Weasley please and 5 points from Gryffindor for trying to defy me.” He orders silkily. You look over and see Ron had just emptied the roots into his cauldron. Snape sighs and takes another 15 points from Gryffindor and gives Ron detention. You squeeze your eyes shut for a moment and shove Draco’s caterpillars back at him, feeling very aggravated. You apologise to Ron, but he shrugs at you, grinning.
  7. After you have all added your ingredients, Seamus leans over to talk to Harry about Sirius Black and you go over to try and calm Neville down, as Snape has just announced that he would give some of his potion, which was Orange at the moment instead of Green, to his toad, Trevor. Snape looks up, annoyed at the chatter and movement and tells everyone to return to their seats. “If it was me, I’d want revenge. I’d hunt him down myself.” You hear Draco say as you approach the table, his tone malicious. “Draco!” You snap at him. He closes his mouth immediately, but the damage is done, Harry is already pondering what he had said. Ron and Harry go to wash their hands and you stay and clear away the knives and chopping boards.
  8. “Could you stop trying to irritate everyone around you!” You growl at him. He grins and glances around, everyone is busy talking or working. He comes up behind you so that when you stand up our in his arms, your back pressed into him. “I’m not trying to annoy you.” He murmurs into your ear. You turn around and he swallows nervously as he sees how close your face is to his. “Could you stop trying to alienate my friends then? Please?” You say, making a sad face. He grins, but you can tell the face is working on him. “I will try and stop annoying your friends when you’re around, IF you kiss me right now.” He says, smirking. You raise an eyebrow and kiss him quickly. “_____ clean up your work area please.” Snape says, standing a lot closer than he was a moment ago with a weird smile on his face. You and Draco instantly jump apart and you turn away to hide your blushing. Students are looking at you now, but luckily none saw what happened between you and Draco. Well at least you don’t think they did.
  9. You and Draco finish packing up, and apart from occasional eye contact, don’t acknowledge what just transpired between you. You come back from cleaning your hands and Snape tells you to gather around so that he can torture Neville some more. Luckily Hermione had been able to help him, and Trevor the toad survived his transformation, first turning into a tadpole as he swallowed Neville’s potion, then back to a toad as Snape poured a different potion on him. The Gryffindor’s clapped enthusiastically, however Snape was less impressed and took 5 points off Gryffindor because he had told Hermione not to help him. You walk out of the classroom with Ron, Harry and Hermione. Harry is quietly pondering what Draco said, Ron is fuming about how many points Gryffindor lost in one lesson. “5 points! You should have said you didn’t help Neville, Hermione! Hermione?” He asks looking around for her. Hermione comes panting up the stairs tucking something into her robes. Ron stares at her, exclaiming that she was right behind you a second ago. She shrugs and says that she forgot something. You are distracted as Draco walks passed flanked by Crabbe and Goyle. Harry sneers, but true to his word, Draco ignores him and winks at you making you blush. Meanwhile, Hermione’s bag splits open and what seems like a thousand books fall out. You are amazed that it didn’t split sooner with all that is crammed in there. You pick up some of her books and stagger after her as she hurries to the Great Hall.
  10. Lunch is pretty usual, although Fred and George notice that you are much happier than you were this morning. “Malfoy’s talking to her again.” Harry growls. Harry, Fred and George, Ron, Neville and Hermione all turn to look at the Slytherin table, just as Draco looks across at you. You drop your eyes and have a last mouthful of food before standing up. They all look up at you, so don’t notice Draco hastily finishing his meal and standing up. You say that you are going to go for a walk before DADA, and they shrug, letting you go. You walk out of the Great Hall, through the Entrance Hall and into the courtyard, sensing Draco walking casually behind you. You make your way to the lake and sit down under a tree, finding the peaceful setting comforting. “Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” Draco asked, you look over and he is standing a few feet away, the teasing Draco gone, leaving the cold, serious Draco of Tuesday in his place.
  11. “Why would you think that?” You ask, seriously confused since you had just risked both of your reputations and kissed him in potions. He gestures to the spot you had picked, completely isolated. You shrug and say you thought it was nice here. You smirk at him, trying to bring ‘fun Draco’ back as you tell him that some people see privacy as romantic, not embarrassment. He smiles a little and concedes your point, coming to sit next to you on the grass.
  12. You talk for a while, but cannot resist asking him why his behaviour had been so cold towards you the last few days. He laughs and shrugs, trying to brush it off as nothing. You had been on quite an emotional rollercoaster with Draco over the past week, from everything being fantastic, to him being cold and distant, then the teasing of this morning. It had hurt you, and taken more out of you mentally than you had first thought. Thus, him pretending that you had imagined it or exaggerated it made your anger soar to new heights, beyond expectation and comprehension. “Draco Malfoy, how DARE you!? How could you treat me so awfully, so distantly, all the while sucking up to that pug-faced COW Parkinson, then pretend like it didn’t happen???” You screech at him, suddenly on your feet. His face pales as he sees a whole new level of anger from you, then his face turns pink and he jumps up in anger too.
  13. “And how dare you, kiss me one day, be all warm and friendly, then act like it didn’t happen!? How can you have five other guys chasing after you, THEN ACCUSE ME OF FLIRTING WITH ONE GIRL A YEAR AGO???!!!!” He shouts at you, turning away to hide the tears of anger, frustration and hurt that you had already seen in his eyes. Your eyes fill with tears too. “I never acted like it didn’t happen. What was I supposed to do, Draco? Come in and act like your girlfriend after being verbally b***h slapped by a girl who practically stalks you?” You snap at him, brushing away the traitorous tears. He turned around, his face also clear of tears. “I don’t know _______. Maybe act like you like me? Act like what happened between us was more than just a bit of fun to you? Perhaps you might have wanted to tell me something?” He says; scarily calm all of a sudden, a glint in his eye that makes you catch your breath. “Tell you what?” You ask your voice coming out all squeaky like you were being strangled. He steps closer to you so he is right in your face. “That you kissed Potter the same night that you kissed me.” He growls looking like he wants to shake you. Your stomach drops. You feel like the entire world is falling apart in front of you, while you stand silently and watch. You don’t understand how Draco is able to sneer at your silence and then turn and walk away, as you are trapped in this moment. Trapped as the world falls apart at your feet and nothing is left in your mind but the darkness of the abyss below.
  14. You are startled into focus as tears splatter onto your hands, you feel the scorching wetness running down your cheeks even as your other sense re-emerge, you hear the gasping breaths you take, feel the aching in your chest, take the saltiness of bitter regret. Even as you are crying there is a part of you that knows you have to go. On shaky legs you stagger to your bag and pick it up with trembling hands and make the long hard walk to the castle. Each step brings Draco’s voice, haunting you with his accusations, stabbing you again and again with remorse. You take deep breaths, trying not to feel anything. If you can just switch it off and make it through the class you will survive. Class with Draco. Draco who you betrayed. Draco who hates you. Draco and Pansy. Pansy. How could she have known? You suddenly realise that no one had known about you and Draco except Pansy. Therefore no one else had any reason to want to destroy the bond that you shared. But how did she know about the kiss, the secret kiss that you and Harry had shared on that fateful night. By focusing on Pansy and her next move, you are able to switch off the part of you that aches for Draco and for yourself and the horrible thing that you have done.
  15. You arrive at class, face tear streaked and limbs shaky, but by the look on everyone’s faces, the lake was only the beginning. You swallow nervously as the knot of your friends look up and you see their faces range from mortified, to furious. Hermione stands there looking shell shocked and sympathetic towards you, but confused as to watch she is meant to do. She can’t choose between you and the group. She mouths at you that she is sorry, before turning away and walking to the front of the classroom where Neville sits with his head in his hands. From the corner of your eye you see Draco standing, looking miserable to your eyes, but to everyone else he looks strong and defiant. There is a malicious glint in his eye. Standing next to him is Pansy Parkinson. And she is beaming.
  16. Ok guys, ima leave it there, hope you enjoy it. This one was a bit drama filled. I was gonna wait a while before revealing to the boys that you had your first kiss with Harry and Draco on the same night, but I have other plans for the relationships later on, and this will speed up time I think. Anyway, please comment and rate so I actually know if people are taking these things, coz otherwise there isn’t any point!! Thanks :)

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