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  • His Dark Materials Daemon Match
    Your Result: Polar Bear

    Your daemon is strong, powerful, protective, brave, noble, territorial, philosophical and quick to anger. Your daemon serves as your protector and guide - your enemies are his/her enemies. Your daemon often intimidates other people around you.

    Result Breakdown:
    81% Polar Bear
    63% Horse
    57% Rabbit
    46% Tiger
    38% Hummingbird
    36% Ferret

    I got a different one again. My daimon keeps changing!

  • Ferret

    Your daemon is curious, sly, cunning, agile, playful, adventurous, intelligent, witty and affectionate. You daemon serves as your friend and partner in crime. Though usually preferring to manipulate situations to his or her advantage, your daemon can be very courageous when the need arises.

    Almost correct, Adler (my daemon) Isn't settled yet, but he and I think he'll be a Polecat- part of the ferret family.

  • Tiger

    Your daemon is sleek, wise, mature, poised, fierce, sensual, captivating, intimidating and intelligent. Your daemon is your companion and bodyguard, and also serves as a warning to others not to underestimate you or take you lightly. Though your daemon can be intimidating, she/he can also be deceptively mild tempered.

    Wow. Got it right on the nose. Me and Azura(my daemon) are impressed!!

  • I got ferret. Hahaha, not right at all. I am a deer/rodent/rabbit/ elephant shrew of some sort. Ferrets are too feisty for me. Though Jass (my dmon) does take ferret as a comfort form from time to time.

    Wes and Jass
  • I think ferret is WAY to common for Year 9's. 90% of my class got it!

  • i got Kangaroo .
    Thank you amazon
    Luv ya :*

    jemah jempot
  • i got a polar bear!how cool!IM BWAVE!!!!(>O<)


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