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  • D3signn don't be rude, no matter what she says don't stop this series cause of one person, others will like it, like me i like it, it just needs a few improvments, like it needs more description, and it needs passion (a writers passion for writing) i feel you are doing this to make it popular with other people, that's ok, but most of us love just writing not caring if it's popular with a lot of people, but it's for the joy of writing and having fun (try my series Never From Ordinary Love it starts of as Never From Ordinary, if u look carefully my writing style changed or u can take my other series, all i want is just to have fun with them) I like this series, it will be amazing, but with just a few improvments, i'll be commenting on all the parts of the series :)

  • I loved this quiz! Cant wait 4 da next 1!:D

  • I liked it!!

  • Please comment. It's my frist quiz!

  • i dont really like it . sorry .


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