Hilarious Gotoquiz Conversations part 3

Hehe this quiz is made by a group of writers! Thanks to Jaz and Sophia mai Cloe and Paigey! ♥ Love you guys! And my new character Lola who real name is Alycia love you!

Anyways thanks for reading it took foreverevereverever to make it so thanks and the Italian word Hope uses means I love you so yay and please enjoy! Bye!

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter
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  1. Hope's POV: I walked downstairs when I heard the doorbell ring. "No one wakes up the mighty HOPEY!!" I whispered as I hid on the staircase. Jason came and opened the door just as I crouched down stealh as a Kitty. Oh I just love kitties with da fur and paws and nevermind getting off track. "Jasey, I missed you!" The girl laughed hugging Jason. I sniffed the air frowning. Blonde. Beautiful. Too perfect. I crept down the stairs. Fine I blew my cover when I rolled down da stairs and bumped mai head.
  2. "Um...who is this...hugging you?!" I questioned looking back and forth at them. "Oh Lola this is my--" Jason tried to say. "Girlfriend. Yep girlfriend." I replied smiling at him. He tilted his head really confused but nodded. "Yeah mkay!" He said smiling at me."Oh okay!" Lola smiled at me making me scowl. NO ONE STEALS MY BOYFRIEND. "Um....where is Chloe?!" She asked smiling at Jason. "Asleep in her room..." He replied grinning. OH HECK TO DA NO SHE THINK I'M PLAYIN. "Thanks Jason!" She told him smiling. "Hey! No one says thanks to Jase BUT ME!" I scowled pouting. Jason glanced at me confused. "YOU BARELY SAY THANKS TO ME!" He yelled looking sheepishly at Lola. Who is this Lola chick and why is she stealing Jase from me! Chloe was just woken up probably from the lunatic screaming. "Um hey guys...?" She said rubbing her eyes tiredly. Lola smiled at her happily. "Thank god you got herw things were getting crazy!" She told her running up to her.
  3. I glanced at her. NO ONE CALLS ME CRAZY. Except Dora and Spongebob. "So now you calling me crazay?!" I yelled at her. You csn call me random but crazy is an understatement. "Lola I'm so sorry. But I DID tell you about her" Jason laughed a little holding me in his arms. And I admit. That REALLY felt good..."Lola this is my best friend...known as the crazy one." Chloe told her glaring at me. "I see she is crazy..where is Paige?" The girl asked looking me ↑ and ↓ "Oh..still sleep." Chloe told her smiling sadly at you. I swear that girl think I'm playing with her...
  4. "Jase, why do you like HER?!" Lola asked Jason looking at me with pure hatred. "Listen here sista! First of all you have nothing on me and we can see right through that fake tan and plastic surgery you got on your nose, you aren't fooling nobody!" I yelled at her looking up at Jason. He smiled back at me and looked at Lola. "Lola, if your going to stay here for a month then you'll have to be nice" Chloe replied looking at Paige as she walked downstairs. I looked down at my phone and smiled. "So we r official now then?" Jason texted me. "U bet we r"I texted back smiling. "Ti Amo" I spoke in Italian. I am sooo happy he didn't know what that meant I might've died. Eh not literally because if I'm a vamp then I can't die. "What does 'Ti amo' mean?" Jason asked me. I giggled and slipped out his arm. "You'll find out" I winked as I walked away.
  5. Chloe's POV: It was like 2 hours after the big fight with Lola at the front door. Hope was busy texting my brother...that's totally NOT weird. Paige was downstairs having a geek off with Isaac. And I was playing Uno with Luke. "Uno!" I yelled gathering the cards again. I always thought of Uno like a magical unicorn that played poker! O.e Anyways Luke said he had to watch football again with my bro. I nodded and let him go. And since I'm all alone STORY TIME! *flashback* When I was a kid Mexicans were chasing me down the street...and I'm fo real. And as you kno I'm Hispanic so please don't say I'm "racist". They wanted my scooter. I was the only Hispanic that spoke English in my neighborhood. Anyways all they could say way 'RAPIDO, RAPIDO!' I was running and running. But they caught me and stole mai scooter. Long story short I told my dad, he call 911, and then I was like SOMEBODY CALLED 9110 (I was horid at numbers) then I did the sprinkler in da middle of da street when I got mai scooter back the end. Anyways I got up off da floor and gathered the cards. "Hey Chloe?" Luke asked me. First it was dark. And he was behind meh. So I got da pepper spray...and sprayed him. "DON'T TOUCH ME! YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!" I screamed spraying him with pepper spray. It was funny I can't lie xD
  6. "Aaaaaaaaaaah!" He screamed in a high pitch voice louder than mine. I was like "Oooooh!". "All I wanted to ask is if you wanted to go on a date! You didn't need to spray me!" He yelled rubbing his eyes. Well you shouldn't creep up on a girl OUTSIDE at NIGHT. I blushed and nodded my head. " Sorry about spraying you...But I'd love to go with you yano...on a date! Pick me up at 7?" I told him. I think he was still in shock from the pepper spray but he nodded. I ran in the house and started dancing. "PEANUT BUTTER JELLAY PEANUT BUTTA JELLAY!" I screamed to the top of my lungs running into my room.
  7. Paige's POV: "Omg! YOU KNOW WHAT AB² IS?!" Isaac yelled smiling at me. "Who doesn't know what that is?!" I yelled back supa happy. "I dunno what that is!" Hope yelled gasping for air. "What's wrong?" I asked her pretty worried. "I'm...I'm dying..f-from your geek talk!" She screamed collapsing on the floor. I gkanced down at her and glared. "Really Hope?" I said rolling my eyes. She smirked and glanced at me as to say "You know you love it". In fact I hate it. This reminded me of the science fair when I made everyone go to sleep. "So...Paige." Isaac said smiling. "Y-Yes?" I asked him. I knew Hope was hanging on to every word. So noisy -.- "Will you.." he tried to ask. "Yes...?" I waited for him to ask. "Study...." he tried to say. "YES?!" I waited impatiently. "Will you study carbon dioxide with me?!" He asked smiling. "Omgeez! Yes absolutely!" I screamed with excitement. Hope rolled her eyes. "You HAVE to be kidding right?" She grumbled walking upstairs angrily. Sigh.
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