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  • 100% wow that is good am a real biochemist. Now..... I thank you God

    elyahya Jul 26 '15, 12:36PM
  • 80%, could have gotten the same score when I was 13 just several months ago.

    gwinfrost Dec 25 '14, 3:44AM
  • "You are 100% smart!

    Biology major? Or are you just a nerd? No for real very good job, we need more smart people in the world."

    Got 100%. Considering I'm a Microbiologist, I would have to shoot myself in the head if I got anything less.

    ValkyrieSkirt Jun 1 '14, 10:52PM
  • 80% I'm not in high school but doing an advanced curriculum. Pretty good, because I've always HATED biology :P lol.

    Brightwing777 Feb 2 '14, 9:26PM
  • 80% ! I love BIOLOGY ! Ooo yeah !

    Vira Dash Dec 29 '13, 11:19AM
  • Good well rounded quiz. Wish it had more questions, but I did perfect

    Krimsalt Sep 10 '13, 10:01PM
  • woo 90% smart. I can go to university now

    dasdd Aug 6 '12, 5:46PM
  • Yay! 60% and I can't even take biology until at least junior year (my school follows a pointless curriculum) and I only just finished freshman year, so yeah I've got a while to wait.

    Pathabeo Jul 20 '12, 6:45PM
  • i'm in 5th grade and got 11%
    Lolz idk if thats good

    happycat Apr 30 '12, 4:26PM
  • 70% and I just started freshmen year. ha i feel smart

    bobthecorndog Dec 3 '11, 8:53PM
  • iam adem

    adem Jun 29 '11, 7:59AM

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