Hiding from death 1

Hope you liked it. Sorry tired don't mind my spelling. Have a good day or niight. Have a good Easter and be happy. Happy, yes happy. Bye, see ya, later.

Hope you liked it.Sorry tired don't mind my spelling. Have a good day or night! . Have a good Easter and yeah have a very, very, very, very, very, very happy Easter

Created by: singin234
  1. When I was three I was kidnapped by these people. They were strange but they took care of me. On my 18 birthday they all died. Now their sons don't hid from death, they don't fear it, they want it. So they trained and trained and then....I came home
  2. I bounced off the seat, going up and then down. The bus had no seatbelts and it was old. I wasnt the last one on the bus, a handful of kids were still on. No anyone o cared about. I sat on the back seat, I was pushed on it. The bus pulled to a stop, I moved to get my bag. The bus driver helped me get my stuff, while walking off the bus. A guy was sitting in a seat, he has red eyes and his hair was black/dark green. He winked at me and dissapered, "keep moving lady" said a guy. I pulled myself off the bus and ended up standing in a puddle. Great one!
  3. I walked over to a black shiny car. Randy steped out of it. Randy was dark blue hair that was almost black. "Randy" I said. I doped my bags and ran into his arms. I took his sunglasses off the see his blue eyes that were almost black. "Hey, what ya..." Randy trailed off as I looked into his eyes. The bus had drove away and it was a moment. With a guy I hadn't seen in six years!! I put his sunglasses in his hands and moved away. "Yeah you were saying" I asked as I got my bags. He was watched me "What" I snapped him. He bust into a smile and shook off whatever he was thinking about. "oh you still have a temper" Randy helped me but my bags in. We jumped in the car. "So how was school" he asked staring the car. "fine, what about you" Randy started driving "It was fine, you know just people who think they are so pretty" I nodded at Randy and turned on the radio
  4. I song I did know was on, but it changed like a message. "Back home...so alone...into the dark...death gets all....a ray of light....saves us....from...." Then no tune goes but a voice says ".....Shane....." I turned it off "No not Shane" I said. I knew who the guy was now. "just sleep" Ra dy told me. I dozed off
  5. __Dream___ I walked into a dark room, I was in the house. All alone,. I open the door and step in. I try and find the light switch, none. I can see a ray of light on the middle. I walk over to it but when I am a meter a away. Shane pops infront of me, his fangs showing. I close my eyes and back away scared. I want to scream but nothing comes out.
  6. _awake_ I wake in my old bedroom. Grey walls, purple bed, grey curtains, white desk, black desk chair and black pillows. I look out the window, it was more amazing then I remember. A knock is on the door "Come in" I said turning away from then window. The door swung open and I go hugs. I fell back on the floor with a bang "You okay" Randy asked, he was leaning on the door. The dogs were licking my face "Yes now get them off me" I laugh trying to get up. Then a guy with black hair and brown eyes walks in "Collin" I ask. Collin vampire. From my past life that I don't remember. I run up and hug him "hey cupcake" He said. Cupcake "what" I ask. Cupcake...he has called me that before
  7. I shake it off. It must of been the 'past life thing' "Want to make cupcakes" I asked him. He looked shocked for a moment and said "yes. We never go around to doing that" I looked at him weirdly and then Randy. "Sorry" I asked. Randy grabbed my hand "Go make cupcakes with Collin"
  8. So sorry it's not long but I am sooooo tired! It was last day of term today.
  9. Yeah soooooo please comment
  10. I said I was tired! I not thinking really

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