Hey Angelic4! I read your quiz asking for my help, please go read my comment! no repeating characters so just typing to fill space, i really hate this

Go read my comment please! And read the first question! skip the rest! If you aren't Angelic4 this is a waste of your time! so yeah! typing typing typing

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. SO I anwsered to your quiz about favorite quizzes and you wanted my help, but you haven't replied to me yet and I need to know what you need me to do. I'm really busy so I need to know what to set time aside for, or if you even need me still! So please go read my comment and reply!
  2. Skip the rest!
  3. skip
  4. skip
  5. skip
  6. skip
  7. skip
  8. skip
  9. skip
  10. skip

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