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  • Good quiz, but several of the answers are incorrect.

    Motorhe ad were formed in 1975, this answer isnt even on the choices!

    Possessed were the first Death Metal band, Death weren't called Death until summer 84, a year after Possessed had started.

    Repulsion kicked off the Goregrind thing a full year before Carcass formed, and 4 years before they released "Reek Of Putrefaction"

    Veno m coined the term "Black Metal" but the album of the same name is not a Black Metal album, the closest one on that list is arguably "Morbid Tales" by Celtic Frost.

    First Black Metal album is (arguably) "Bathory" by Bathory, 1984. Venom's "Black Metal" was early Thrash with tongue-in-cheek Satanic imagery.

  • robo is right. a bunch of the questions are wrong. whoever created this quiz should take "metal 101". or maybe just actually listen to venom and bathory and celtic frost. oh, and paradise lost were out before type o negative.

  • So much wrong with this quiz it's unreal... Clearly a tourist. 0/10


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