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  • What do presidents and baseball teams have to do with whether we are going to heaven or not??? That is what I would like to know. And for your info, I am going to heaven. Not an accurate quiz.

    It's just a quiz...so for people who get extremely crazy about their results, these results are ABSOLUTELY FAKE.

  • Why are you criticizing him? You're the ones that took the quiz. And if you believe the results, you broke one of the 10 commandments, "Don't worship false idles". Basing your life off this quiz is worshipping a false idle.

  • You have a 32% chance of going to Heaven

    You deserve to go to Hell! You did bad! SHAME SHAME SHAME! Next time, actually try to get a good score!

    Yea.......you keep thinkin that. I believe there is a spot somewhere for me up in Heaven. 0:] I <3 God and Jesus!

    Puppy xo1
  • Guys, calm down! I don't know anything about any of you. But if you love and trust Jesus with all of your heart, than you will go to heaven.

  • OMG!! I can't believe this....Baseball teams, Presidents, and stuff like that does NOT prove if u r goin to heaven or not. I AM goin to heaven and you can't tell me that i only have 45% chance of goin. I still can't believe this!!!!!! You prolley ain't a christian, so u don't know bout it....SORRY...BAD Quiz...(Sorry I took it out on u so bad...but u practially told me that i wasn't goin to heaven.... I AM Goin)

    random ilovedylan
  • 4% for me. I'm on a highway to hell

  • vary fun i really liked the one. what will u do in heven "go to hell" lol

  • my friend got 37% and he anserd all good ansers


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