heart breaking isn't a crime, is it?

Heyo mayo! ( eww mayo * barf*) wassup boos? So, hope you enjoy this lil love story. It's a little on the chaotic side, so hang on to your seat! I'm also considering adding a new character ( preferably a female or maybe a male, I dunno) I need a best friend for her, not another love interest. XD

**DESCRIPTIONS **( in order) Ryan :17, tall, platinum blonde hair, icy blue eyes,tan, flirty. Jayce: 18, brunette, green eyes, pale, short, and a player. Cris: 19, strawberry blonde, blue eyes, tall, sweet and loyalDrew: 19( Cris's twin) same hair and eyes, tall, flirtyJack: 17, black hair, violet eyes, short, pale, and a sweet boy

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. I, Claire Rosant, am now running faster than I ever thought I could. You're probably wondering what I'm running from, right? Well.... Long story short, I have a big mouth. Yup, I do. Since I'll be running for a while, I guess I have time to explain it all.
  2. When I was in the fourth grade,I basically lost everything. No, I'm not some prissy princess who got her favorite lipstick tossed in the trash or anything like that. I lost it all. My family. My boyfriend, Martin Martinez. My house. My sanity. My kind personality. I lost all of that. It really hurt, yknow? But I'm not one to dwell on the past. YOLO, yknow. I ended up dropping out of school and living on the streets, causing me to know more than anyone else. I mean, while some people had Harvard Degree's, I had street degree. I knew more than most people knew about themselves. Scary, right?
  3. Well, anyway, today, I'd been hanging out at my favorite alleyway in town, by the corner of boulevard street and East ninth, when this guy came up to me. I'm one of those people who was never taught stranger danger, so I greeted him like I'd greet the freakin president. I'll admit, he was hotttt. But, once we chatted for a bit, I realized his intentions, and called him what he was. A rapist. Yeah, not the smartest thing to do, but us gotta live a little. So, that's what I'm running from, the hottest guy on earth. Okay, I take it back, Edward Cullen is the hottest guy on earth. Me and my sarcasm. Here I am, running for my life and my mind is occupied with vampires. Not that I like them. I mean, it's all so set up. What's the chances that you meet a vamp and they actually like you. Don't even get me started on their whole attitude problem. Okay, okay, back to focusing on my escape.
  4. I began to pick up speed, but soon realized I was lost. Where the firetruck am I?! "lost?" a voice asked, and I could swear you could just hear their sneer. " just leave me be, b*****." I growled, the guy walking closer with so much swagger in his step it scared me. "don't be like that, cutie. " he laughed, as I inched away, my butt hitting a brick wall. " Ryan, just leave me alone before I knock the crap outta you. " I snarled, his chest pressing against me as he pinned me to the wall. " you wouldn't do it, babe. I'm not going to hurt you, I swear. I'm trying to help you. " he assured me, giving a genuine smile, but I didn't buy it. " help me with what?" I sighed, his lips getting closer to mine.
  5. Damm those hypnotic eyes of his. I pressed myself against the wall as hard as I could, trying to avoid his eyes, but he lifted my chin up with a sexy smirk. " there's this person after you. I'm just trying to get you to safety, but you have to trust me. " he explained. " I won't EVER trust you. Ever. " I hissed, kicking him in the shin as hard as possible. He flew back in surprise, hopping up and down on one leg as he let out a yowl. I quickly took off running, turning around to see if he was following, but ran into something hard. I looked up, my eyes wide in horror as another hot guy gave a sexy smirk.
  6. "Where do ya think you're goin, gorgeous?" he asked, flipping his brown hair with a conceited look. "damm" I huffed under my breath. " Thank God, Jace. You stopped her!" Ryan exclaimed, hobbling over towards me with a smirk on his face. " Hhhhh. Shuddup." I hissed, giving them each a glare. " smart-a**" Jace laughed, throwing me over his shoulder. They both began to walk, my heart racing as I began to kick angrily. " Let me down right now you b****." I screamed, kicking him in the crotch. " Dammit!" he screamed, falling over in pain. I took off as fast as possible, not looking back in fear they'd be right behind me.
  7. I finally slowed down a bit, trying to figure out where I was. I wasn't quite sure, but it looked really deserted. " whatcha running from?" a voice asked. " what?" I asked, turning to face a cute guy a couple years older than me. " what were you running from?" he repeated. " um. Some perverts. Excuse me, I really should get going. " I said, turning away. " wait a second. What are their names?" he asked, a worried look in his eyes. " Ryan and Jace." I said. His eyes grew wide and he began to bite his lip. " we need to get you out of here.
  8. " what? I don't even know you!" I cried. " oh, I'm yeah, sorry. I'm Cris. Now cmon!" he insisted, pulling me beside him as we took off running. " Wh... Where are we going?" I panted, holding my chest as my heart began to race. " a friends place. Don't worry, it's safe there. " he assured me, wiping beads of sweat from his forehead. " oh... Oh gosh. This.. This is a long run. " I huffed, my legs beginning to ache as we ran faster and faster. " here. " he said, picking me up bridal style. " you better not drop me!" I warned, furrowing my brows as everything began to get blurry. " dammit. " I muttered, losing conciesness.
  9. Cris's POV: Wow. Who knew today would be so insane? It started out like any other day, with me munching on Lucky Charms, and now, I'm carrying an unconscious girl around. Crazy, right? I'll admit, though it's a bit awkward, I enjoy it. I mean, not everyone gets to carry around the chosen one. She's special like that. I cautiously look down at her, her frail fave looking so content. I finally began to slow down a bit, climbing a small rickety staircase which led to a blood red door. I attempted to knock, but ended up having to use my foot and kick instead.
  10. Drew's POV : " Dammit. " I muttered, a loud bang waking me up from my nap. " I'M coming, I'm coming. Damn. " I yelled, stumbling off the couch with a deep frown on my face. Cris probably forgot his keys, knowing him. Or his phone. Probably both. I ran over to the door, swinging it open. " lemme in. " he huffed, pushing past me with a girl in his arms. Wait... Lemme rephrase that. He walked in with a sexy girl in his arms. Mega sexy girl.. No, goddess level sexy girl. Yeahhhhh, that's it. " dammmmmm, Cris. Who is that sexy thing?" I asked with a laugh as he gently laid her down on the couch. " Drew, shut up. It's the chosen one. " he said, pushing a few locks of her strawberry blonde hair away from her face. "THATS the chosen one!? Danggggg!" I yelled, throwing on one of my oh-so-sexy smirks. " don't, dude. If jack sees you flirting with his wife-to-be, he'll kill you." he warned.
  11. ** still Drew's POV :**Oh. Yeah. Sang it. I forgot all about that. " dude, we both know she's way too good for him. " I whisper-shouted, his face going pale as Veronica pranced in with one of her crazy fake flirtatious smile. "Heyyyyyyyy boys! How are my cuties doing?" she asked with a giggle, apparently not spotting the chosen one. " I found the chosen one."Cris admitted, her thin brows furrowing as she ran over to look at her. " what a s**t." she shrieked, giving her a jealous look. "and you're not one?" Jack asked, walking in the room with a smirk. " oh dissipate. " she huffed, stomping her foot.
  12. Claire's POV: My eyes fluttered open, and I realized I was surrounded by a group of smiling teens. Except for a sl***y blonde, who gave me a death-glare. " where am I?" I asked, pulling myself up into a sitting position so I could look around better. " at a friends house. Remember?" Cris said. " oh. Yeah. " I sighed, a tall white haired guy walking over to me with a worried look. " what's your Name?" he asked. " Claire. Claire Rosant." I said, his face lighting up for half a second. " Claire. I know this sounds odd.. But you aren't normal, you're special." he said. " what? Oh, lemme guess. We're all paranormal beings who end up romantically involved with one another. " I said, expecting a laugh, but instead got a look of surprise.
  13. " How did you guess?" he asked. " He, trust me, I've read enough online romance quiz stories in my life. " I sighed, the blonde still staring me down. " any questions?" Cris asked. " yeah. Why's that blondey staring me down like my a** is on fire?" I asked, all of the boys bursting out in laughter. " how silly of me. We haven't all introduced ourselves. I'm Jack, the group leader, she's Veronica, he's Drew, the teams seductive flirt, and you've already met Cris." he said. " Why me? I'm nothing special. Sure, I'm sexy as f***, but I'm sure that's not why I'm here. " I said, causing another round of laughter. " you are special. More special than you can imagine. You're a fallen angle-goddess mix. You're the most powerful being around. The main reason Cash wants you." Jack explained. " and Cash is?" I asked.
  14. " Cash is the guy who wants you dead. "Cris butted in. " no, I thought he wanted her to -" Veronica started, Jacks glare cutting her off. " tell me right now before I knock the crap outta you!" I demanded. " fine. He wants you for... I'm.. Some odd reason I'd rather not discuss. R-rated reasons. " Jack hinted, his face going red as I opened my eyes in shock. " I'm. Ew. Yeah, that ain't Happenin." I huffed, resting my head on my knees. " hey, if you don't want people to feel that way about you, then don't dress like a s***" Veronica advised, sticking her nose up with a smirk. " well, Sorry, we can't all afford to buy clothes that cover everything. I do live in an alleyway afterall." I reminded her, the boys giving me curious looks. " you live in an alley?" Drew asked. "yeeeuppp. Quite a lovely place. " I huffed, flipping my hair with an eye roll.
  15. So... ** cliffhanger **XD, hate me, right? Oh wateves. So, anyway, till next time!
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