Health Nut Quiz

There are many foods. But what kinds are good for you? This is hard and can have very suprising answers. Only VERY good Health Nuts can pass this quiz of nature.

But what about YOU??? Think you are a Health Nut??? Think about it- until you take this quiz you will never know!!! So get started and rock your pants off!!!!!

Created by: Emma

  1. The healthiest:
  2. Worst:
  3. The Helthiest:
  4. Which is better for you:
  5. Exercize is a healthy, good way to get skinny.
  6. Diets work.
  7. Can heart patients eat licorice?
  8. What is the maximum amount of licorice per day (eaten) healthily?
  9. If u r allergic 2 peanuts you can have which of the following nuts:
  10. Which is the least dangerous:

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