Have you been paying attention?

How well do you know me? Have you been paying attention? Am I someone you really want to know and it shows by what you know? Or are you pulling my chain?

So let's find out ..take the quiz! Let's see if you are a good friend, or someone passing fling...well not really fling because I don't have those, but if you knew me you would know what I mean.

Created by: Eva Marie of Eva
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  1. What's my favorite color?
  2. What kind of chocolate do I like?
  3. Which way do I lean on the political spectrum??
  4. What time of day am I at my best?
  5. What color eyes do I have?
  6. What's the one word that would describe me best?
  7. What's my favorite flower?
  8. What's my favorite type of car?
  9. What do I collect?
  10. What's the name of the best male in the world (IMO)

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