This quiz will test your knowledge of Harry Potter and will she if you know your stuff. But you must read the books because some of them you can't answer using the film.

Are you the best at Harry Potter? Can you beat my brain? If you pass this quiz then you are not far of if you have read the books your a bit closer if you have watched all the films too then you are as crazy, maybe even a bit more crazy, than me.

Created by: Baylee

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  1. When do you first see Hermione on a broom?
  2. When does harry get his first broom?
  3. Why do Harry, Hermione and Ron go into hiding in the last book?
  4. Why did Harry get onto the quiditch team when he was in his first year?
  5. What is Luna Lovegood's nickname?
  6. Who becomes prefects in Griffindor?
  7. What is Teddy's last name?
  8. What present is it traditional to give a wizard when he comes of age?
  9. Why is Albus afraid to go to Hogwarts?
  10. How many children does Harry have?

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