Harry Potter trivia (hard)

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This Harry Potter knowlege test is more difficult than most I've seen on the internet but it might seem easy if you've read the books recently.

You won't be able to answer many questions if you haven't read the books as most of the answers aren't in the films (feel free to guess though)

Created by: Evan

  1. What is Professor Binns' first name?
  2. What subject did Professor Dumbledore teach before he was headmaster?
  3. Who was headmaster before Dumbledore?
  4. What is Cho Chang's patronus?
  5. How long did the 421st Quidditch World Cup last?
  6. What type of broomstick stopped getting made because there was more demand than supply?
  7. What was the name of the other goblin who was on the run with Griphook, Dean Thomas, Ted Tonks and Dirk Cresswell?
  8. How did Ron accidentally spell his name in his copy of "Advanced Potion Making"?
  9. Which Ministry department/division does Percy work in after he leaves Hogwarts?
  10. Who told Crookshanks that Scabbers wasn't really a rat?

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