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  • Sorry, but I just had to point out that Voldamort splits his soul 7 times, not 6, I'll prove it:

    Riddle's Diary,
    The Marvolo Ring,
    Slytherin's Locket,
    Hufflepuff 's Cup,
    Ravenclaw's Didiam(though I can't spell that)
    Voldamort's Snake Nagini(again, not sure I can spell it.)
    and (drumroll please) Harry Potter! because although he didn't mean to, Voldamort did put a bit of himself into Harry.

    gfh012 Feb 23 '11, 10:56PM
  • This was the first Harry Potter quiz I've ever taken that's actually accurate. But I did find it a bit easy.

    bubblz Jul 1 '08, 10:59AM
  • If you've never even read even one of the books you can't just call the whole series "dumb." You can decide you don't like it, but please don't insult it if you know nothing about it.

    bubblz Jul 1 '08, 10:53AM
  • harry potter is dumb asxs heck i'v never seen the movies in my life or read the books and i dont want to all that stuff is dumb and this quiz is too!!!!!!!!!

    katiexoxo Jul 1 '08, 10:33AM

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