Harry Potter Quiz

There are many people in this world most of which are a HP fan. but few have what it takes to call themselves fans and very few have what it takes to call themselves true fans a warning some of these questions are very hard and if you get them right first time no cheating then you are those very few true fans and i praise you.

DO YOU think you got what it takes to complete this quiz?! DO YOU think you are a true fan?! DO YOU think you are the king/queen of HP quizzes?! IF YOU are so sure of yourself then why are you still here?! GO FORTH and prove you are a true HP fan!!!

Created by: emily

  1. How many possible fouls in quidditch?
  2. What is Ron's patronus?
  3. When Ron gets a new wand in the third book, what is it made of?
  4. What has a cockroach cluster got to do with Dumbledore?
  5. Who paid for Tom Riddle to go to hogwarts?
  6. What was Harry's mothers maiden name?
  7. How many brothers does Ron have? (including Ron)
  8. From which wood was Harry's mother' wand made from?
  9. What colour were the tailcoats worn at smeltings school? (Dudley' school)
  10. And finally, here is an easier one (i think). What age was Voldemort when he died?

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