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I worked very hard on this one because I don't usually have happy endings on my Christmas. i have fun times on Christmas but one thing always goes bad.

I made this beacause I really like Harry Potter. Also I was inspired by natuhleegayle. I read her series in about 3 days or less. I read it at night until 1 am. I read it while eating. I read it while I waited for the ball to ring at school. I read it in the quad at lunch and also read it after I was done with home work. I got so addicted that I made my own as you can see. Girls Only!

Created by: sam singer17

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  1. You were standing in front of the platform 9 3/4. You ran through and ended up accidentally bung into somebody.?:"Hey ____, you okay?" You opened your eyes and their in front of you was your very best friend Neville Longbottom.You:" Yes I'm fine. how was your day?" Neville:" Fine. Gran' says hi. How's life with the so called "relatives"?"You:"Horrible as last year." Neville:" I wish you didn't have to stay with your "family". They treat you like a pile of rubbish! Why would they just adopt you from the orphanage if they use you as a maid?! That is just mad!" You:"Woah there Neville. I'm just fine. It doesn't really matter. It's been the same since I was 6. Anyways we should get into the train now." Neville:"Okay____, I will see you at Hogwarts. I will be sitting with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Sorry I kinda promised them I would." You:"I-it's okay.I'll just find somebody else to sit next to. See you in a few."
  2. You enter the train and try to find a cart that you could sit in. Out of the blue when you weren't paying attention, you nearly tripped and fell on your face but, somebody caught you.Oliver:"Be careful you nearly fell and hurt your self. I'm Oliver by the way,Oliver Wood." You:"_____, _____ _____. Thanks for catching me." Then you ran off. Next thing you knew you tripped again, This time you fell one top of someone. I felt a pressure on my lips and when I opened my eyes I was on top of Draco Malfoy, my lips on his. I was blushing like crazy and got up really quickly.Draco:" Well." He cleared his throat." You better watch where you trip and place your lips."Pansy:"Yes, you piece of rubbish stay away from my Draco!" Draco:"Pansy Go get me some sour gummy worms far from here!"
  3. Pansy:"Will do Draco, my sweet." And she went to get some gummy worms.Draco:" Um, hey ____. Bye ___." (Me:Just so you know you and Draco were friends for a little bit in 1st and 2nd year.) You:"Dido, see you around Draco." before you left you noticed that Draco's ears were turning pink ans a pig. You started the search for a cart once again. nearly at the end of the train you found cart with only two red headed boys laughing and talking. You knocked on the window and their attention was drawn to you. You opened the door. You: "May I sit here? this seems to be the only empty cart in this train. In a blink of an eye something that made you smile happened. Fred & George: Sure! Jinx! Double Jinx. Triple Jinx!" You sat down and laughed very hysterically at the two boys? You:" Are you two always like this?" Fred & George:" Yes." You were very amused. Fred:" Has anyone ever told you you have the most beautiful smile?" You blushed like crazy. George:"I was about to say the same thing! I bet you could make even light up the darkest o nights with your smile." You blushed even more. You:"Um thanks." Fred:"No problem, I'm Fred and that's George whats your name?" You:"Well I'm _____, ______ _____. It is a pleasure to meet you both." All of a sudden your stomach growled loudly. Fred said in a cute British baby accent:"Is the wittle baby hungwee? Do you want my bwodew Geogey to buy you some food?" You blushed and punched his arm really hard, you heard a faint whimper coming for his mouth. You:" Dont talk like that you sound like a complete ninny and yes I'm hungry all I ever eat is a piece of toast." George:" Why just a piece of tost? Oi, candy girl over here!" Well my "mum", that adopted me, is a horrible wicked old hag that treats me like a maid." George bought three bags of sour apple gummy worms. Fred:"what a horrible life. What happened to your real parents?" You were about to pop a worm into your mouth but you stopped to answer Fred. You:"They were kill by he who shall not be named, when I was about 3 years old. They hid me from him by hiding me in the wardrobe. A piece of glass cut my neck nearly killing me but, before my dad was killed used a protection spell but it left a rather large scar on my neck. My Mum managed to door so before "he" killed her too." You showed them your scar and tears rolled down your cheeks from remembering that moment. You noticed four people at the door . You knew them as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and of course my best freind Neville. Neville:"You just met Ron's brothers and your telling them your story already?" Harry:"____, that story i-it's so similar to my story." Ron:"Very similar." Hermione:"____, How come you are just saying this now and Neville you knew and didn't tell us?" Neville:" Well it was a secret only told to close friends." You:"So you are the famous Harry, Ron, and Hermione. How do you know me? Neville, I never said it was a secret!"Neville:"True, but I still never told anyone does that count?" You:"Sure Neville. When Do we get to Hogwarts?" As you said this Ron sat next to you to wipe away the tears that escaped your eyes. Even though you just met these people,(Not Neville you knew him scince the end of 2nd year)you felt safe being with them. Harry sat down on the other side of you and Neville sat between Fred & george,(Bad idea)leaving no space for Hermione so she sat with some first year students. You: So you still didn't answer my question. How do you know my name?" Neville looked down and blushed a little. Ron:" Neville talks nonstop about you all the time. We came down to see you because we saw you and Draco fall, but nothing else." You:"Oh, okay. So you didn't see me accidentally ki-I mean er... You didn't see me push him for yelling at me?" Neville:"No, why would you push Draco, the cruelest pure blood alive, just for yelling at you?" Then Oliver walked in. Oliver;"We are now 1 minute away from Hogwarts. Hey, _____. I never asked you but is this your first year?"
  4. You:"Sorry to break it to you but I've been here since year one." You got up, closed the door, smiled at Oliver, and stuck out your tongue. Oliver smiled, stuck out his tongue, and walked away. The train made a full stop. You and the gang walked to the great hall. Ron:"Hurry up! I'm starving." You:"Same! I never got to eat a single gummy worm!" Fred:" Well save them for the future when you are in need of food. Give it to me until after supper I will cast a spell on it so when you are in need of help I we will be there for you. It may seem impossible but Hermione will do it.You held the door and they entered the room. Right before you stepped inside somebody grabbed you and dragged you away. They put their hands over your eyes. Draco(in deep ,weird, cute, British voice:"Guess who. I'll give you 3 hints. I hate Harry Potter. I was your friend in 1-2 year. Of course I'm a slytherin. You know who I am." YOu giggled and smiled.You hugged Draco tightly. You: Thats a really hard one,DRACO!" Draco:"How did you know it was me?" You:" You were my only slytherin friend." Draco took his hands off your eyes. Draco:"Anyway, what I wanted to say was. Can we be friends again? I regret hurting you by breaking your arm in the middle of 2nd year. I was just really mad at that stupid Potter. Can we please be be friends? I feel really bad and I miss being friends with a girl other than a slytherin. By that I mean Pansy." You smile and thought for a second. You:"Fine as long as-." You looked around to see if anyone was around. Luckily eveyone was inside the great hall. You continued:"As long as you tell anyone that we kissed and that I can have a hug whenever I want. Lets shake on it." Draco:"Deal!" You both spit on one hand and shook each others hand. Draco:"Somehow I missed being friends with a mugblood." You smiled and went inside the great hall seperatly so nobody got suspicious. You:"See you in potions." Draco:"Same." Then you went to sit at the Hufflepuff table next to people you didn't know.(You were the really shy and quiet type. Your only friends in 1-2 year were Draco and Neville.)You headed outside for fresh air when you were done with supper. You took a deep breath and let out a big sigh. Once again somebody put their hands over your eyes. Oliver:"Guess who. I'll give you one hint and one hint only. We just met n the train." You:" Um, er, Ron?" Oliver:"Nope." You:"George or Fred?" Oliver:"Try again." His voice sounded irritated and Scottish. You:" Let me see, you sound Scottish and you got irritated quickly. Oliver?" Oliver:"Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!" He took his hands off your eyes, picked you up and turned you around to face you. You let out a small laugh. Oliver:"You seem like a sporty girl. And you seem familiar. Oh I know, you were on the Hufflepuff, Quidditch team!" You:"Nice of you to notice. Mr. Oliver Wood." You turned around again and looked up at the moon, it was shining brightly. You could see all the some of the constellations easily. Oliver:"You see those 5 stars right there?" He pointed at 5 stars shining brightly. You:"Yes, why?" Oliver:" I call it the star, star constellation because if you connect them they make a star." You:"Well that's nice. I should get going to my dorm." You turned around and fell on top of Oliver with your eyes closed. Same as earlier you felt pressure on your lips and opened your eyes to see you were kissing Oliver. You quickly got up You:"Sorry Oliver! How could that happen again?!" Oliver got up and you noticed he was blushing wildly. Oliver:" It's alright and again?" You:"Yes, again. It happened on the train when I tripped and fell on Draco.I should go now." Your face was as red as a rose and you walked to your dorm. On your way you saw Draco and waved. He smiled and waved back. Before you got inside your room George grabbed you out of nowhere. George:"Hey,_____. Fred gave me this to give to you. Hermione successfully used a charm on this bag. So, when you need help eat the Watermelon red ones. When you are just hungry eat the green apple ones. If you need more worms eat the red and green ones and more will pop up. Anyways, I should get back to my dorm. G'night." With those departing words he walked away. You very quietly:"G'night Fred, George, Draco,Harry, Neville, and Ron." You went to the wash room to change and wash your face. When you looked in the mirror you saw a Dark black figure behind you but, when you turned around to look it wasn't there. You just ignored it went to your bed to sleep because you had classes tomorrow.
  5. {In Your Dreams} You see your mom and dad Walking twords you. You walk to them to make it faster. Mom:"My darling little _____. You have grown so much!" Dad:"____, I see that you are alive and healthy. We are glad Voldemort did not get you." Mom:"We have something very important to tell you.!" Dad:"Follow this riddle, and you will know."Mom:"Who you love,your feelings will grow."Dad:"There will be eight in the future, but only one will rise." Mom:"Sometimes you hate them and let out cries,but you are still loved by us." Dad:"You will be with two who will go, leaving six more, still one you adore." Then they started to fade away and the background turned to a bight light. Mom:"Follow this riddle and you will see, only you can choose who it shall be." Mom and Dad:"Always remember we are in your heart and you are in ours! We love you,_____. {End of Dream} Then you woke up breathing heavily. You rubbed your scar because it helps you think. You grabbed a piece of paper. You whispering:"Lumos." You wrote down the riddle. You whispering:"Follow this riddle and you will know.Who you love,your feelings will grow. There will be eight in the future, but only one will rise. Sometimes you hate them and let out cries,but you are still loved by us. You will be with two who will go,leaving six more, still one you adore.Follow this riddle and you will see, only you can choose who it shall be. What could that possibly mean?" Roommate:"It means, GO BACK TO SLEEP!" You lay down on your pillow wondering, what the riddle means. Before you know it you fell asleep again.{Dreaming} You were in the meadow with Harry, Neville, Oliver, Draco, Ron, Fred, George, and a guy with amber eyes and brow hair(Cedric Diggroy ME:You will meet him in year 4). Neville:" One of us you will chose."(You will date all of the boys by the end of the series) Oliver:" of us," Cedric finishing Oliver's sentece:"you will date then lose." Harry:" You will struggle to find who you love most." Ron:" all eight of us, your lips will meet." Fred:" You will hate us at times." George:"But we will always come through." All:" But remember we love you."{End of dream} When you opened your eyes you saw a letter next to your head. You opened the letter and it said: Dear _____, I think you are a really cute girl. Please meet me behind The Three Broomsticks on the trip to hogsmeade. You don;t know me so I'll give you 3 hints. First, we met on the train. I'm either a Slytherin, Gryffindor, or a Ravenclaw. Last hint, I am your friend.(Last hint not really good because I couldn't think of another hint)Love, Secret admire.{end of letter} You:"Wow, um who could that be?"
  6. You got up and got ready for what the day throws at you. You got your class list from the head of the house. Classes: Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms,Free period,Herbolgy. You headed to potions quickly and sat at the back of the back of the class. Prof. Snape:"Miss______, you are to be partners with Mister Malfoy." You let out a faint, fake groan when you are truly happy. You:"Yes sir." Draco sat down next to you. He smiles at you.You slightly blush and smile. Prof. Snape:" Turn to page blah...blah...blah...blah. Now get to work!" Draco:"Hey, coincidence that we were paired up together huh?" You giggling:"Draco, what did you say to get to sit next to me?" Draco:"I told Snape I would feel better if I was with a Hufflepuff. Preferably a girl that sits in the back." You:"How did you know I would sit in the back?" Draco:"Let me see, you always sit in the back." He pours green stuff into a vile. You poor blue stuff into the vile. You:"I had a strange dream last night, but you'll laugh." (I forgot to give Draco a part in the dream. Um in dream he says:"Not only one of us loves you 100%, but we all love you." How I could I forget about Draco?! I have failed the great Draco code T-T.) Draco:"Really? Okay don't tell me because I probably will laugh." You:"Good idea. All I will say is that you, Harry, the Weaslys, Neville, Oliver, and a guy with amber eyes was there." Draco laughs a bit. Draco:"So you dream about me?" You roll your eyes and smile.You:"Maybe." Draco looks around the room. Draco:"Hey ____, Potter, Longbottom, and Weasly are staring at you and me." You laugh and look around pretending you are flipping your hair. You see Ron, Neville and Harry looking at you. Draco:" You sure are popular with boys aren't you?" You punch his arm lightly and and some orange stuff to the potion. You whispering:"Hey, i got an idea that would really make them mad." Draco:"Really, what?" You turned his head and kissed his lips.(sorry Draco haters this was to apologize to the Draco fans for leaving him out in the Dream.) After about 30 seconds you pulled away. Draco's face turned as pink as a flower. You smiled.You:"That's what would make them mad." You looked at Ron, Harry, and Neville, their faces showed shock and rage. Draco stuttered:"U-um, w-well,i-it worked." You winked and smiled. You:"Told you." Draco added the last thing to the potion. Prof. Snape:"Well Miss ____ and Mister Malfoy pairing you up was a good idea, you got things done rather quickly. Go help the other students." Draco whispering:" I guess he didn't see that." You giggled and went over to Neville to help him out. You:"Hey Neville." Neville:"H-Hey _____, what just happened with you and Draco?" You:"Well he told me that I didn't have the guts to kiss a guy, so to prove him wrong I kissed him. Pour the green stuff in not the red stuff it will explode if you do." Neville put down the red stuff and added the green stuff. Neville:" Are you sure?" You while walking to help Ron:"Yes." Ron tried not to show emotion as you touched his had to stop him from pouring the purple stuff in. You:"Not that stuff ,Ron. pour in the blue stuff." Ron:"T-thanks. What just happened with you and Draco?" You:"Same thing I told Neville I love Draco." Ron screaming:"What?!" Snape:"Mister Weasly, keep it down!" You:"I was just kidding, Ron. he said I didn't have the guts to kiss a guy so I kissed him to prove him wrong." Ron:"Good because I would have thrown up and ruin the potion there for having to start again." You laughed. you:"Well you're about done, so I'll go help Harry. See you free period." You walked behind Harry and quickly tapped his shoulder. He jumped a little and turned around to face you. Harry:"Oh ____, it's just you." He turned around and got back to the potion. Just before he poured the last ingredient he put it down. Harry whispering:"Why did you kiss Draco?" You:"He told me i didn't have the guts to kiss a boy so, I kissed him to prove he was wrong." Harry:" Oh, that's a relief. I thought you two were together." he poured the last thing in the potion. When you turned around you bung into Ron, who was going up to Snape to say he was finished. For the third time, you felt pressure on your lips. You knew what happened and got up and said sorry. You rushed to your seat and sat down next to Draco who didn't help anyone. Snape:"Class dismissed!" Ron walks up to you on your way to Defense Against the Dark Arts. "H-hey, ______. Sorry for getting in your way, you falling on me and kissing you "accidentally"(HINT,HINT!)
  7. You walked to dark arts with Draco. You:"Hey draco, can I ask you something?" Draco got a little tense. Draco:" S-sure, _______, what is it?" You got out the note you found on your pillow. You:"Well look at this lettter. Have any idea?" Draco:" Well looks like the person was kind of sloppy and nervous about writing this, so probably it's a-" He took a deep breath and continued." Fine it was Weasly! I overheard him talking with Harry when I was trying to shake Pansy off of me." You both entered the class room. Lupin:" Ah, Mister Malfoy and Miss _____, welcome. go anywhere you'd like. You pretended you didn't know the secret admirer was Ron and stood next to him. He looked at you and smiled. You pretended like you were gonna tell him a secret, but instead you kissed his cheek. he blushed a little bit. Ron whispering:"What was that for, _____?" You:"you know why, Ron." You winked and your hand in his.
  8. Lupin: "Now can anyone guess what is in this wardrobe?" Hermione:" It's Boggart, it takes to form of anyone's greatest fear, so nobody knows it's true form." Lupin:" Good. ______, try first to make it less scary and quite funny say, riddikulus." You stepped forward and let go of Ron's hand. Lupin opens the wardrobe and out comes Voldemort. You shake in fear. You thinking:"You aren't real but this is for mom and dad." You:" RIDDIKULUS!" Voldemort turned into your adoption mum with a mole, buck teeth,with no nose and puke green clothes. You stepped back and stood next to Draco. After class you headed to charms. Nobody you knew was in that class so you sat in the back, all by your self. You payed no attention and waited until free period. After class you decided to go the black lake to swim for a bit. You went to your dorm and changed to your swim suit. You ran to the black lake. You dove in quickly and popped your head from out of the water. You heard someone laughing and you turned around to see Draco sitting on a branch. You ran out of the lake shivering feeling really cold and Draco jumped down from the tree. He put his robe around you and hugged you to warm you up. You:" W-w-what-t-t are y-y-y-you d-d-doing D-dr-drac-co?" Draco:" Well trying to keep you warm so you don't get a cold." You blush while you are dipping wet and getting Draco soaked. You:"D-drac-co, I-I'm f-f-fine." You sneeze.(not the gross weird sneeze but the cute girly like sneeze.)Draco:"Really? Lets get you inside before you get sick." As you walked in the castle, still wet with Draco's robe still around you, Draco takes you to the Slytherin common room. He covers your ears before he said the password. he took you inside and you sat next to the fire. Draco didn't care if people were staring, he just wanted to keep you warm and safe. (Your swim suit is a two piece just so you know.) Crabbe and Goyle walk into the common room. Crabbe:"Draco why is there a Hufflepuff here?" Goyle:"More specific why is (last name)_______ here? And why is robe on her?" Draco:"Well,(first name) _______ was swimming in the lake, even though she knew it was freezing cold. So I'm helping her warm up so she doesn't get sick." Crabbe:"Draco..." Draco:"What?" Goyle:"You just called her by her first name." Draco:"So what?" Crabbe:"You never call anyone by there first name! Not even our names! Only Pansy's name and her name!" He pointed at you. Draco:"Your point is? You don't have a point no go away." then they went to the boy's dorm. Draco:"Sorry about that, ______." You:"It's okay." Draco looks at the clock with a snake as the hands. Draco:" We got to go to Herbolgy. But you won't make it to the Hufflepuff dorm in time. Be right back." Draco headed up to the boy's dorm. Then Pansy went up to you. Pansy:"Stay away from Draco! Or else you'll meet my Slytherin fists girl! Draco is mine!" Then Draco pushed Pansy out of the way and she fell to the ground. Draco handed you some clothes. Draco:"Try these on." You put them on quickly and you looked like a Slytherin. But, they felt warm so you kept it on. Draco:"You look adorable." He spun you around. You giggled. Pansy grunted and stormed out of the room. You put your arm around Draco's and walked to Herbolgy together. On the way Draco was making jokes and you laughed. People were staring at you two together and you in Slytherin clothing. When you got to Herbolgy you and Draco separated. Neville:"_____, is that you?" You giggled. You in cheerful tone:"Yes Neville, it's me." Neville:"Why are you in Slytherin Clothing? Did you manage to switch houses?" You:"No, let's just say I went for a swim, got cold and Draco helped me get warm in the Slytherin common room next to the fire. Then it was time to go to Herbolgy but, had no time to get to the Hufflepuff's and Draco lent me some clothing." Neville:"I see now." You were really happy all through class. When class ended you walked with Draco to the Black Lake and sat in the tree. You felt really close to him. You realized you were still in Draco's clothes and your swim suit was under it. Suddenly you jumped down from the tree thew your clothes and dove into the lake once again. Draco chased after you and was in his underwear. You were splashing each other and laughing. You fell into him arms. You both sat on the shore and watched the sun set. Your head resting on his Kindo of bony) shoulder and his head resting on top of your head. Draco:"You know we can tell no one about this right?" You:"yes not even-." You both heard something behind you and turned around and saw Pansy. Pansy grabbed you and dragged you away from Draco, pinned you against the tree and Choked you. Draco was putting on his clothes on and when he was done he tried to get Pansy off but he did Harry, Oliver, Ron, the twins, and Neville came along. To them it looked like Draco was choking you. Harry:"GET AWAY FROM HER MALFOY!" Ron:" DON'T TOUCH HER, DRACO!" Oliver in cute Scottish accent:"Malfoy! Why would you choke poor ____? What did she do to you!" George and Fred just pointed there wands at Draco. Pansy was on the ground laughing her butt off but nobody payed attention. Draco:"It wasn't me! It was Pansy! _____ and I were-." Harry:"DON'T LIE DRACO!" You still trying to catch your breath:"*cough* It wasn't Draco! *coughs* It was Pansy!" You quickly put Draco's clothes, that he gave you, on. Ron:"_____, don't try to defend him! If he wasn't choking you," His voice got kind of sad,"What were you doing?" You:" Well Draco and I were sitting in the tree but then I realized that I was wearing my swim suit under the clothes that Draco let me wear so, I went for a swim and Draco followed. After a while we got tired sat on the shore and watched the sun set. All of sudden we heard Pansy behind us, she dragged me, pinned me against the tree and choked me. Draco helped me then you guys came." George and Fred put their wands down. George:"Why are you wearing Malfoy's clothes anyway?" Fred:"I was about to ask the same question." You:"Well during free period I went swimming and got really cold. Draco, took me to the Slytherin house to keep me warm and to make sure I didn't get sick. Then I had to get to Herbolgy, but I didn't have time to get to the Hufflepuff house. So, Draco lent me his clothes so I didn't have to wear swim wear to class, soaking wet."
  9. Ron:"Good. I thought you two were kissing!" You and Draco looked at each other. Both:"EWWWWWWW!!!!!!" Pansy got up and put her arm around Draco's. Oliver and the rest laughed. You gave Draco his clothes back and Oliver gave you his robe. By now the moon and risen and it was night time. Oliver walked you to your common room. You covered his ears, while on the tip of your toes, said the password. You quickly went up stairs to change. Then you went downstairs and gave Oliver his robe back. You kissed his cheek. You:"G'night, Oliver and say good night to others for me would you?" Oliver grabbed you then kissed your lips. You kissed him back. Oliver pulled away after a minute. Oliver: _____ _______ will you be my girl friend? Please? You won't regret it I promise you." You:"You ask me and we don't go on a date first?" Oliver:" Fine, um after the Hogsmeade trip meet me by the Gryffindor house." he kissed your cheek and said good night. You spun around in a circle. Then you remembered the Hogsmeade trip. You:"Oh my gosh the trip I totally forgot it was tomorrow!" You ran up to your dorm and went to sleep. {Dreaming} You were sitting in a tree with Draco then you looked up and a mistletoe grew. You kissed. Then he disappeared. Somebody turned you around. It was the guy with amber eyes.(Cedric)You were wearing a beautiful black dress with blood red high heels. You two were dancing. He kissed you and disappeared like Draco. The background changed. You were now in the great hall after hours. Some one turned you around. It was Harry. Harry:"Why do I even bother to try to get your attention?!" You:"Harry what are you talk-." he grabbed you then kissed you. Once again he disappeared. You were now sitting with Oliver on the shore of the black lake. Oliver:" _____, ever since the night you fell on me and accidentally kissed me, I've loved you. I know I'm four years older and I'm leaving at the end of the year. But I love you." He turned your head and he kissed you. Like the rest he disappeared. You were now with Neville in the hallway. He gave you a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You wrapped your arms around him and kissed his lips. Then again, he disappeared. You were with Fred and George in an abandoned building. Fred and Geroge used a spell and flowers appeared. Fred:"Ever since you met us on the train..." George finished his sentence:" We were lucky that you chose to sit next to us." Both:"Because we love you, _____." Fred kissed you first then after him George kissed you. All of a sudden they turned to dust and disappeared. You were behind the three broomsticks now, freezing. You were turned around by Ron. Ron:"You stayed? I thought you would have left." You:"Why would I ever leave you?" Ron:"It took me a long time to get here. But-." You put your finger on his mouth. You:"You talk too much, Ron. Just act like you normally would." Ron kissed you out of nowhere. You kissed him back. Then everything turned white. Voldemort:"Well, well, well. If it isn't the girl that managed to stay hidden from me. Too bad your parents weren't as lucky as you. Avada Kedavera!" You were hit and you fell to the ground. Then you woke up very frightened and breathing heavily. You realized that your scar was burning. You took a quick shower and changed your clothes. You found a bracelet with three snakes intertwined. The colors were the colors of Slytherin. It had an engraving on it. It read: To: ______. From:Draco. Keep this on at all times an I will be with you through thought. You put on the bracelet. You thinking:" Well that's sweet of Draco to do that! I wish I could thank him. But I should get going to Hogsmeade." Draco:"You're welcome!" You thinking:" Draco! So that's what the engraving meant!" Draco:"You didn't get it? I thought it was obvious!" You:"Well you thought wrong! See what I did there? Since we are talking through our minds?" Draco's laugh echoed in your head. Draco:" Yes _______. I see what you did there. Well you should probably stop talking and get to your date with Weasly. Talk to me after you're done. Bye." You walked behind the three broomsticks. You paced back and forth for about an hour. You sat down thinking that Ron stood you up.
  10. Now I feel really bad. Why? Because... CLIFF HANGER!!!! Sorry about that I'm just really tired and It took me literally a week to make this quiz. So, I'm really Sorry. i should have the next part done in about 3 weeks or less. This question doesn't count. By the way I'm a gigantic Draco, Oliver, Cedric, twins fan. So, You might see them around alot this series. And remember XStaylovelyX
  11. Oops, I accidentally added another question box. Sorry bout that.

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