Harry Potter Knowledge Quiz!!!!!!

The term HARRY POTTER NUMBER 1 FAN is tossed about a lot these days but you can find out if you are the real thing with this quiz! WARNING not for the faint hearted!

Have you read all the books? seen all the movies? Even fantastic beasts and where to find them? What about quidditch through the ages? Do you have what it takes?

Created by: savannah123

  1. In which year did dumbledore defeat grindelwald?
  2. What did harry place on his parents grave?
  3. What was Snape's mother called
  4. Who teaches muggle studies at hogwarts?
  5. What form does Ron's patronus take?
  6. What is Harry's blood-status?
  7. What form does Aberforth's patronus take?
  8. Who wrote the standard book of spells?
  9. How did Krum recognise grindelwald's sign?
  10. who is Gwenog Jones?
  11. how did The grey lady get the diadem?
  12. who was master of the elder wand at the end of the half-blood prine?
  13. what town do bill and fleur live on the edge of?
  14. who does hermione pretend she is when the snatchers catch her?
  15. what is the diadem destroyed with?
  16. who destroys the cup of hufflepuff?
  17. Where does harry go with cho on valentines day?
  18. when does harry go to godrics hollow?
  19. who is named temporary minister of magic after voldemorts defeat?
  20. which is better: Harry Potter or Twilight?

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