harry potter knowledge

this quiz is basically about your harry potter knowledge from the movies some are what would happen the others are opinoin and others you have to really think about

are you smart enough to conquer my quiz also check out my second quiz harry potter knowledge two you have to pay attention to the detail in the movies

Created by: savanna

  1. what would heromine do if she was asked to go to the beach with her parents
  2. what do you think is harrys crush
  3. what do u think of snape
  4. what color hair do you think ron and heromines have
  5. does harry hate the dursleys all of the time
  6. did u think draco was gonna turn bad
  7. is ron afraid of spiders
  8. do u like the dark side
  9. was sirius a good guy
  10. what was harrys patronus
  11. did harry bleed alot in the movies

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