Harry Potter Fan or Wannabe?

There are many reasons why I created this quizz. The first and foremost is because I am basically obsessed, have been all my life. This quizz judges wether you listen to news, read the books, actually pay attention, and understood it.

Are YOU a Harry Potter fanatic or just a wannabe? Find out with this brilliant quizz. If you are looking for fun, information, or just bored. This quizz is for you, good luck!

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  1. What actor plays Draco Malfoy?
  2. What is the Hufflepuff animal?
  3. What is Harry's middle name?
  4. What is a quote from the prophet say?
  5. Why do people fear thestrals?
  6. Who is SIrius Black related to?
  7. What does the sorcerers stone do?
  8. In the Deathly hallows symbol, what does the triangle represent?
  9. In the fourth book, how does Harry get to the Weasley's house?
  10. In the seventh book, how does Peter die?

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