harry or draco?pt.7!

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harry or draco?

Created by: dragon

  1. cry,cry,cry...this is the last part of "harry or draco"'s quizes!don't worry..i'll going to make another quiz soon..anyway let's start!
  2. so you wake up...you had a great dream...but you're really sad cuase:
  3. you grab you're stuff and leave the commen room.the commen room is empty...every one are at class..you go to find mcgonagal,you want to ask her when you want to leave.you see mcgonagal in one of the empty classes.you go and ask:sorry proffesor but when i should leave?she answers:what?leave?oh,you're [you're name]!you should wait untill lunch...we have to say something first. you think:
  4. you ask:sorry,but where should i wait?she answers:oh,you can sit here beside me!i'm checking some papers i need!you sit beside her and look at you're watch,it's 10:30!lunch is at 12!ggrr...you think:
  5. you watch mcgonagal!what do you think about her?(don't think cause this question is not about harry or draco so it will not change you're result!)
  6. finally!it's 12:00!mcgonagal says:you'll come with me into the great hall!let's go!you think:mcgonagal is acting so wierd...why should i go with her?so you go to great hall,mcgonagal says:you go and sit there..and pionts to the corner of the great hall...you look there and see a chair beside filch!!!!!!!you think:
  7. you go and sit there...filch looks at you and go to another place and watches other students!you don't care,you're looking for:
  8. you find draco!and he finds you!he smiles and come near you!he says:hey!!i didn't know you're still here!you answers:
  9. he says:great!then i should go..bye!you say:bye!and he goes and sits beside pansy and blaise!you think:
  10. everyone started to eat,but you don't have any food!you think:what's going on?why i can't sit and eat lunch like others?then dumbeldor satnds up and says:my students,today we have a little surprise for you!i know this school has so much students but it missed one person,just one person!and that person is......[YOU'RE NAME]!!!!!you think:
  11. dumbeldor says:[you're name],could you come here to let sorting hat puts you in a house?you go and mcgonagal puts the sorting hat on you're head!you think:
  12. the sorting hat says:i know.....i'll put you in.......
  13. BOOM!this quiz is finished!you want to know in wich house did you go?you went to any house you want!cool right?
  14. i gonna miss you all!!!don't worry!dragon has some idea for the next quizes!first of all how was it?rate and comment?

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