harry or draco?pt.6!!

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you know harry potter and draco malfoy ofcourse but you don't know wich one do you like the most?

if you don't know pleas take this quiz and if you know please take it too!

Created by: dragon

  1. so...you go to gryffindors commenroom.....what do you think?
  2. so you sit down and look around,everything's red!you think:
  3. then harry comes and sit beside you.he says:hey [you're name]!!!!how dod you get in here?what are you doing here?you tell the story to him.he says:i was know it!muggles can't be in slytherin!you say:
  4. then hermione comes and says:hey[you're name]!i'm so glad you're in gryffindor,i was know it proffesor snape will not put the muggles in slytherin house!you answer:
  5. harry says:ok,stop talking!it's dinner time!let's go!you go to greathall and sit beside harry and nevile!you look around,(just for fun)and you see draco siting beside the other slytherins and staring at you!!you look back to nevile and talk to him but i know draco's almost staring at you!you think:
  6. you eat you're dinner and goto commen room,to sleep,you feel:
  7. and ZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzz... you fell asleep..... have a nice deam...wate a second,what will be you're dream?
  8. did you shocked!?yes!tomorrow will be you're last day at hogwarts!did you have a great time here?
  9. so this quiz is finished.and i guess 70%sure that the next part will be the last part of this quizes.don't miss the next quiz cause it'll be SUPER AWESOME!!asking why?just wate and see...
  10. rate and comment?

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