harry or draco?pt.4!

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harry or draco?

you don't know wich one do you like more!so take this quiz to figerout!

Created by: dragon

  1. so....where were we?oh i remmembered:so harry told you:they're slytherins!you stop crying and think:i don't care what that stupid girl told me!harry asks:what does she look like!you answer:she has a long black hair and black eye!he answers:aahhh..she should be pansy parkinson!she has a relationship with malfoy!you think:
  2. harry says:i was on my way to mody's class.do you have too?you answer:i think!i wanted to ask from that parkinson but she didn't answered!what do you think? he answers:idk!i think you have!come on let's go!we'll figerout in the class!and you walk to class.you see parkinson siting beside draco!you think:
  3. (we won't say the part that you been in the class!)so class is finished!you walk away to the great hall to eat lunch!you sit down beside blasie!he says:hi!you're that muggle girl.aren't you?you answer:
  4. he says:i heared that professor mcgonalgal told you to be a 4th year slytherin girl!is this right?you answer:yes,it is!and i'm...
  5. so you eat you're lunch and go to commen room(you don't know where to go so you go there)!you don't see any of slytherin people that you know!just a few 7th years!you think:oh,no!mayby we have another class!!!when you leave the commen room you see draco and he's friend coming there!you think:...
  6. you go to commen room but you're bored at this place!you leave and go to find harry!you ask from a gryffindor girl:sorry,can you tell me where is gryffindor's commen room?she answer:no,i can't.you're in slytherin so i can't tell you!you answer:
  7. you go out side of the castle!you see harry and ron and hermione siting down and writing somethig,you go and say:hello guys!what are you doing?ron answers:we're finishing our snapes homework!you answer:i finished it!do you want some halp?ron says:ok!thanks.you.....
  8. then draco comes (alone!with out pansy)and says:[you're name!]where were you?i was looking for you all the time!you answer:
  9. so...this quiz is finished!how was it?
  10. don't forget rate and comment!and if you liked it,tell you're friends to take it too!

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