harry or draco pt.3!

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harry harry harry harry harry harry! draco draco draco draco draco draco!

Created by: dragon

  1. so..harry and his friend told you to go with them (sorry for the people that hate harry but)you say "ok!"and you go with them!you're walking with the boy who lived!he's talking to you!what do you think?
  2. harry is talking about how he saved sirius black last year!you think:
  3. then ron said:i should go!i'll see you harry!oh and you too!you say:
  4. harry says:bye!and says to you:let's go to the common room!i want to show you something!you answer:sorry i can't!i'm slytherin remember?we can't come to grifindors common room!he says:oh,then i should go now!bye!and he leave.you go to slytherins common room to do you're potions home work!you sit down and do you're homework!sudenley draco come and sit near you and says:want some help!?you say:
  5. he helps you and says:well..i should you to bed right now!good night!you answer:
  6. so you go to bed!you dream about:
  7. you wake up,brush you're hair and wear you're rope and go near a 4th year girl!you see her in the potions class!you ask her:hi!i'm [you're name]!i saw you at potions class yesterday!can you say what's our class now!?she answered:ahh..you're that muggle girl who stuck to my draco!how dare you talk to a cool pure-blood like him!you stupid muggle!you:
  8. and leave the common room.you hate that girl.you think:muggle....a pure blood like him!? you don't care where are you going!you just want to run away from that girl!suddenley some one says:[you're name]!?why are you crying?you turn around and see harry.you say:
  9. he says:that's ok!they're slytherins!you answer:
  10. this quiz is finished!hope you liked it!how was it?

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