harry or draco?pt.10

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Created by: dragon

  1. "that's okay."cedrick says."OKAY!?OKAY!?"*cries*you say."i don't know what to tell them...""just tell them that you're sorry of what you did today."cedrick says."okay,i'll..
  2. "good luck"he says."thanks."you say and leave the commenroom.you wanna go and say sorry too.......first!
  3. as you're walking to find draco/harry,you see ron!he's red as he's hair!"mm..ron,are you okay?"you say friendly."oh,nothing!"he says andd runs away!you don't realy care about him.you just shout"hey ron!do you know where's harry?"he stops and shouts"i don't know!he should be at hogsmade!"and runs away!
  4. so,you're on your way to slytherins commenroom.th door is close.so you call a slytherin girl who was walking around the commenroom:"hey s.g!can you call draco for me?"she looks at you.she doesn't look happy....
  5. "why should a stupid hufflepuff girl talk to my sweet draco?"she says."because..
  6. "what's going on?"draco comes out from the commenroom.".......
  7. "what's rong pansy?"he asks."nothing draco.this girl wanted to talk to you."she says."oh,sorry[your name].i don't have time to talk to you.."and walks away with pansy.
  8. you walk away!you starting to hate harry and draco!they messed up your cool hogsmade trip...you don't wanna talk to them anymore!you run into you're commenroom and go to your bed!you think about..
  9. this quiz is finished!the next part will be awesome!it's about the ball!!!!yyayy!!
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