Hardest quiz ever!

Take this quiz to see if you're a genius! If you get 100% you either cheated or you are a true genius! So play fair and don't cheat please! So yeah! The next paragraph is not needed.

Are you a TRUE GENIUS? Do you have the Brain-Power to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you HAVE BEEN wondering if you're a GENIUS! Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Say wha

  1. Why did I make this quiz?
  2. How many Msp accs do I have?
  3. Where is my iPhone right now?
  4. What color is my shirt I'm wearing right now?
  5. Select the gender.
  6. How many questions do I HAVE to ask?
  7. What book am I currently reading?
  8. Go fish.
  9. 12X36 (What is X?)
  10. What is MY gender?
  11. What was the first question? DON'T GO LOOK OR ELSE!
  12. Do I like Twitter?
  13. Wich is the right answer?
  14. Hello!
  15. Is this quiz hard?
  16. How many stars are on the "American Flag"?
  17. How many stripes are on the "American Flag"?
  18. What does the fox say?
  19. What month is my brother to be born?
  20. What month has 18 days?
  21. I will hide the answers!

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