hardest naruto shippuden quiz ever

the only reason I did this quiz was to see if you know naruto shippuden question because i know there is lot of naruto fans out there thats the reason i did this quiz

by the looks of it the only reason you came to my website was too see if you knew naruto shippuden very well but after you take this test we will soon find out

Created by: v eye moananu

  1. lets start easy?what is the name of squad 7 new members
  2. what is the colour of naruto new uniform
  3. what is the name of naruto new jutsu called
  4. which of the akatsuki member dies first
  5. killer bee is from which land
  6. now hard question?which akatsuki member first saw tobi take of his mask
  7. which one of these character became jonin first
  8. when naruto first preformed his new jutsu rasenshuriken? who did he first use it on
  9. out of these four answer?who else can do the rasengan
  10. chiyo uses are jutsu to bring gaara back to alive but she ends up dying?what was that jutsu called

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