hard quiz (maybe)

well this is not a IQ Test but it might be fun to take so why not.so watch out if you try this test OK. If you can pass this test you will be a good reader at stuff.

Can you pass this test it will reqiure some thinking but you find out if you pass this. another thing is that when you try this test kinda some effort if you want to see a good score

Created by: mike

  1. What is the 4th Planet from the Sun
  2. whats is 1000 + 1000 + 20 + 30 + 1000 + 10 + 1000 + 40
  3. how many times can you subtract 5 away from 25
  4. if i had only 100 dollar bill and you asked for 20 dollars could i give you it
  5. what is 543 times 435
  6. 999999 how many 9 did i type
  7. how many hands 10 people 5 people with one hand 1 more person with 2 hands
  8. A + A
  9. Create a Line
  10. how fast can you say 123456789
  11. what is the dog's name
  12. i have 6 dollars i bought something for ... how much was it
  13. i have 16 dogs 3 run away 4 die 2 jumped off a cliff. how many dogs do i have left

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