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Hey guys. I'm sick today so I made another Hang with Firey_Soul quiz! :) I tried to type a llama, but they wouldn't let me. D: Mean gotoquiz! >:(

Gah! I feel like I swallowed a freeking razor blade!!!! D: Okay, enough about me, just take the quiz. Ugggghhhh... I'm typing. And typing. And typing...

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. Hey guys. :P
  2. So, today I'm sick and I decided to make a quiz for the hell of it. Sound familiar? xP
  3. Happy llama. Sad llama. Mentally challenged llama. Super llama! Drama llama. Big fat mama llama.
  4. Which one of my current favorite songs do you also like?
  5. Team Dan or Team Phil?
  6. Okay, hm... which one of my wattpad stories do you want me to update? (No promises that I will though. xP) Oh, and since I can't actually see your answer, you might want to mention it in the comments.
  7. Dimples! Dimples are hot. :3
  8. Have you seen Dan's innuendo bingo video? It's one of my faves! x) Last weekend, Stardust and I played innuendo bingo. Overall, I was the best at it. But twords the end, I projectiled water all over the patio. xD
  9. Bleh. I feel crappy. :/ Could you pretty please comment? I love comments. Oh, and did I mention that if you comment a story idea (perferably a Phanfiction or something like that) and I like your idea, I'll write it as well as dedicate it to you! :D
  10. Or just leave me a random comment. I love those too. :)
  11. Bye!

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